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This timeline was created for the Museum of The San Fernando ValIey and pulls from resources like Calisphere, the Library of Congress, CSUN, personal blogs and a diverse set of publications.
Special thanks to Tiffany Do for her research and interest in creating the timeline, and Hillary Jenks and Alexis Moreno for their help in writing the entries. 50,000 a€“ 15,000 BC People of northeast Asia follow herds of caribou, bison & mammoth and migrate across the present day Bering Strait.
1542 Juan Cabrillo claims Southern California territory for the Spanish kingdom, beginning over three and half centuries of occupation.
1822A  Spanish rule in California becomes Mexican rule with the rise of the Republic of Mexico and the country's successful War for Independence from Spain. 1833 The Mexican government secularizes the missions, making them public property and allows for land to be distributed to Indian neophytes and Mexican soldiers as payment for service in the military.
1843 Manuel Micheltorena, governor of southern California, decrees the restoration of southern missions to church control.
1846 Governor Pio Pico sells most of the San Fernando Valley land to Eulogio de Celis before the Mexican War.
1846 - 1848 The Mexican American War results in California becoming part of the United States, along with more than half of former Mexican land.
1847 Agreement of peace (Cahuenga Capitulation) between Fremont and Pico gives Americans control of California in the war. 1849 The gold rush in Northern California draws people, and the Valley is cow country full of ranchos that feed them. 1850 California joins the United States; Los Angeles County (which includes the San Fernando Valley) initially comprises 4,340 square miles and the first United States Census measures its population at 3,530. 1851 Alexander Bell and David Alexander become the first American landowners in the Valley after Vicente de Osa sells Rancho Providencia.
1854 Rancho Ex-Mission de San Fernando falls into hands of Andres Pico who becomes known for his hospitality and entertainment.
1855 A new road allows lines of stages, trains of wagons and pack mules to travel to Kern River gold fields. 1860 Geronimo Lopez’s adobe home becomes known as the Lopez Station for housing the stagehouse for the Valley.
1880 San Fernando Farm Homestead Association officially distributes property to stockholders. 1887 A real estate boom partitions up the Valley, beginning with the Lankershim Ranch Land and Water Company, which buys land from the Los Angeles Farm and Milling Company. 1897 Squatters of the Land Settlers league attempt to squat in the San Fernando Valley under the belief that it is public land for settlement. 1907 Los Angeles approves a 23 million dollar bond issue for aqueduct construction from Owens Valley. In 1915, the city of Los Angeles annexes the San Fernando ValleyA  - a crucial development as this enables the Valley to gain access to the water coming from Owens Valley from the Los Angeles Aqueduct (completed two years earlier under the direction of William Mulholland).
1916 Due to the influx of water provided by the LA Aqueduct, Valley residents begin growing oranges.
1918 The Valley reports record crops including 55,000,000 pounds of beans, and a variety of fruits and vegetables including apricots, citrus, peaches, potatoes, and sugar beets.
1926 The town of Sherman Oaks and the street Sherman Way bear legacy to pioneer of the San Fernando Valley General Moses Hazeltine Sherman.
1931 Residents protest changing the name of Cahuenga to Highland because of the uniqueness of the name Cahuenga.
1941- May 29 Disney Studio animators strike Disney due to Walt Disney's inconsistent monetary rewards for better workers. 1941 When the United States joins World War II, the Valley changes from a place of agriculture to manufacturing as part of the war effort and defense institutions like Lockheed. 1941 Old Trapper’s Lodge Motel with giant trapper sculptures is built as an attraction. 1945 Despite the wartime ban against strikes, set designers from the Conference of Studio Unions strike against Warner Brothers film studio for 30 weeks. 1956 The San Fernando Valley Campus of the Los Angeles State College of Applied Arts and Sciences (CSUN) opens.
1959 Valley leaders and parents protest the increase in mailed pornography in the community.
1966 A coalition of property owning and tax paying associations come together to create a mass group to protest hikes on property taxes. Between 1967 and 1971 there are six massive demonstrations at San Fernando Valley State College (now known as California State University Northridge) against the lack of representation or curricula related to ethnic studies and the war in Vietnam. 1971 The Sylmar Tunnel Disaster strikes when Lockheed Shipbuilding and Construction Company tunnels to bring water from the Feather River to the Los Angeles basin. 1979A  Valley residents march against Rocketdyne’s Canoga Park facility on the anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings to protest the dangerous activities of operations involving nuclear energy. 1991 Motorist Rodney King is pulled over on Foothill Boulevard in Lake View Terrace where 15 LAPD officers in patrol cars converged on him. 1992 The Rodney King trial takes place in Simi Valley with a jury of ten whites, one Latino, and one Asian. 1994 a€“ 57 people lose their lives in the wake of the 6.7 magnitude Northridge Earthquake.
1996 Unrest occurs at California State University Northridge when Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke speaks on campus.
The preliminary order announced late yesterday on coated steel products will result in the U.S. Global overcapacity in steel and continued abuse of the system by foreign companies and their governments requires a major overhaul of U.S.
The USW represents some 35,000 workers who produce corrosion-resistant steel at facilities owned by U.S. Final determination orders for corrosion-resistant steel are due next May by the USDOC and in June from the U.S. The USW represents 850,000 workers in North America employed in many industries that include metals, rubber, chemicals, paper, oil refining and the service and public sectors. This past year has been tough for so many, but through it all we’ve held onto hope, pushed through with our unbreakable fighting spirit and showed the true meaning of solidarity. Upon release of the USW policy statement, he said it exposes the TPP as bad trade policy with no real enforcement, misplaced priorities and that working families had already suffered far too long from previous free trade deals. The USW resolution highlighted the union had an earnest expectation workers’ needs in any trade deal would be met. Citing in detail issues ignored that hurt American and Canadian workers, the USW resolution found the TPP didn’t address currency manipulation, accepted overcapacity in global manufacturing, had insufficient rules for State-Owned Enterprises, provided weak rules of origin for autos and auto parts, plus showed a failure to ensure worker rights standards are implemented.
Saying the USW provided comprehensive proposals during the TPP negotiations about how to improve the implementation, monitoring and enforcement of U.S. The USW International Executive Board resolution rejecting the TPP can be viewed by CLICKING HERE. The TPP countries are: United States, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam.
An op-ed by Gerard, Hoffa and Williams critical of the TPP following release of the LAC report was published in the Huffington Post as: It's Time to Take a Stand for Workers on TPP. BUCKHANNON, West Virginia (September 30, 2015) — For the first time since overwhelmingly voting to form a union late last year, the United Steelworkers reached a labor agreement with Aleris Rolled Products located in Buckhannon, WV. OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) strongly controls world oil prices by oversupplying or withdrawing oil supplies from the market. The oversupply of crude in the world market impacted the international, or Brent, crude oil price, and it is this price that determines the price of oil products like gasoline.
To date, more than 100,000 letters have been sent to Congress, urging representatives and senators to not lift the ban. The USW is the largest private-sector union in North America, representing 850,000 workers employed in metals, mining, rubber, paper and forestry, energy, chemicals, transportation, health care, security, hotels, and municipal governments.
Oil prices are significantly controlled by an international cartel called Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).OPEC has used crude as an economic weapon.
Lifting the crude oil export ban will increase carbon pollution and have an effect on climate change.Lifting the ban will result in more than 515 million metric tons of carbon pollution per year.
Lifting the crude oil export ban will put another 4,500 railcars per day on our already congested freight rail system.Farmers and manufacturers who rely on our national freight rail network will be left in the cold. Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW) is conducting a survey for members to assist in tailoring information so they can provide members with health information on a regular basis and deliver it to them via the preferred communication format. As an incentive to fill out the survey, HealthyWomen will be holding a drawing for a $100 gift card that every woman completing the survey can enter to win. If confirmed by the process, tariffs will be imposed on imports of certain uncoated paper to offset the impact of the unfair advantage caused by the dumped products. As a result of the DOC’s actions, importers of the covered uncoated paper from the subject countries will be required to immediately post a bond or deposit cash in an amount equal to the announced margins pending final resolution of the cases later this year. The petitions cover all uncoated paper in sheets, including cut-size and folio, weighing between 40 and 150 gsm, and having a GE brightness level of 85 or higher.
The decision was a result of unfair trade cases filed by the USW and four companies on January 21, 2015 with the (DOC) and the U.S. The decision by the DOC supports the allegations in the petitions that claim that imports from these five countries were dumped. Several hundred USW members from different locals and industries came together at the USW headquarters to rally for a fair contract for Steelworkers at Allegheny Technologies Incorporated, who are currently negotiating a new contract with the company after the previous one expired on June 30. The crowd included workers at ATI from locals in Leechburg, Brackenridge, Washington, Midland and Latrobe, Pa.
Prior to the march to ATI headquarters, USW locals and officers gathered in the courtyard outside USW headquarters, where the crowd heard from a number of speakers, including USW International Vice President Thomas Conway.

For the Steelworkers at ATI, a fair contract is more than just fairness for the employees themselves, but for their families. Hundreds of Steelworkers then took to the streets, marching to ATI Headquarters in PPG Place.
The Steelworkers even saw solidarity from a bus driver who was waiting for the crowd to pass at the intersection of Boulevard of the Allies and Stanwix Street, as she honked several times and waved from the driver’s seat. The first two days spent at Constellium consisted of a walk-through audit of the entire aluminum facility, where union and management officials noted health and safety hazards and apparent system failures.
The information collected from this survey was then compiled to aid in reviewing where the local union and company management have determined are areas to consider revising and working on to better eliminate hazards. USW Local Union 5668 Safety Chair Mark Lynch shared that over the years, members have gone through numerous catastrophic injuries, amputations and even fatalities. But Lynch and the rest of Local 5668 representatives believe that true change will only take place when these positive ideas are implemented and meet the employees on the plant floor. This past March, local union and company members together attended the 2015 USW Health, Safety and Environment Conference in Pittsburgh, Pa., where Looking for Trouble was introduced to conference-goers during a panel session.
After the labor-management work at Constellium in May, USW Tony Mazzocchi Center Program Administrator John Scardella and USW Goodyear Safety and Health Coordinator Mike Weibel, together worked on drafting a report which listed recommendations to help the joint health and safety committee members in taking the next steps to improve worker safety. Local Union 5668 met on June 9, 2015 to begin reviewing and discussing recommended fixes, changes and updates to programs and procedures regarding health and safety. YWAC requires a significant, regular, and ongoing commitment, including monthly phone calls and an in-person meeting twice a year.
Foster and develop young worker networks across the country at the national, state and local level. Assist in mentoring and leadership training for young workers and AFL-CIO Young Worker Groups. Serve on subcommittees as requested by the Secretary-Treasurer, or as determined by the YWAC itself.
Candidates should have experience in young worker outreach, programming, or activism within their union, community, or organization.
Travel costs to YWAC meetings, the AFL-CIO NextUp Summit, and the Quadrennial Convention will be covered by the elected member’s State Fed, CLC, or affiliate. The petitions detail how a flood of subsidized and unfairly traded corrosion-resistant steel imports from China, India, Italy, South Korea and Taiwan has damaged the domestic industry by undercutting the prices of U.S. The USW first learned of the company's purported problems with picketers at the same time Century notified news outlets via an email, which also included the completely false claim that union workers threatened to strike prior to the company carrying out its plan to enforce a lockout. The union will work with law enforcement and the community to maintain orderly and lawful pickets with foremost attention to the safety of locked out workers and the public.
In its message, Century also objects to locked-out union members bringing their children to the picket line. The USW represents 850,000 men and women employed in metals, mining, pulp and paper, rubber, chemicals, glass, auto supply and the energy-producing industries, along with a growing number of workers in public sector and service occupations.
Steelworkers marched through the streets of Birmingham, then delivered a thank you message to Representative Terri Sewell for her opposition to fast track.
Steelworkers met at Congressman Bruce Westerman’s office in Hot Springs and urged his staff to tell the Congressman to please stand with workers and to oppose Fast Track! Steelworkers are joining the regular protests outside his office and will continue to do so, urging Congressman Bera to stand with them and oppose Fast Track. District 12 members joined with the CWA to tell California Representative Torres that we appreciate her announcement of opposition to Fast Track! USW Local 104 held an informational picket outside the Congressman Bucshon's District Office on Friday, May, 8, 2015 in Evansville, Indiana. On May 7, 2015, Louisiana activists held a rally and delivered constituent letters and petitions to the District Office of Congressman Cedric Richmond, urging him to oppose Fast Track. 125 Minnesota Steelworkers and allies rallied outside of Senator Amy Klobuchar’s District office in Minneapolis, MN, urging her to stand with workers and oppose Fast Track!
The New York City Council  took up a resolution declaring the City of New York a "TPP-Free Zone" and urging Congress to oppose Fast Track. USW Local Union 560 delivered 120 signatures to Senator Heitkamp’s office in Grand Forks, urging her to oppose Fast Track! In Ohio on May 4, a group representing nearly two dozen local unions and organizations along with Senator Sherrod Brown gathered at USW Local 979's hall in Cleveland to show their opposition to the proposals currently moving through Congress. Members of USW Locals 1538 and 2211 participated in the meeting in Congressman Bill Johnson's office in Salem, OH.
USW Rapid Response Coordinator Catherine Houston and area Steelworkers join with allies for a demonstration outside of Representative Schrader’s office in Oregon.
District 10 members, community allies and elected officials joined together to say NO to FAST TRACK at a town hall event in Linwood, PA!
A Steelworker attending the Steel Bargaining Conference last week in Pittsburgh took a moment to make a call to his Congressman, making it clear that Fast Track is wrong for the steel industry.
USW Local 1023 Rapid Response activists Dale Bare and Dave Wiley (pictured) along with CWA members dropped off hundreds of postcards and letters against Fast Track to Senator Kaine's office. Virginia Steelworkers and allies met in Richmond, VA for a round table discussion on labor’s opposition to Fast track with Senator Kaine. West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin joined the members of USW Local 37 at Steel of West Virginia to highlight opposition to Fast Track. Republican Senate Majority Leader McConnell invoked cloture to limit debate on the fast track bill, prohibiting important trade measures sought by Democratic leaders from being included in any Senate-passed bill.
The USW national Rapid Response Network of local union activists participated in multiple actions with key Members of Congress that involved demonstration events, dial-in calls and postcard deliveries to urge opposition to the fast track bill. USW District 8 Director Billy Thompson called on the company to abandon its strategy to bully union workers into accepting management’s demands and negotiate in good faith for a fair contract at the smelter. Century’s largest shareholder, Glencore International Plc, also owns Sherwin Alumina, which locked out 450 members of USW Local 235A in Corpus Christi, Texas. The United Steelworkers (USW) today joined with workers throughout North America in marking Workers Memorial Day.
In a ceremony in the lobby of the USW International Headquarters, fellow union members read aloud the names of the 39 USW workers who lost their lives in the past year. Guest speakers included International Vice-President at Large Carol Landry and International Vice-President of Administration Tom Conway. Ed Schultz poked a little fun of some key lines from President Obama at White House Correspondents' Dinner.
They move south along ice-fee corridors into the North American continent to what is now California. With him are two Franciscan padres, Junipero Serra and Juan Crespi, who record the expedition and found the first mission.
Of the missions’ eight million acres originally designated as the property of converted Native Americans, 500 land grants are created for influential families. Though the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo formally ends the war, it becomes an issue of contention when existing Californio rights are not honored as promised, and the Treaty is breached.
The treaty takes place at the house of Don Feliz (Campo de Cahuenga) near the Cahuenga Pass. His adobe house eventually becomes state historical monument: Los Encinos State Historical Park.
This pamphlet extolls the benefits of living in Southern California in order to be healed of many diseases like tuberculosis. Los Angeles Farm and Milling Company, the successor to the Homestead Association, promotes wheat and flour-milling industry.
Going back to Native American terms, the word Cahuenga reflects the Native American origins of the San Fernando Valley.
Phyllis O’Kray from the crash of a jet plane, Valley residents picket Lockheed Aircraft Corporation in Van Nuys to abolish the use of the San Fernando Valley for jet flying. This will be the third institution of higher education founded in the Valley; in 1947 Pierce College is founded and in 1949 Valley College opens. Murrow televises the Sodium Reactor Experiment from the Santa Susana Research Facility on his program as it powered Moorpark.
Although safety inspector Wally Zavattero discovers hazardous conditions and orders precautions taken, they are ignored, leading to an explosion that killed 17 people.
Protesting for equality, the senior citizens gather at the Van Nuys-Sherman Oaks Recreation Center to band together.
A local resident videotapes the beating, which becomes a national discussion on police brutality.
With twenty billion dollars in damage, it is one of the costliest natural disasters in United States history. If the 300 square mile area that is the Valley were a single city, it would be the 5th largest in the nation. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) being instructed to require cash deposits based on the duty rates for steel imports from China and three other countries.
Customs to impose provisional measures retroactively on steel flat products for up to 90 days prior to the effective date of the federal order. Gerard said the resolution is intended for wide distribution to the union membership in both the U.S.
Labor Advisory Committee (LAC) on the TPP that Gerard served on was also publicly released Dec.
Exporting crude makes no sense when our country is not energy self-sufficient, importing 44 percent of the crude that is refined in the United States. They started the oil embargo causing lines at gas stations in the 1970’s and when OPEC chose to maintain production levels of crude oil, prices fell by 60%.
Data is limited but during the past five years reported fatality rates in oil and gas extraction are five to seven times the national fatality rate.

Department of Commerce (DOC) for its preliminary dumping duty determinations against certain uncoated paper imports from China, Brazil, Portugal, Australia and Indonesia. A number of Boilermakers, Iron Workers, Healthcare Workers and Public Sector Workers were standing in solidarity with their brothers and sisters at ATI as well. ATI has proposed a contract that hikes up the premiums of the workers’ insurance, causing potential financial burden, especially for families with children or any individuals who have been diagnosed with illness, disease or disorder.
On the march along Boulevard of the Allies, a number of supporters were taking pictures and cheering in solidarity.
On May 18-20, representatives from the International, USW Local Union 5668 and company management gathered to begin the preliminary stages of Looking for Trouble.
However, we can never eliminate every hazard and the accidents we do have often are very serious,” Constellium CEO Buddy Stemple said. Lynch explained that the conference and attendance was encouraging to all considering the history at Ravenswood. Councilmembers are voices for economic and social justice in their communities and their unions, and they are charged with helping the AFL-CIO find new and innovative ways to engage the next generation of workers in the labor movement. Gerard called on the Commerce Department and USITC to act swiftly and decisively in defense of American workers whose jobs are unfairly threatened as a result of the illegal tactics employed by our trade partners. Although management may prefer to pretend otherwise, the company unilaterally has chosen to give their parents' jobs to temporary replacements in an effort to starve their families into accepting a contract the majority of workers democratically voted to reject four times. From coast to coast, Steelworkers are participating in rallies, meetings, forums, roundtables and marches to let Congress know that Fast Track is the wrong way to deal with trade policy. Steel in Granite City protested outside Representative Bost’s office in Belleville, urging him to oppose Fast Track. Thank you to our New York Steelworkers who were there to rally in support of this resolution! While there, they expressed their frustration  about job losses and loss of community jobs and services due to unfair trade in their individual facilities and communities.
Bob Casey rallied at USW Local 1219’s hall against a proposed trade agreement between the United States and 11 Pacific Rim nations as a job killer for the steel industry. Gerard, International President of the United Steelworkers (USW) released the following statement today after the U.S. Last week, Steelworkers from Texas and allies from the international labor community demanded accountability from Glencore executives at the global commodities giant’s annual meeting in Zug, Switzerland.
Each April 28, the union commemorates the workers who lost their lives on the job and rededicates itself to the goal of eliminating all workplace hazards. He was joined by Joe Cirincione, author of Nuclear Nightmares: Securing the World Before It Is Too Late, to discuss the Senate taking up legislation that would allow Congress to approve or reject the Administrations Iran Nuclear deal.
The Sacred Expedition is a religious & military project of missionization and colonization on behalf of Spain. Using Native American workers to not only construct the mission but also work it, the mission quickly becomes one of the most prosperous in California, producing abundant harvests and goods. Unknown to his readers, Nordhoff is paid by the Southern Pacific Railroad to praise the curative nature of the region’s climate.
The dam is approximately 200 feet high in San Francisquito Canyon, about 5 miles northeast of what is now Magic Mountain.
Photographs at right by Dorothea Lange of the San Fernando Valley in 1936, care of the Library of Congress. Producers pelt metal nuts and bolts from the roof and police hose workers and throw tear gas. In July the Sodium Reactor Experiment suffers a partial meltdown; its estimated release is 240 times that of 3 Mile Island. Until now, there has been no one museum or institution to document, preserve, and celebrate the full scope of the collective history, culture, and arts of such an important place until the 2005 incorporation of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley. Department of Commerce (USDOC) following antidumping (AD) duty investigations for imports of corrosion-resistant steel products from China, India, Italy and Korea. Corrosion-resistant steel products are typically used in the manufacture of trucks, automobiles, appliances, agricultural equipment and industrial equipment.
Gerard, International President of the United Steelworkers (USW), issued the following statement as negotiations on the 12-nation Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)are coming to closure. They alleged that certain uncoated paper from the five countries had been dumped into the United States, resulting in injury to the domestic industry and its employees.
Several local news stations and newspaper reporters were covering the rally, where chants of “What do we want?
On May 20, the International Union representatives provided a real-time response survey for the local union and management at Constellium, in order to gather anonymous data that outline aspects of the USW program. They will mentor, train, and develop young worker group leaders and publicly represent the AFL-CIO’s NextUp program across the country. ArcelorMittal production includes operations in Cleveland, Ohio, East Chicago, Ind., and Weirton, W. The union further repeated its call for Century to end the lockout and reinstate the USW workforce to their rightful jobs while negotiations for a new labor agreement proceed. Check out just a few highlights of the more than 90 events that have happened in the last week!
Senate failed to invoke a procedural legislative maneuver called cloture to grant President Obama proposed fast track trade negotiating authority.
We are also joined by United Steelworkers International President Leo Gerard to discuss the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The mix of agrarian and industrial life at this early stage in the Valley’s history sets a precedent for the future economy of the Valley as a pastoral region with some areas of industry. But the taking of this water destroys the environment and the economy of the Owens Valley, once a beautiful valley known for its migrating birds and diverse, self-sustaining ecosystems. The dam fails upon its first full filling on March 12, killing 450 people in the San Francisquito and Santa Clara River valleys. Among the LAC signatories were: AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, UAW President Dennis Williams, Machinists President R.
This caused a loss of market share for OPEC nations like Saudi Arabia, which flooded the world market with oil in an attempt to lower oil prices and make it unprofitable for U.S. A Hart Research public opinion poll in December of 2014 revealed that a vast majority (82 percent) of voters, regardless of political affiliation, oppose allowing oil and gas companies to export more U.S. Lifting the crude oil export ban threatens those jobs as companies search for low cost labor and environmental standards. Every barrel of oil we send overseas will mean another barrel of oil being brought in from overseas.
Since 2011, eight mills that manufacture this product have shut down as a result of dumped and subsidized imports. The petitions also alleged that China and Indonesia subsidized the sale of these products and should be subject to countervailing duties. They are against the fast track trade bill because they said it facilitates the importation of cheap, foreign steel.
Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and Al Franken (D-MN). It includes wage increases, an overtime procedure including advanced notice of assigned overtime, subcontracting language, and other improvements to working conditions according to United Steelworkers Staff Representative Heather Anderson who negotiated the contract, along with bargaining unit employees at Aleris. As a result, over 36,000 direct and indirect jobs and $566 million in tax revenue were saved,” Beevers added. The four manufacturers are Domtar Corporation, Finch Paper, LLC, Packaging Corporation of America (PCA) and P.H.
Senator Manchin, Company President Tim Duke, WV AFL-CIO President Kenny Perdue and District 8 Sub-Director Randy Moore let the press know that to keep these jobs here, trade needs to be fair! Senator Maclay goes to the County Recorder in Los Angeles and creates the City of San Fernando (township) through a map of development plans. This bloody event leads to the passage of the 1947 Taft Hartley Act, which severely restricts workers’ abilities to strike and the power of unions. Additional fuel-element handling accidents occurred during the recovery process that resulted in radiological releases to the environment and surrounding communities. Steel is temporarily closing its Granite City mill at the end of May, which will lay off 2,080 workers.
Upon hearing the verdict, hundreds of Los Angelenos begin a protest that turns into a a€?livea€? televised six-day riot where 53 people die and the total cost of damages equals $1,000,000,000. The mix of agrarian and industrial life at this early stage in the Valleya€™s history sets a precedent for the future economy of the Valley as a pastoral region with some areas of industry.
Unknown to his readers, Nordhoff is paid by the Southern Pacific Railroad to praise the curative nature of the regiona€™s climate.
Many singers record Jenkinsa€™ song including Bing Crosby (whose version hits #1 on Billboard Magazinea€™s chart in 1944) and the King Sisters; the publicity helps build a population explosion.
The Westerns a€?Bells of San Fernandoa€? and the Western a€?San Fernando Valleya€? are released.
Phyllis Oa€™Kray from the crash of a jet plane, Valley residents picket Lockheed Aircraft Corporation in Van Nuys to abolish the use of the San Fernando Valley for jet flying. Welcome to a Timeline of the San Fernando Valley This timeline was created for the Museum of the San Fernando ValIey and pulls from resources like Calisphere, the Library of Congress, CSUN, personal blogs and a diverse set of publications. Until now, there has been no one museum or institution to document, preserve, and celebrate the full scope of the collective history, culture, and arts of such an important place until the 2005 incorporation of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley.This timeline was created for the Museum of The San Fernando ValIey and pulls from resources like Calisphere, the Library of Congress, CSUN, personal blogs and a diverse set of publications.

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