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In order to find inspiration for creating innovative and graphical landing pages, I trawled hundreds of pages on the web. At times, the best landing pages come from smaller sites created by individuals who are in the business. This is one of the most helpful pages for graphic designers trying to create professional designs without blunting the edge of their creativity. The clear images, the clickable icons and the prominent call-to-actions highlight the marriage of form with functionality. As the above examples show, it is possible to create original and attractive landing pages without breaking any rules.
Opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of Onextrapixel. Ryan Benson works for PLAVEB, a web design and mobile application development company in Los Angeles. Join the community and stay updated with useful design and development resources and materials for FREE. If you’re creating an iPhone app, keep in mind that a big part of your job – if you want it to be successful – is to also promote it. This is obviously easier said than done, so we’ve brought together a showcase of remarkably beautiful, useful and captivating iPhone app landing pages that all do a great job of encouraging visitor’s to go on and download the app. Have you found any examples of interesting, creative and beautifully designed iPhone app landing pages?
I am a 29 year old Web Developer, Designer, and Programmer (front & backend) in Lynchburg, VA.
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They are the entry points for valuable visitors, and every business wants pages that can funnel users in the right direction. After all, the structure of the page was driven by the different elements that had to be accommodated.
When you look at those images growing on the page, you want to buy flowers, even if you do not need to. The top part of the page sucks all the attention from the reader and makes him want to discover more of the page.
The lower end of the page is well-designed, but it is not too different from conventional landing pages. What I loved about this page is the how the designer has used graphics to convey complex ideas simply and speedily. Stick to the best practices for creating effective landing pages, but add something fun to the page and let it the be central element of your design.

He loves using his skills to transform rough web designing concepts into high-performance websites.
We strive to share the best web resources with the community but we are not affiliated to any other agency or company.
If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. You can’t rely on being featured in the App Store or suddenly going viral – you need to actively do your best to get the word out there first.
They’re used to thoughtfully crafted hardware, and many pre-installed apps built by Apple on the iPhone have had a lot of care and attention go into the design.
In his spare time he studies graphic and web design and is learning to code his own iOS apps.
We typically do not focus on any 1 thing more than another, we mainly focus on providing the best info in all possible categories, to keep your skills well rounded - and also we provide some humor, tech news, and geeky stuff from time to time. It is nice to be noticed, and we appreciate all the press that we get, here are just a few places you may have seen us before.
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The wireframe I created for the page looked too much like an infographic – it served its purpose, but there wasn't anything special or creative about it. The prominent call-to-action section and the clearly visible brief usage guide underneath make the task seem simple and welcoming. It is a very simple page, but its understated graphics and content would impress the target audience. But the simple presence of the bear – an image which matches the name of the website – adds a fun feeling to the whole design.
The graphics on the top of the page symbolize movement and naturally grab the attention of users. But the graphics at the top of the page create a very positive vibe and a feeling of success – which is exactly what the company promises. Colors that are generally not placed side by side have been combined to create an edgy feel. The design for this page settles the question by placing a smartphone in the hand of guy who is exploring outdoors. One thing that can help you on your way to success is having a compelling marketing page that promotes the features and benefits of your app and encourages visitors to download.
Because iOS users often have a good eye for design, your iPhone app landing page can also benefit from being aesthetically pleasing and beautifully crafted. This is where I share my ideas, experiments, experience and tips in the Industry (and whatever nerdy things I come across).

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As a graphic designer working on a corporate landing page, I felt a trifle stifled at first. The main elements of the page are not highlighted – they are placed at the bottom of the page, unobtrusively.
Note the upbeat colors, absence of edges and images of doctor and stethoscope that make it easier for users to trust this website. This is the kind of page that can look forbidding, but the simplicity of the design and the friendliness of the bear make it appear joyful.
As you scroll down the page, you come across some superb designs that are informative as well as attractive.
This page doesn't have the most polished look, but it is bubbling with an irrepressible charm and looks intriguing at the first glance.
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But the single image is so intriguing that users will want to click on the link to find out more. And the pages tell you how you can do that – by contacting him on different social networking sites. Basically anything & everything that would appeal to someone living the creative geek lifestyle. In addition, our Nomex flight jackets feature a fire-resistant and made to current military specifications.
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