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A couple weeks ago, Ryo wrote an article called “Startups Need Role Models Too” – here are the tools we used in this blog post to get some feedback from other startups on how to streamline our sales process to hit a goal of 20MM in annual run rate.
For example in November, I committed 50k to Tim (our CEO) but with 37 web-to-lead inquiries given to me, I was able to get 36 leads to show up to an appointment, which helped me close 21 accounts in 30 days. 1) Olark is an effective way to talk to your customers for sales and support in real-time on your site. If the web visitor doesn’t fill out a form, they usually send a quick question with Olark’s chat box. 2) Hubspot is an inbound marketing software platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.
3) Mailchimp is an easy and effective way to send better email newsletters to your customers.
Since we never use our blog to advertise ourselves or announce new features (because we believe our readers want to learn more than hear our news), we use Mailchimp to send out our new feature releases, promotions, and our blog posts we write.
4) Rapportive is a Gmail plugin to vet who you’re communicating with and if they are a decision maker you need to close.
Ever wonder when a lead comes in if they are just a random person in a company doing research or an actual decision maker? 5) Boomerang is a Gmail plugin to manage your email responses and remind you when to answer. When I open my gmail, I would typically have around 50 unread messages ranging from inquiries to leads belonging in all of the above ‘opportunity stages.’  My inbox can get overwhelming rather quickly and that is why I use multiple tools to nurture leads. 6) Cirrus Insight helps you keep Salesforce in sync with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts. When a lead completes a form on our website or emails us directly, we create an account on Cirrus Insight and convert the lead into an ‘opportunity.’ I use this add-on as much as I use Gmail. Salesforce help me keep track of all my leads, where they are in the decision making process, and help me generate reports on performance metrics.
Salesforce will also give management valuable insights to the type of employees in your company. My Salesforce calendar is synchronized with Cirrus Insight, which is connected to my Google Calendar.
Once I set an appointment, my go to screen sharing app is because it is easy to send and pretty to look at. 10) Stripe is a company that provides a way for individuals and businesses to accept payments over the Internet. 11) Zapier enables you to automate tasks between other online services (services like Salesforce, Basecamp, Gmail, Mailchimp, Olark, Hubspot and Stripe). I use this tool to synchronize Stripe with Salesforce so our self serve clients are also in our Salesforce database to keep track of all our customers. Trello is our drawing board, our to-do list; the board that keeps us accountable and innovative.
Tint uses intercom for “Churn, Retention and Re-Engaging Customers.”  One of our current challenges is to increase our monthly recurring revenue.

We still consider ourselves underdogs in our industry, but I strongly believe that our success is because we have flipped the sales funnel.
The words Sales Tools in a green metal toolbox to illustrate selling techniques, methods, schemes, plans or processes. If you haven’t already accessed the latest sales tools available in our broker portal, now is the time to do so! Reference Guide – This robust booklet was created to support you during every step of the sales process. Financial Wellness Flyer – The flyer covers the pitfalls of traditional credit and the ways or program fills the gap for employees with limited financing options. Access the broker educational portal now and take a quick look so you are familiar with these exciting new tools. About UsWe are the leading specialty e-retailer offering consumer products, vacations and online education services through an easy and convenient payment plan. Clarity in communicating your offering and a clear focus on your ideal client is vitally important, but how do you close the sale when you getting so close…? We kick off with our meeting in Hale reviewing the issues we have with ‘selling’ and investigating solutions and strategies to improve our chances of closing sales more effectively and winning more business! We’ll continue in more detail over the following weeks in CHORLTON and Northwich uncovering the issues that stop us from closing sales and devise practical solutions to improve our chances of winning business from now onwards!
This entry was posted in Busy Bee Marketing Consultation, Marketing Tips, Networking by Caroline Evers. AnalysisPlace helps corporations and entrepreneurs communicate their value proposition clearly and effectively to their business clients. But how does a busy B2B sales person sort through the tools that are out there without wasting valuable time?
There are 10 categories and you can download the free eBook here (no registration required J).
Anyone that has taken the time to provide a quality eBook understands the time commitment these two made to help us all.
Because we focus so much on customer happiness, our web visitor will instantly get connected to our CEO, Tim Sae Koo.
It’s super easy to import your email lists, set up a template for your email campaign, and time your send outs by bulk or time zone. Rapportive is your key to determining who you’re speaking with and the kind of actions you need to take. Whether it’s to set an appointment, to send a summary & proposal, to follow up with a lead, or to set an automatic reminder… it is easy to set up with only 2-3 clicks all within my Gmail. Salesforce is important because it will streamline all the information gathered about an account and a lead from beginning to end.
I also have my Gcal set up with text notifications to give me real time reminders on appointments. Zapier has  hundreds of other recipes you can create that will make your life easier and save you time from connecting apps together (like send all Gmail emails into Evernote automatically).

It’s great to use at in-person meetings with your prospects as well as to share electronically. We will analyse the problems and come up with solutions and hopefully each person will discover a few good techniques they can put into practice immediately and start winning more business! Our customer engagement tools allow them to deliver personalized information to prospects, including customer-specific presentations and sales collateral, individualized ROI and total cost of ownership analyses, optimized solution designs and winning proposals.
Without realizing it we have gradually adopted more and more sales tools that help us improve efficiency and results. The email newsletters we send out is a great way to ensure that our customers know we are still working hard for them and communicating with them in mass what we’re up to. Not to mention managing (full or partial) refunds, recurring subscriptions, and custom payments.
Intercom makes this SUPER easy by allowing us to communicate with our customers when they are in the Tint app.
Today, I believe that our customers are our biggest fans and that encouraging a strong relationship and genuinely caring for them will be our most important lead generation tool. Whatever small business owners tell us, ‘Selling’ is often near the top of the list! This is an average key performance metric for Tim and I, and we are now strategically working to scale it. We will also segment lists by what plans our customers are so we can send out targeted promotions to them or get them back onto our site to see new developments we’ve released. After installation, all you need to do is hover over the email address that emailed you and the sidebar of your Gmail will show you the full name, location, title, and social networks from the person you’re speaking with. This is smart because this is when they are focused on our app and willing to chat with us. Many woman business owners I come into contact with, find it particularly challenging BUT closing sales and winning business simply has to be done!
We are still learning to use Intercom effectively to create strong relationships with visitors and customers alike through automated messaging to scale our touchpoint communications.
The tools I’ve listed above help us treat our customers with undivided attention and we will continue to give excellent service to reach that $20MM goal! This is where you can put sales goals on individual cards so your team knows what you are aiming for and can give you feedback on your steps. If more than 12 hours pass and we still haven’t responded to an inquiry, then the lead loses interest. Time kills deals and Olark is a great solution to nurture your leads, in real time, and let them know that they are very important.

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