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The long election campaign of 2015 has featured a myriad of daily policy announcements as the three largest political parties vie for attention and votes.
My weekly technology law column (Toronto Star version, homepage version) notes that the Conservatives pointed to their spending on broadband in August when few were paying much attention, but that policy has done little to stem Canada’s steady slide in the global broadband rankings which indicate that Canadian Internet services are middling at best when compared to other developed countries.
Successive Liberal and Conservative governments have tried to address the lack of universal, affordable broadband services through targeted spending programs in rural communities that lack access. In fact, Canada’s goals for broadband access remain a confusing mix of policy pronouncement and regulator targets.
Meanwhile, independent data leaves little doubt about the relative state of the Canadian broadband services. Recent data released by the OECD tells a similar tale, where Canada ranked 26th in wireless broadband subscriptions, well below the OECD average. Given the state of Canadian broadband, there is a desperate need for new thinking on affordable broadband access that goes beyond funding announcements that can take years to implement. First, the political parties should be asked where they stand on the question of whether universal access should be expanded to include broadband access. On the policy front, there is no shortage of solutions to address the Canadian broadband digital divide.
Michael Geist is the Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law at the University of Ottawa.
Support The Canadian ProgressiveCanada urgently needs more independent, unmuzzled journalism! MEET OUR PUBLISHER Obert Madondo is an Ottawa-based independent journalist & progressive political blogger. The Canadian Progressive is a hard-hitting, provocative, unapologetic, activism-oriented political blog. April 18, 2016 By Sherry Kennedy 2 CommentsMSC Cruises adds new low cost packages and fast connectivity for internet on a cruise. Cruise lines and the satellite providers knew that it was important for cruisers to stay connected while at sea. A new player to onboard internet, Marlink, has been a provider of communications to remote areas around the world for a long time. Guests can select their internet packages based on their personal needs and amount of devices used.
Social Package: for guests who want to connect to social media, post photos and stay in touch with friends and family. Streamer Package: offers full internet access without limitations and at the fastest speeds. This new internet program is currently available on the MSC Divina in the Caribbean and the MSC Preziosa in the Mediterranean. Catch up on the news, video chat with friends and family and browse your favorite sites—all on a high-quality connection from AT&T. Part of the answer begins with bringing Danajon Bank into the digital world, empowering fisherfolk with information and enabling the government to better communicate with its citizens. For the first time, there is now technology that can affordably and effectively extend broadband connectivity to these kinds of communities. For the last two years, Microsoft piloted TV white spaces technologies in Bohol through a partnership with the U.S. With Internet access in Bohol, USAID was able to formally register fisherfolk, the first step in creating a plan for sustainable fisheries. I had the opportunity to share this story of digital inclusion last week at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in Manila, the capital city nearly 700 miles north of Bohol.
This year at APEC, the role of promoting the digital economy and connecting people through affordable, robust Internet access dominated many discussions.
Sharing the story of the Danajon Bank and Bohol with other business and policy leaders at APEC, I am reminded just how far we’ve come in a short period of time. That’s why Microsoft last week launched a new fund to cultivate companies with solutions that bring affordable Internet access to underserved markets. While the challenges of connectivity are significant, the possibilities have never been more real. For larger productions to utilize this space, please check out our Set Scouter profile page.

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Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy which does a fine job for occasional things, or second still cam. From targeted tax cuts to new spending promises, political leaders have focused on education, child care, defence, the environment and more. The opposition parties have said even less, failing to take advantage of consumer frustration by unveiling innovative policies that might address the issue. Those programs have provided some modest benefits, but have failed to ensure affordable access for all. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission 2015-2016 Priorities and Planning Report target for broadband access is 5 megabits per second download for 100 per cent of the population by the end of this year.
Last week, the Broadband Commission for Digital Development, jointly created by two United Nations agencies, issued its 2015 state of broadband report. A broader definition that goes beyond telephone service would open the door to new regulatory possibilities and programs to enhance access in underserved communities.
The federal government could work with municipalities to support local broadband networks or the installation of fibre connections available to any provider when annual construction projects open up roads or municipal transportation systems are upgraded.
The party that makes access a priority for all Canadians may find that there are political benefits in addition to the economic, cultural, and educational advantages that come with universal access. Help us expand the space for progressive voices, and diversify Canada’s marketplace of ideas. Packages can be upgraded or recharged during the cruise if more time and accessibility is needed.
Get the fast speeds and consistent service you need, any time of day – even during peak usage hours.
Just one of six double barrier reefs in the world, it is home to coral reefs, mangroves, seagrass biomes, tiger-tail seahorses and other natural wonders. In particular, new commercially available wireless broadband technologies are available that can dynamically utilize unassigned or otherwise unused television broadcast frequencies.
Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Filipino government, are piloting TV white spaces technology in Bohol to help register fisherfolk. Agency for International Development (USAID) and two Filipino government agencies, the Department of Science and Technology and the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources.
It also enabled fisherfolk to register for health care, insurance, poverty assistance and other government services. I’m a member of the APEC Business Advisory Council, a group of business leaders from 21 economies and one of the three American business leaders appointed by President Obama who advise APEC leaders on opportunities for continued regional growth. Of the 4 billion people globally without Internet access, half live in the Asia-Pacific region.
Internet connectivity is for the first time becoming more affordable and available in many parts of the world, transforming local economies and livelihoods.

The fund is part of Microsoft’s Affordable Access Initiative that invests in new technologies, cloud-based services and applications, and business models that can help solve the issue of Internet access in local communities around the world. This is particularly true when public and private institutions are able to combine their shared resources and learnings toward broader impact. Now that I'm officially a Web Designer as well, Vids4Net now offers that, so complete video to internet production.
Yet thus far largely missing from the campaign has been the most fundamental digital issue – universal, affordable broadband Internet access.
Meanwhile, the government’s target will take many more years to complete (the target is 280,000 Canadians with new or faster access by March 2019) and it does not envision universal access. Canada ranked 16th in the world in broadband subscriptions per capita and 47th for wireless broadband subscriptions.
It could remove all foreign investment restrictions so that larger global players might reconsider the Canadian market or examine how the mobile virtual operators would inject new competition into the wireless broadband market. Streaming, downloading, gaming and more – AT&T Internet supports all your favorite online activities. With AT&T High Speed Internet, you get a tried-and-true connection that’s available in more places. But if you visited the reef in recent years, you would be struck by the absence of one vital creature – fish. We call these unused frequencies “TV white spaces.” They can be repurposed to provide affordable, robust Internet access to communities like Bohol where connectivity is otherwise out of reach.
Today more than 16,000 fisherfolk have registered with nearly 4,000 exclusively through repurposing TV white spaces. This project was the first time TV white space technology had been used in the Philippines to extend high-speed, wireless Internet access to remote parts of the country. Today more than 16,000 fisherfolk have registered with nearly 4,000 exclusively through repurposing TV white spaces. In countries like the Philippines, with 100 million people spread out across more than 7,000 islands, connectivity is a real challenge.
It’s further amazing to me that many of the technologies to enable digital inclusiveness are available today – we don’t have to wait to have an impact.
My completely mobile production can be taken on the TTC complete with 3000 watts of Studio lighting, wireless audio, 3 full HD video cameras, and more. AT&T U-verse Internet is great for multi-device use – connect computers, gaming consoles, smartphones, tablets and more.
Government agencies are using the registration data to nourish sustainable fisheries, feed more people and create more jobs. We meet throughout the year to discuss policy, trade and economic investment, and then annually with our counterparts from the APEC economies.
And yet the Philippines and indeed the entire region are making tremendous progress to bridge the digital divide. It's also a great Event Space for Gallery Showings, Music Events, Special Gatherings, Lectures, etc.
I'll work with so varying a clientele that it's always interesting, everything from producing over 70 minutes of gong meditation videos. Overfishing, population growth and ineffective protection and management of coastal resources are all to blame. By the end of 2014, Asia-Pacific overtook North America as the largest regional e-commerce market. It has great sight lines throughout, with it's open concept, is TTC friendly, is wheelchair accessible, and can easily host over 100 people. State Department recognized the project with its annual award for best public-private partnership.

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