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Here is a round-up of the top 20 tools for successfully digitally marketing your business in 2015. Monitoring your activity across social media platforms will tell you if your efforts are successfully reaching the right audience and how well your customers are responding to your brand.
Shoutlet – An all-in-one tool that lets users plan and schedule updates whilst also collecting data an fan history by measuring conversations and looking at the sentiment behind them.
Viralheat – Viralheat analyses conversations across platforms, seeing how people are engaging with and reacting to brand profiles. Fanpage Karma– For an in-depth look at Facebook fan pages, Fanpage Karma is the best tool to use. Likealyzer – Like Fanpage Karma, Likealyzer analyses Facebook fan pages taking into account the same statistics.
Tagboard – A brilliant tool for identifying trending hashtags and topics, Tagboard shows users the latest posts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Vine, Instagram and Flickr that have used specific hashtags. Once you have started your social media marketing campaign and are regularly posting on social networks, you will then need to connect with social influencers. Buzzsumo – Buzzsumo lets its users identify the top performing content within their industry simply by searching for keywords that are likely to appear in the title of the content. Followerwonk – A tool for analysing twitter followers, Followerwonk shows you a range of information about your own twitter followers, such as; their geographical location, frequently used keywords and when your most active hours for retweets are.
Klout – Klout provides users with a way of attributing a rank or score for social media users based upon the amount of influence they have. Keyhole – A hashtag tracking tool, Keyhole allows you to follow and track specific hashtag to see how they are performing across different social media networks. In order to keep your website consistently performing well it needs to be regularly analysed and assessed. SimilarWeb- By entering the URL of a website, users of SimilarWeb will get an in-depth report of that site looking at; the website ranking, number of visits per month, traffic sources- including social referrers and similar sites. QuickSprout – Quicksprout provides a range of tools that allow its users to analyse their own websites and compare the data with that of their competitors. Alexa- Owned by Amazon, Alexa provides “actionable analytics” for the web, giving a site overview, taking into account engagement and demographic data, site comparisons and keyword research. Google Analytics- One of the most popular analytical tools, Google analytics provides a great range of insights aimed at improving your website’s performance and it is free to use for sites with up to 5 million page views per month or unlimited page views if your site is attached to a Google Adwords account! Having a fully functioning website that visitors can use intuitively is a huge bonus when trying to attract visitors and achieve conversions. SiteBeam- With speed tests, cookie law compliance detectors, search engine rank, W3C compliance tools and even a spell checker Sitebeam ensures that all aspects of your website are working as they should be. UserReport- User report provides information collected from your site visitors such as; demographics and overall satisfaction with your website. Using heatmaps can really help you to understand how visitors are using your website by showing you where they are clicking, how far down the page they are scrolling and identifying any links that are not being used or pages that are not being visited.
SessionCam- SessionCam’s heatmaps show a variety of information such as; mouse movement, click activity, page scrolling and where visitors’ attention was attracted the most. Inspectlet- Inspectlet offers the same features as SessionCam and ClickTale but has more flexibility when it comes to price packages, making it a more attractive option for smaller businesses. Many marketing plans lack the flexibility to capture specific tactics for your business… you end up spending hours editing and changing the template layout to meet your specific planning needs. With the Marketing Plan Template Builder you can create a simple template for an annual marketing plan with tactics and budget tracking that meets your specific business needs… with the flexibility to easily edit it as your plans change each year.
The Marketing Plan Template Builder guides you through marketing strategy and tactics options for building an annual marketing plan template.
Simply select  strategies and tactics from the main marketing categories that apply to your business and your marketing plan goals. The Marketing Plan Template Builder can be purchased individually or as part of our Marketing Plan Bundle package (see details below). The Marketing Plan Template Builder is set up so that you can quickly and easily create a customized annual marketing plan with tactics and budget allocations. Start by selecting the year for your annual plan, entering your business name and defining target audience segments (these segments populate target audience options for specific tactics in the plan builder).
Easy drop down selections are pre-loaded for each category, tactic, target date and target audience. Once selections are made in the plan builder, the Marketing Plan Template is populated with your selections.
The Marketing Plan Template is your customized plan output – there you can add additional detail for each tactic as well as allocated budgets by tactics. With over 20 years of integrated marketing experience, Diane is author of the award-winning book PR Tools to Toot Your Own Horn. Content marketing is still relatively new as a digital marketing discipline, yet marketers already have hundreds of tools to help make their campaigns more effective.
In the content marketing space, marketers invest most in curation and aggregation, content creation, and workflow (Altimeter).
Finding the right tool to address these specific issues (or more likely, a group of tools that play well together) should be at the top of every content marketer's list for 2015. Within these very broad categories, you'll find content marketing tools for dozens of purposes including social media management, blogging & CMS, analytics, personalization and a whole lot more. I wanted to share a few of my favorites from their Ultimate List of Content Marketing Tools. Larry's Favorites: The tools I use for producing content depend on which type of content is being produced. Curata is my preferred tool for content curation (which is how I came across their infographic!). For audio content, I use Audacity, which is a user-friendly open source (and free!) audio recorder and editor.  You can't beat Camtasia for screen capture videos, or simple editing of videos you've made with a decent camera.
One more of my favorites for content creation is Evernote, which has a super useful app I can use on the go.
Larry's Favorites: SlideShare is listed as a syndication tool in Curata's chart and it's definitely up there as one of my personal favorites, especially for sharing conference and webinar content. Another of my favorites that actually isn't listed here is LinkedIn, which I've been using with great success to syndicate blog content and my columns from other publications like Inc. Other content distribution tools to try: There are a ton of options here, both organic and paid.
Larry's Favorite: MarketMuse is a fantastic tool for identifying which content topics and specific keywords can generate the most traffic to your site. If you find some keyword tools heavy or difficult to use, definitely give this one a shot – it's super easy.
Other content organization tools to try: Enterprise-level brands and marketers might want to try a solution like Adobe's Experience Manager, for cross-channel organization and integration.
Larry's Favorites: Optimizely is pretty advanced, considering the relative lifespan of content conversion in general.
My other fave in this arena has to be Pippity, a popup and lead capture plugin for WordPress.
Other content conversion optimization tools to try: BrightInfo is another solution that tracks user behavior and optimizes your site content in real-time, in order to increase conversion through more relevant content delivery. SumoMe (from the creators of AppSumo) is another interesting option that offers free apps for list building, heat maps to see where people click on your site, and social sharing.
Larry's Favorites: While I'll never find Google Analytics entirely replaceable, HubSpot Analytics is a must-have, too. Ironically, Alexa and Quantcast aren't my favorites for our own analytics, but I use them often to gauge the relative popularity of others when I'm doing research for blog posts.
Other content marketing measurement tools to try: There are some really niche measurement products available now, like Docalytics, which tracks people's interactions with your downloadable content. I've yet to find a single tool that does everything in content marketing from end to end, but those are a few of my favorite solutions for different types of tasks! As soon as I saw the mention I had to go check it out so thanks for bringing it to my attention!
I normally use a frankensteins collage of tools, and i'm sure that as long as content continues to evolve, the tools will have to keep being produced also! Honored to have you mention Curata's Ultimate List of Content Marketing Tools in your post Larry!
On November 21st, Adobe hosted a webinar on the powerful consumer marketing tools available within Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to accelerate readership and purchase – and drive revenue for your publications. In the webinar, Bridget Roman, product marketing at Adobe, and Colin Fleming, Adobe digital publishing evangelist, explored the DPS consumer marketing tools being used by innovative publishers to drive engagement, circulation and revenue. The webinar also looked at industry metrics highlighting successes seen in digital circulation and reader engagement, in addition to case studies of titles that have integrated consumer marketing tools into their digital strategies with excellent results—including The Washingtonian and People. The webinar received an “excellent” rating by over 50 percent of attendees; be sure to access the webinar recording below for a look at how to use these tools to drive your business forward.

Affiliate marketing is indeed registering never ending craze as it acts as one of the best ways of earning commissions through promoting products of others.
How can you overlook the importance of Google Keyword Tool which helps in accomplishing the wants of affiliate marketers immensely?
There cannot be a better and effective substitute than tracking202 tool especially if you want to closely look after the detailed affiliate marketing efforts.
A big chunk of people are suffering because of the inability to target specific keyword as it is leading to various sort of problems. Thanks to this affiliate marketing tool you will be armed with affiliate information which is going to be from multiple platforms.
This affiliate marketing tool work helps towards converting your links into affiliate links. Finally, aforesaid are the 7 affiliate marketing tools which are surely going to ease you in the process of cementing your finances. Email is sometimes seen as the dreary cousin of Facebook who never gets invited to the marketing party. It has this image of mundaneness because it has been  around for decades and is all about work.
But if you talk to any serious marketer, blogger or online store owner who has been around a while, then building an email list from day one is a number one priority. It may not be the life of the party but it is that efficient PA that just gets the job done. AWeber is an internet email marketing software that is very popular among digital marketers who are engaged in serious marketing. Whenever email marketing software is concerned, AWeber has been a dominant tool for quite a long time. MailChimp is an easy to use tool and also a powerful option for those who want to focus on business and eCommerce rather than just affiliate marketing for earning money in their business. It also creates a personalized sign up form that matches your brand, giving you the opportunity to post them on your social media account on Facebook.
You can also create a template for your own customization preferences and you can also send customized messages to send out to your subscribers. Another option for an email marketing service that you can use is the My Emma email service. Integrate your email marketing campaign with your social media account and other existing websites that you own.
Share analytics with other team members that will help guide you in your email marketing campaigns. If you are looking for a free email campaign to start with, then Constant Contact provides a great solution for your email marketing needs. This email marketing solution offers you guaranteed results that your email campaign will reach their inbox. The 60 day free trial may be enough to help you decide whether the tool offers you a better solution for your business. Get Response is another email marketing software solution that can take the place of AWeber because of its intuitive designs and tools for creating beautiful and attractive email newsletters.
Vertical Response is another email marketing software that you can use that offers some easy to use features and allows a 30 day free trial. Over 700 designs for email newsletter templates created by professionals that you can flaunt to offer in social media sites and for event marketing campaigns. Provides a free Webinar and marketing guide that will help you improve your email marketing campaigns. Vertical response offers a more flexible pricing for their services with its Pay As You Go program. Guest Author:  Stacy Carter is a tech writer and freelance blogger laying out for tech news via online exposures. My book – “Blogging the Smart Way – How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media” shows you how. Designing for the inbox can often be daunting and extremely difficult since most email clients render email differently – and often limits your options in terms of design. They’ll offer mobile-optimized designs, Cloud collaboration and a freemium version with unlimited number of subscribers.
Definitively using transactional email marketing service over email marketing service any day of the year. Good Points made on email marketing and thanks for providing valuable email tool that would connect and import many contacts for building healthy business network.
We’ve looked through all the tools we’ve used in 2014 and here’s a roundup of what works for 2015. Shoutlet can also be linked to Google Analytics for in-depth analysis of the impact of social media on your digital marketing efforts. Viralheat also has the option of planning and scheduling updates with rich-media integration and link shortening features.
It produces detailed reports analysing fan pages, providing information on; the number of fans, average weekly growth, posts per day, percentage of engagement with fans, the amount spent on Facebook advertising, service level and response time of a particular Facebook fan page. Likealyzer is also a good tool to use for competitor analyses as it provides information on; similar brands, average ‘Likerank’ and a rating for where the page sits in its respective industry. It can also recommend similar hashtags and users can create ‘tag boards’ of posts from across social media platforms that share the same hashtag. Social influencers are the best performing profiles on social media, for example, celebrities or brands who achieve high rates of engagement and have a lot of followers.
Alternatively, users can search for a domain name and identify the key content that has been posted on that domain. As an added bonus, users are also able to identify the domains that are being used to publish competitor’s content.
In addition, users can also use the tool to search twitter biographies using keywords such as product names, industry, location or any other relevant information that will appear in the biographies of the Twitter users that they want to search for. The more active and the higher a user’s engagement rate across social profiles, the higher their Klout score will be. Results can be filtered by conversations and top content and further refined to show influencers that are disseminating the content. There are a variety of tools around that can help you review your website; some of our favourites are below. This data is also available to download into a handy excel file or pdf, making SimilarWeb a brilliant research tool. Reports generated include detailed SEO reports, social media reports and tips on how to improve your website based upon the findings.
Alexa has more of an SEO focus and offers traffic source metrics along with full SEO audits and keyword research. Google Analytics lets users track their monthly visits, traffic sources, number of page views, average time spent on the site and much more. It does this through surveys and forms that can be integrated into your site and modified to include your own questions. With tracking features to track clicks, conversions and sign-ups, and testing features that allow you to segment your visitors, Optimizely is a great tool for understanding how your visitors use your website. However, ClickTale offers more insights into your website’s conversion rates and helps users to identify any issues that are causing visitors to drop-off and fail to complete conversions.
There are basic free and micro plans starting at $39 per month, the ‘Start-up plan’ which costs $79 per month or the more agency-specific ‘Accelerate plan’ which costs $299 for a variety of features. All the necessary formulas are built-in to the template builder so you get the ideal marketing plan layout for your business! Best of all, you can use the template builder over and over again, year after year for one low price!
Instructions are included for advanced excel users that want to edit the drop down options too. In addition to taking the guesswork out of choosing which marketing tactics you may want to use, there are helpful tips for each section of the marketing plan builder to provide more information on marketing options and how to use the builder.
Use this plan to track your budget, actual budget spent and variance for each of your marketing plan tactics throughout the year. Diane also serves as the marketing director for SureShade, a growing small business that has become the new standard for shade on boats, and runs Marine Marketing Tools, a site that bridges her passion for boating and small business marketing. Some of these tools are new generations of existing online marketing tools, while others have been created to support the very specific needs of content marketers. Their discovery engine searches feeds, sites, social networks and more to find relevant content for you.
On the paid side, Outbrain is a super popular service for promoting your content across their publishers network. The first time you use it to crawl a new site, it can take several minutes to a couple of hours, depending on how many pages the site has. Try a tool like digital asset solution Canto, which offers cloud-based plans as low as $49 a month for single users.

Their WYSIWYG editor for creating your popups has a lot of templates and customization options, too. It's as easy as adding a piece of HTML code to your site, or installing a WordPress plugin. Sure, you'll find a lot of the same information in each, but HubSpot's revenue and marketing channel analytics are a must for enterprise-level marketers.
Try different combinations of tools to find the right mix for your content marketing needs. I have read many others with tools to assist with content creation, however I hadn't yet found apps to assist with distribution and conversion.
Join us for a replay of the webinar below for a look at key things you can do to deepen engagement and accelerate revenue from your customers.
This affiliate marketing tool assists in selection the keyword through research and the way to implement the same as well. Here, you will be able to get a detailed sense of various data which can act as the best way towards measuring your capabilities like you will be provided with the report to measure the on site SEO in order to facilitate yourself towards accomplishing your goals. The functioning of the tool is based on the Pay Per Click programs where you can effortlessly track keywords, analyze as well as collect data too.
The biggest of all is the haplessness to earn requisite and respectable amount as there earning is only limited to few pennies. All such information is going to be at the dashboard where you will know about the detailed insights on gross margin along with the earning power as well as margin. They offer a sure cut formula for success and you are just few steps short of drastically improving your earning power like the way you have always wanted as well. Often it is perceived as that necessary evil that that can’t compete on marketing terms with the rather fun Twitter chap. Often it was the only marketing tool available to bloggers when blogging was in its infancy.
This software has evolved to become a very useful tool that helps both the newbies and the pros alike in email marketing. Its main specialization is making visual designs for your email newsletters which is more preferable for marketers who like visualization rather than just text in their email newsletter. If you are just starting out and want to get the feel on how an email marketing campaign will work for you, it is best to start from opting for a free email service than paying for AWeber’s paid email marketing tools.
With its $15 per month subscription afterwards you will find that Constant Contact offers you a productive email marketing campaign that is worth the investment. They have numerous template designs that allow its users to unlock their creativity in making their own email design to promote their brand and business. She is the author of the site: iPhone Spy where you can get valuable information about spy software program on your cell phone.
I show you how to create and build a blog that rocks and grow tribes, fans and followers on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.
It allows to create easy opt-in forms, lets people choose the type of newsletter they want to get (you can make a template for each type, there are over 8 templates and are very easy to customize) you can also use you’re own template. There are many different tools in email marketing that can help you boost the performance and effectiveness of your email marketing campaign.
Another important aspect is having emails designed BOTH for desktop and mobile (think thumb-friendly…). I’m in the market for an email marketing tool and I need what I think is referred to as an autoresponder. Viralheat also lets users monitor their competitors and shows them which topics are currently trending.
Likealyzer has a unique feature whereby it gives its user recommendations on how they can improve their own Facebook fan page.
These tag boards can then be embedded into websites and blog posts – perfect for a marketing campaign that has a designated hashtag! Buzzsumo will show how many times the content has been shared on each social network along with a breakdown of page authority and number of followers so you are able to see the top influencers that have shared that content. SimilarWeb can also analyse mobile apps and takes into account the traffic from in-store and external sources and popular keywords from in-store and search engine enquiries. Google Analytics looks at traffic patterns and bounce rates, enabling you to identify content that may be driving users away from your site or is simply not being used. In addition, UserReport also provides insights into traffic sources, where visitors are clicking on your website and which device they are using to access the site.
With its advanced filtering options, users can separate data into various segments by defining any business process, scenario or funnel.
You'll then be able to find, upload and share all of your digital assets from the cloud, which is great if your staff work from remote offices or different locations. Look to Curata's compendium of tools for inspiration – it's the most comprehensive list of content marketing tools I've ever seen! In the process if you thought that it is indeed a challenging and herculean task to come up with the best of affiliate marketing tools then you are wrong. Besides providing detailed keyword analysis, Google keyword  tool gives the best reason for earning whopping sum of money from affiliate marketing as well. It is a child’s play to use the tool as all you have to do is to plug in specific and to the point information about the market and you will be provided with the score by the software after looking at various indicators. Therefore, the need of the hour is to get in touch with the keyword which potentially being the highest paying keyword will naturally help you towards earning manifolds. Even a newbie has the potential of earning lots of money since no special skills are required to use them and therefore any one can use them to the fullest.
YouTube or Pinterest is like a super model compared to the dowdy and buttoned up email dingleberry. It becomes essential whenever you are pursuing numerous leads for marketing your brands and products.
It comes with convenient features that assist everyone who want to earn money from email marketing and AWeber is often the email marketing platform of choice.
Do you even use email marketing or have you only focused on social media such as Facebook and Twitter?
It also includes dozens of tips to create contagious content that begs to be shared and tempts people to link to your website and blog. Super friendly and offer a lot of free feature the others charge for, like survey, social media posting, and image hosting. This of course is very subjective – but I find CM to be the most intuitive tool I have tried, letting you focus on the content and effectiveness of the emails rather than the technical aspects of setting it up and creating the emails. The function I’m looking for is that when someone has signed up, they will automatically receive a sequence of emails with tutorials number 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on, with say one week in between. With an agency option, users can also manage multiple brands’ social media from one dashboard. The suggestions can include; reviewing the length of posts, asking more questions and trying Promoted Page Ads to attract more likes. SessionCam also has a funnels, form analytics and field drop-off feature to show you where your visitors are entering and exiting your website, and highlights any particular drop-off points on online forms. ClickTale also has an advanced ‘Form Analytics’ feature that produces a number of reports such as; the conversion report which shows how many visitors found the form, tried but failed to submit it and those who successfully submitted it, the drop report which shows which fields were the last ones to be completed before the form was abandoned, the Time Report, the Blank Field Report and the Refill Report. When you find something that's working, you can point all of your traffic to that variation immediately.
For social media management, we’ve been using for some time now and we’re quite pleased with the results. If the score is better, then it signals that you are near to get success within the niche which is offered. Therefore, thanks to this affiliate marketing tool you are going to ease yourself in getting to know the niche market along with cornering down the highest paying keywords for the niche which is selected.
All these affiliate marketing tools are totally safe and will lead towards a life of dignity, jubilation and respect as well. Coming from the corporate world of DHL Express with enterprise solutions to now just recently starting my own business ( I can finally use a tool that is easy to use rather than cater to the complexities of global account setups etc.
The most important thing is that it saves us time and makes things a lot clearer for us and our clients. I use Campaign Monitor for all my customers – creating customized accounts and templates in a matter of minutes.

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