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Here at Christian Backgrounds we strive to produce and distribute only 100% usable, high resolution Christian themed backgrounds and PowerPoint slides at affordable prices - no filler or unusable images. Below are a few free PowerPoint slides and free backgrounds to get you started and allow you to experience the resolution and quality we build into each and every graphic, background or slide we produce.
The Christian backgrounds we create can be fully customized to create your very own personalized slideshow. The two images to the right are an example of our seamless integration between base graphics and framed backgrounds. Using Designer Sets we put together PowerPoint sermon outlines to make it quick and easy for you to setup your sermon. PowerPoint sermon templates allow you to customize your own sermon while keeping a professional and consistent look. All downloadable content on Christian Backgrounds is in jpeg or PowerPoint format (as indicated) and built at a resolution of 1024x768.
Yesterday I got a bit excited with the idea of a Harry Potter prom and ended up writing more than I meant to. Here we have the beautiful Fleur Delacour wearing a demure powder blue dress with a hot multiple collared look.
Although you barely see it in the film, it turns out that Fleur also appears in a ball gown and it’s pretty stunning.
Like so much of French fashion this is a very simple and elegant style made to look really classy with the embroidery on the chest. Don't missTop 10 Celebrity Prom DatesDisney's Prom has been out for a few days now, breathing fresh life to the classic prom format. The A Rangers are a group of talented musicians in Oxfordshire, performing unique jazz and funk arrangements of your… »Prom movie reviewAfter weeks of waiting, last night I finally got a chance to watch Prom.
It's got something for… »Prom is out tomorrow-exclusive clip!As if you could have forgotten, Prom the movie is out tomorrow! It's… »Funniest kid everThis kid dancing in an Apple Store is the coolest man I have ever seen! Romans on-the-go like to chow down on Pizza al Taglio, or pizza "by the cut." Slices are priced by weight, and popular toppings include asparagus, zucchini, potato and arugula. Dividends in Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index have been increasing at double-digit percentage rates in recent years, rewarding income-hungry investors.
With that in mind, we’ve identified eight companies that are likely to deliver substantial dividend increases next year. Orders for advanced commercial aircraft from Boeing (BA), such as the Dreamliner 787, continue to soar. Industrial behemoth General Electric (GE) is streamlining its business to squeeze out bigger profits. Honeywell (HON), which makes a range of products, from home thermostats to nylon resins for food packaging, says slow global economic growth could be a headwind in 2015. As home prices recover from their bottom in 2012, retailers such as Home Depot (HD) are likely to benefit, says Thornburg’s Kirby.
So once homeowners feel comfortable enough financially to remodel their kitchens and undertake other big-ticket renovations, they’re likely to spend considerable amounts of money at Home Depot, the world’s largest home-improvement retailer.
Yum’s stock stumbled last summer when authorities in China discovered that a supplier was providing expired meat to KFC, Pizza Hut and other restaurants in the country.

We reserve the right to excerpt or edit any posted comments for clarity, appropriateness, civility, and relevance to the topic. Fall affords you the opportunity to explore Charleston without the humidity and tourist crowds of summer.
All images are carefully designed to allow for effective text placement and overlay and are created with effective text contrast in mind. We take great pride in our workmanship and are confident that you will be pleased with the level of quality, usability and versatility each of our graphics and backgrounds offer.
Within the S&P 500, FactSet estimates, financial firms will raise dividends by an average of 13.2%, the most of any sector.
All come from the three sectors mentioned above and all have payout ratios (dividends paid out as a percentage of earnings) of 50% or less, providing room for more hikes. The payout ratio is determined by dividing the current dividend rate by estimated 2015 earnings per share.
Analysts at Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, an investment bank that specializes in the financial sector, believe that Bank of America (BAC) will increase its dividend by more than 100% in 2015. Along with other major banks, JP Morgan faces intense regulatory scrutiny and high legal costs.
As with many of its peers, low interest rates are putting pressure on Wells’s earnings, which are expected to rise by only 4% in 2015. As of the third quarter, the giant aircraft maker had a backlog of 5,500 orders valued at a record $430 billion. In the third quarter, the company announced it was selling its appliance unit to Electrolux for $3.3 billion. The diversified manufacturer announced in October that it would up its quarterly payout by 15%, starting with the distribution in December (payable to investors who owned the stock as of November 20).
In fact, sales at stores open at least a year rose 5.2% during the quarter that ended in October, compared with the same period a year earlier.
YUM (YUM), which owns the KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell brands, announced in September that it would lift its quarterly dividend by 11%, starting in November. Yum has cut ties with the supplier, but during the third quarter, sales at restaurants in China open at least a year declined by a stiff 14%.
Cover, frame, sidebar, lower quarter, upper quarter and matte configurations allow you to maintain consistent background themes and graphic elements throughout your presentations.
Data provider FactSet estimates payouts from S&P 500 stocks will increase by just 7.7% in 2015, as fewer companies initiate new dividends and many firms redirect cash to much-neglected capital spending. Industrial companies come in second, expected to boost distributions by an average of 8.6%. To top it off, each firm has a history of raising distributions and a solid earnings outlook for 2015.
The company recently agreed to pay more than $1 billion in fines for allegedly manipulating foreign-exchange benchmark rates. The stock has suffered lately, though, because investors have been disappointed with Boeing’s free cash flow (cash profits that are left after capital expenditures). GE is also paring its financial-services arm, spinning off Synchrony Financial, GE’s former retail finance business (which manages store credit cards) in an initial public offering this year.
Honeywell’s top brass projects that sales will expand 4% to 6% annually from 2014 through 2018, thanks to product innovation and the company’s thriving emerging-markets business, which now makes up nearly a quarter of sales.

VF (VFC), which owns more than 30 brands, including Lee, The North Face and Wrangler, raised its dividend 22% in October. The reason many of our backgrounds and slides contain no headings is to allow you to have complete control in developing your church's presentation in your own way. No more mundane presentations featuring a single background because you couldn't find any more appropriate graphics or images.
Payouts from firms that make non-essential consumer goods are projected to climb by an average of 8.1%. As of the end of last year, about 95% of Wells Fargo’s deposits were in low-yielding checking and savings accounts, one of the highest percentages in the industry.
Higher-than-expected costs to build the 787 are partly to blame, says investment bank Credit Suisse.
Meanwhile, demand for GE’s industrial products, which include jet engines, gas turbines and locomotives, is growing. In February, Home Depot raised its dividend by 21%, and it will likely deliver another double-digit-percentage hike next year, says S&P Capital IQ. Revenues at the bank were up 5% in the third quarter compared with the previous year, and loans increased 7%. A rise in long-term rates would allow Wells to charge more for loans and increase the spread between its loans and its low-rate (or zero-rate) deposits.
Still, earnings at Boeing jumped 19% in the third quarter compared with the same period a year ago, and over the past 12 months the company used just about one-third of its profits to fund its dividends.
Orders in the third quarter jumped 22% from the year-earlier period, and GE’s backlog reached a record $250 billion. VF does not have a lot of brick-and-mortar stores, which helps keep costs down, says James Boothe, manager of the Nuveen Santa Barbara Dividend Growth Fund. Today, the stock yields well above the S&P 500’s yield, and the company uses less than one-third of its earnings to pay the dividend.
Wells has raised its dividend each year since 2011, and analysts at Keefe, Bruyette & Woods expect the company to hike the payout by 10.4% in 2015. GE cut its dividend during the financial crisis but has more than doubled the distribution since 2010. Sales grew 7% year-over-year during the third quarter, thanks to solid consumer demand for outdoor and athletic wear.
The stock yields an attractive 3.3%, and Argus thinks the company could lift the payout by 14% in 2015. Business is likely to remain robust, so analysts are looking for earnings to climb by 14% next year. People looking for actress stills, actress images, actor stills, actor images, movie stills, movie images, and other interesting topics, relevant issues in Tamil cinema will find this page useful.

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