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Mientras Nueva Costa graba su disco,  hoy se dan un tiempo para presentarse en vivo en Tienda Dinosaurio, Santiago, Agustinas # 651.
CigarraFM es una de esas radios con larga data en chile que por anos ha presentado a grandes artistas de la escena house y techno, tanto nacionales como internacionales, con destacados sets y programas de calibre mundial. When I was launching an airline brand into the European market a few years ago, one of the features of the campaign was outdoor advertising as well as print – mainly in London media.
Within days of the campaign launch, I was inundated with phone calls from every advertising huckster in the UK.  Every possible media. Some of my favourite ones were the guys who just happened to have a last minute deal on hoardings for a rugby league match.
This was a classic example of a business resorting to a ‘numbers game’, and preferring carpet-bombing instead of target marketing.

What was even more fun during these phone calls, was the level of incredulousness from the aforementioned salesmen when I used to tell him I was not interested.
The first step for these guys would have been to go back to the drawing board, and build a structured sales and marketing sequence, with each step being built on the one before it. Our rugby league loving salesman made the assumption is that I would respond to a single sales step.
Of course, many business do exactly the same thing, whereas they should really engage in a process to find out those who are feeling pain – both now, and in the future. No se trata solo la prenda, es una suma de ideas sobre la destruccion y la creacion (el trauma de USA despues del 911). The funnel is about building the ideal result to get the ideal prospects raise their hands, and step onto a sequence that is specially constructed for them to move along from suspect to closure.

Naturally, at any step of the funnel prospects drop out of it, and from the large number of initially interested persons on the top end, only a fraction of the initially interested people remain and actually buy or do the deal.
Given the target market for the airline was pretty-well off types living in the south-east, and near East London and the City in particular, it was about as off the mark as you can get.

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