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Since apps are the hottest trend right now, the first question that many marketers want to ask when stepping into the mobile arena is how they can “get an app for that.” But the truth is apps have an incredibly limited reach as only 17 percent of phones are smartphones.
Text message coupons are permission-based so you need to make sure that you give your customers a good reason to opt-in and receive your deals. When it comes to the keyword, be certain that you choose something that has some sort of relationship to your brand. If you want your customers to act on your mobile coupon, you need to catch them on the move and create a sense of urgency. Another advantage that text coupons have over apps is the ability to communicate directly with your customers and empower them to interact with your business. One way to start a conversation with your customers is to ask them what kinds of deals they are interested in, rather than just pushing a random deal on them. Text message offers are easy to implement and offer the best return – don’t waste your time (and money) on fancy things like apps, unless there is a compelling business case.
Reward your customers’ loyalty by providing them with exclusive deals and they will reward your business with their unwavering dedication.
Use text as a vehicle to ask your customers what they want – they’ll be more than happy to tell you. The redemption rate of mobile coupons is nearly 25 percent higher than printed internet coupons and roughly 10 times greater than mail or newspaper distributed coupons. AboutCall-Em-All's automated group messaging service allows you to automatically send a voice broadcast message, bulk text message, or both to every phone number on your list. Text message marketing is an incredibly powerful method for marketing to customers instantly. When someone sign up for your text marketing list, in addition to “Msg and data rates may apply”, you must also include “txt stop to cancel” in your auto reply. If your customers are willing to give you explicit permission to text them, make sure you give them something worthwhile in return.
Our folk at slicktexting produce this infographic describing the text message marketing best practices.
If you are a library and looking for a great way to mobilize your website or catalog, we recommend you visit our friends at Boopsie. This entry was posted in Mobile Applications, mobile phones, Mobile Technologies, Software, software as a service, Text 66746 (MOSIO), text message marketing and tagged development costs for mobile apps, drive times, iphone, iphone apps, los angeles, mobile app development, mobile application developers, san francisco, sms, stack overflow, text messaging on October 21, 2010 by nc.
The PTA is one of the most powerful associations in education and we were honored to be chosen to power the mobile technology portion of their recent national conference.
Below is a testimonial from the client who has since acted as an amazing reference for us as well.
Just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks and gratitude for engaging our attendees in a new way through Mosio!
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People searching online often type out an entire question in the search box, rather than just a few keywords, to see what results come up.
Tweeting user generated content of funny, interesting and helpful questions and answers also engages Twitter-following patrons (and their followers through re-tweets) and informs them about your librarya€™s reference services. Many libraries are using Text a Librarian beyond questions and answers as a virtual suggestion box and for patron ideas and opinions about library services (questions, comments and feedback). The Post to Twitter button is an optional function of your service, controlled by your library’s Admin.

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This entry was posted in Business Life, Mobile Marketing, mobile phones, Mobile Technologies, text message marketing and tagged Contest, Direct Response via SMS Text Messaging, Mobile Marketing, san francisco, SMS Advertising, SMS Marketing, Tickets, transmission error, Wicked Text Messsage Error, Wicked the Musical on March 9, 2010 by nc. The most efficient way to receive and respond to patron questions, whether they are online or on-the-go.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. SMS (Short MessageService) Text MessageMarketing is the ability tosend “permission-based”text messages to a group ofpeople who have opted-in toyour mobile list.The small, yet powerful, 160character space is one of thebest marketing toolsavailable today.What Is Text Message Marketing?
Meanwhile, virtually all handsets are capable of sending and receiving SMS or “text” messages.
One way to do this is to offer customers an incentive while they are already engaged with your product. Unlike a print coupon that you clip out of the Sunday paper and throw in a drawer for another time, or an e-mail coupon that you save in your inbox until a later date, mobile coupons need to expire within a manner of hours instead of days, weeks, or months. Anytime a customer opts-in to receive your mobile coupons, it’s important to thank them for inviting you to earn their business.
For example, a burger place can send a text that says, “Lunch deal of the day – would you rather have a free burger or two free side items with the purchase of a combo meal? Social media sites aren’t the only ones capable of turning a marketing message into a viral campaign. Don’t let inclement weather or a sudden downturn deter you from offering your customers great deals – often times, a well-timed coupon can give your business the jump start it needs.
Mobile coupons can do more than just increase sales for your business, they can also create more meaningful, lasting relationships with your customers.
No matter what type of business you’re promoting it’s important to do text marketing in a right manner. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. They have a great team and wonderful experience in helping libraries on an existing platform that makes the process simple.
The alerts, info center texting and polling during our general sessions were a huge hit and we are hoping to continue all three with even greater usage amongst our attendees next year. Tweets are indexed by search engines like Google, Bing and soon Yahoo and when an individual searches online by typing out a question, your reference Q&A can appear in search results (aka helpful service + free marketing). Wea€™ve seen great uses of Twitter by libraries engaging patrons with reference trivia and daily fun facts. When a patron texts good ideas and positive feedback, you can use the post to Twitter button to spread the love. Please visit the New Features section of your Text a Librarian microboard for details on how to turn it on.
I’m a huge fan of white space, but in my opinion, a text message is no place to try and get artsy. I actually DO have a question: Will you call my wife and break it to her that we’re no longer going to see WICKED for free?

Local Mobile Advertising and Promotions Forecast, text message marketing spend was $90 million in 2009 and is expected to hit $6.52 billion in the next four years. The simplicity of text messaging, along with its reach (SMS is available on nearly 100 percent of the 288 million mobile phones in the United States and 5 billion mobile phones around the world), makes it the most effective medium for sending mobile coupons. An invitation to text a keyword to a short code is a welcome diversion when waiting in line to buy a movie ticket or if you’re sitting in a car wash. You want to make sure that customers associate the keyword with whatever product or service you offer. A successful mobile coupon is designed so that customers are compelled to use them immediately.
And to add a sense of immediacy to the deal, the coupon should expire at the end of the day or, better yet, after lunchtime.
Auto-replies are a must when sending text coupons as they are the first step toward creating more meaningful and advantageous customer relationships. Text ‘burger’ or ‘side’ to vote.” By asking your customers what they want, you aren’t just learning more about them, you’re creating a thread of conversation that will invariably lead to a more loyal customer base.
A well-crafted and specifically-timed text message coupon can encourage regular customers to bring in first-timers. So text message marketing is the best and useful way to engage your customers like asking them about product or service or tell the future of your company and giveaways. Just make sure they aren’t going to be blindsided when their first text message campaign arrives.
So last night, almost 2 months to the day, I get a random text message with “Congratulations! But, besides this mobile marketing fail, I stick to my original points about how other opportunities were missed in the first place. Yet despite this rapid growth, text message marketing, particularly text message coupons are still very much in their infancy.
This is a great opportunity to offer your customers an incentive for receiving your coupons. And again, keep it short and simple – avoid random numbers, hyphens, underscores, or any other symbols that customers might forget to insert.
Check out our case study, highlighting how one of our customers used text marketing to boost sales in his restaurant.
With a few of us as parents or parents-to-be, we’re proud to have the PTA as a client. Although most businesses are fully aware of the marketing potential of text message couponing (namely its ability to reach customers anywhere, at anytime, with any message) many marketers still have not found effective ways of harvesting that potential and transforming it into sales. For this reason, we are providing a list of some of the potential opportunities and challenges that marketers will need to acknowledge if they are going to have a chance at harnessing the power of mobile couponing.
Twitter’s short code, for example, is 40404 – isn’t that much easier to remember than a random string of numbers like 19520? I vote for American Idol contestants, text questions to The History Channel and get text message alerts from Wired Magazine and the Syfy Channel. I’ve seen my fair share of both great and poorly executed mobile marketing campaigns.

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