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In today’s entertainment centric world, everybody is involved in taking pictures, making videos and lots of other graphics related stuff in their profession as well as daily life. Avidemux is a free Linux based video editor designed to perform basic video editing tasks such as cutting, filtering and encoding. A neat tool for Linux, Cinerrla allows users creation and editing of videos, presentations and other moving graphics content with the utmost ease using its friendly UI. For those who aren’t easy with big proprietary software like Photoshop, Corel and other graphics tools, CinePaint is a one shop stop for their editing needs.
Re-invented to the web as the Cinefx project, jahshaka is aimed for professionals who want to get high end visuals and premium video editing at no cost for their organization or work needs. Kino provides users with easy and reliable digital video editing on videos of various export and import format using a user friendly interface. LiVES is a video editing tool for Linux with an additional functionality to perform as a Video Jockey software as well for Linux operating system. Have you ever used popular desktop recording software on Microsoft Windows like the famous ‘Demo Builder’? Not truly a video editing software, but Slideshow Creator helps you transform your static content i.e. One of the friendliest tools for video editing and DVD making is Vivia and is available for both Linux and Microsoft Windows.
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So named because of their glowing yellow eyes, vampire crabs have become popular pets, but the origin of some of these spooky-looking crustaceans had previously been cloaked in mystery, according to a March study.
A snake remarkably escaped from a larger snake that swallowed it whole on the Greek island of Corfu, revealed by photographs published in January but taken in 2011. A mysterious deep-sea creature called an oarfish washed ashore on Catalina Island, California, on June 1. In March, scientists identified three new species of peacock spiders in eastern Australia, two of which got amusing nicknames of Skeletorus and Sparklemuffin (pictured). Some photo editors kept top positions since the Best Photo Software list of 2011 was published. This year Photo Software & Design Blog compared over 30 free photo editing websites and software programs one by one. These photo editors edit photos, create collages, add awesome photo effects, remove skin imperfections, rotate, flip, crop, cut your images, merge and compile pics, create wonderful frames, convert your photos into stylish black and white images and do much more cool things to improve your photographs. If you’re keen to get into the HTML5 mix, then you will also be interested in the HTML5 editors for crafting websites and web apps. Aptana Studio 3: This HTML5 editor is considered as an open source development tool that stands for open web development. BlueGriffon: It is reflected as the next generation HTML5 WebEditor, a fresh new WYSIWYG content editor for WWW. Aloha Editor: It is the most progressive browser HTML5 based WYSIWYG editor offering the users a great experience. Mercury: It is a authorized WYSIWYG editor that involves distinct features for excellent user experience. Dreamweaver CS5: This editor is very much popular in its industry, and as a code mangler, its primary reputation has progressed hugely since quite many years.
So we’re back from the Miami Boat show, with card-loads of photographs and pages and pages of notes. And while we’re on the subject of audacity, how about this new form-fitting wine-glass holder from Accon Marine? First a lime green Hydra-Sports, now a hot orange Dusky, what’s the fishing world coming to? Boat builders have finally realized that belowdecks and bilge access is a major selling point, especially to potential customers who’ve fought their way into tight compartments over the years. Dual steps in a 26-foot bayboat from Glasstream, a smaller builder in Panama City, Florida. Lots of marine safety gear on display at this year’s show, including this life raft, from Viking. With fuel tanks corroding over time, and Lord-knows-what-all-kinds of kinks from ethanol, ever wonder why boat builders don’t just make tanks easily replaceable? Speaking of molded fishing gear, Hobie again had a sizable fleet of its rotomolded polyethylene kayaks and fishing boats, such as this pedal- or paddle-powered Pro Angler with a standing rail.

DeepTrekker submersible Remote Operated Vehicle was among the most intriguing things I saw at the show.
Something of a sign of the times: Amazing how many center consoles we’d once called “large,” such as this 24-footer from Boston Whaler, are now basically dingies for larger boats. PS: Worse comes to worst, the new Icom M506 VHF radio with built-in GPS, DSC and AIS is flat-out waterproof. It supports multiple video formats such as the popular AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4 and ASF, using a variety of codecs.
The program is extremely light on system resources so can be used to perform big editing tasks.
It provides scores of features which help user not only create content but to edit it at your will. It not only supports making and editing videos but also has feature-set suitable for use by Video Jockeys (VJs) around the world. Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into high quality DVD slide show which can bbe run on any media player across Linux and Windows. It has a unique Multi-cam editing mode which allows editing of multiple scenes recorded using different cameras simultaneously and can add multiple movies in a single project.
It has numerous video editing features such as cutting, copy-paste, split pasting and graining which help users edit their videos completely under control.
In March, researchers announced they'd traced the freshwater crab, as well as a related species, back to its wild source in Southeast Asia. Although oarfish were likely the source of many historic tales of sea serpents and monsters, they are not dangerous to people. And now we are willing to show the complete list of best free photo editors of 2012 in our review. Needless to say, it can do everything from simple image resizing, collages and deleting unnecessary objects to advanced image editing manipulations, including photo mosaics and image overlaying. This photo editor is notable for the huge number of photo frames it offers for your digital photos. It’s not an easy online photo editor website with colorful texts, funny add-ons, and bright filters. Don’t forget to check best photo editing tutorials and how-to guides collection of 2012 that we’ll publish soon.
It is a created HTML application and hence administers in the browser sans extra downloads or plugins.
It can support HTML5 easily, and the users can also craft CSS menus utilizing CSS tab designer with the help of Dreamweaver. Dusky, based in Dania Beach, FL, continues to build durable, customizable fishing vessels with same level of individualized care that’s kept them in the biz since 1966.
Featured boat in this frame is the brand-new 24 Sport, with a completely-new hull built for near-coastal and inshore work, outfitted with family-friendly touches such as forward and rear seating, and optional head inside the console. The two rods are 8 and 9 feet, respectively, and the actions are built for casting heavy surface irons to tunas, Pacific yellowtail and other bluewater predators. This little boat from Bonefish Boats, a Florida Gulf Coast team, has a flip-up forward casting deck that reveals a poly tank underneath it. That’s a 4,200-lumen Pro-Xtreme LED assembly, designed for below-water installations, and available in 3 colors or strobe model.
Here’s a Ranger bass and bay skiff with integrated SeaDek—grippy, soft on your feet, easy to clean, and perhaps most importantly, quiet. This boat is under autopilot, courtesy of the new Raymarine Evolution EV200 ($1,800) system with HydroBalance. There are several tools available for video editing in Microsoft Windows operating system platform, and everyone thinks Linux lacks video editors.
The great thing about Avidemux is that it is available not only Linux but for Windows and Mac OS X as well. It has real-time preview that renders changes on your web browser on the fly as you make them.
If you want to fine-tune your skills, follow our detailed guides: Create Photo Mosaics and Overlay Two Pictures in PhotoScape. Install PhotoMania Facebook app and start editing photos directly in your Facebook photo albums. It shoots photos with your webcam, edits them on the fly and posts them to Facebook albums. However, with newly released Paint 2012 on Windows 7 or 8 you can try lots of photo editing tricks: rotate, flip, enlarge image, add more space, squeeze or join several images into one picture.
Aptana gives support to the specifications of most modern browser technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, PHP, Rails, Ruby, and Python.

The free to downloading content editor BlueGriffon is accessible for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. It lets you to edit the contents such as tickers, sliders, accordions, or image descriptions in slideshows. Mercury utilizes HTML5 content editable aspects on the block system, and also exhibits a particular toolbar for each section on the page. A lot of this stuff we’re going to feature in Florida Sportsman and Best Boat magazines in the coming months, but for some digital fun, immediate gratification, here’s a quick scan of 25 random but very interesting highlights. Audacity and flash, and here it is, the award going to Hydra-Sports Custom, with matching, lime-green Camaro, 23 Bay Bolt and 42-foot CC. Yes, it’s tricked out for fishing, too, with 26-gallon livewell, fish boxes and undergunnel rod racks. Note access to the livewell fittings, as well as fuel-water separators, seacocks and other components. The wraps allow the angler to install any C-clamp reel (such as an Avet, Trinidad or other high-speeder) where he likes, for optimal balance and casting comfort. And yet her team of young builders demonstrated clear talent and know-how, putting together an innovative, high-freeboard skiff with easy-access bilge, ergonomically sound console and nice glasswork. Stainless steel or poly bezels are available, and mounting requires little more than a tiny thru-hole for the cable, and even tinier surficial holes for the anchor screws. This feature corrects for the wiggly lines that sometimes result from minor inconsistencies in the hydraulic-steering systems on outboard vessels. Today we’ll clear this misconception and present to you ten of the best video editors available for Ubuntu and other flavors of Linux. Its features cover JavaScript Code assists, HTML, GIF incorporation, IDE Customization, operation wizard, and incorporated debugger. It can also help in crafting and editing all the kinds of HTML5 as well as HTML5 documents. Popular as World’s primary full featured editor, Aloha Editor lets you to edit the vibrant content livelier and perfectly in place.
It even provides support to all the latest browsers including Google Chrome, FireFox, and Safari. You can easily learn HTML5 and CSS3 through Rendera, and it is developed with Sinatra and CoffeeScript. Though not a low-priced product, but Dreamweaver can be helpful and adaptable tool worth its buying price in your toolbox.
We usually expect this kind of dazzle at the racing boats displays, but this year, it’s fishing boats. Creators of this powerful web app made it even faster, more customizable and funky to use after the summer update!
Quite many HTML editors serve with not only HTML but also with related languages such as CSS, JavaScript, XML, or ECMAScript. The users can easily produce Webpages and also craft fine Users interface for amending their data.
With the help of Rendeara, you can test their JavaScript codes, and can even expereiment with jQuery tools and plugins, and jquery UI. The aluminum butt shifts from straight to bent configuration with the press of a lock button. It has support for shortcut keys for tags, classes, and margins to reduce the amount of typing you need to do.
This editor is ideal for beginning designers focused on simple tasks and designs.CSSEditCSSEdit stands in the middle between sophisticated web development editors and basic ones.
It will also help you steer clear of CSS syntax errors with its Code-sense feature.SnapCSSSnapCSS is a windows-only CSS editor that is extremely lightweight, featuring a super simple text-editor interface.
It has a beautify code function that automatically formats and standardizes your CSS.SimpleCSSSimpleCSS is a Mac OS application for easily creating stylesheets from scratch. It has an import feature which allows you to pool together several stylesheets into one file. You should also have noted that it also has the real-time preview and point-and-click interface that you mentioned for Stylizer, which I am about to go and try out.
Hopefully they add webkit browser support and more robust CSS3 stuff in the future.You should also check out Flux for the mac made by the escapers. It’s visual WYSIWYG drag and drop CSS design along with a traditional CSS editor and IMO has some potential.

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