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A farmer’s work is never done – between doing chores, checking crops, and spending time with your family there’s hardly a minute to spare for sitting down at a computer to check in on new technology.  But, if you have a cell phone that connects to the internet, often called a feature phone or a smart phone, there are a number of great (and affordable) web applications to help you get through your day with more time to spare for your family!  Here is a list of the top ten. SoilWeb – GPS based soil search application that accesses USDA-NCRS soil categories based on your present location.  Information about soil chemical and physical properties, suitability for various uses and crops, delivered right to your phone or iPod right while you are looking at your field and that persistent problem spot. Pandora Radio – Out in the greenhouse and humming the same old song all day long?  Not anymore!  With Pandora’s free radio application you can enter a favorite song or style and download streaming music right to your smart phone.  Minimal ads.  Makes a long day go by much faster! Vegetable Gardening Guide – Trying a new crop but not sure if your direct market customers will know how to incorporate it into their meals?  The Vegetable Gardening Guide contains planting and spacing information, reviews varieties, and includes recipe suggestions.  Very basic intro to gardening, but useful if you’re interested in planting out new varieties of vegetables and sharing recipes at market. The Cornell Small Farms Program is a part of Cornell Cooperative Extension and is based at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. One of the most practical uses of gamification is in helping people boost their productivity and manageably transform their challenging goals into reality. Through enjoying the overall experience of working towards your ambitious goals, we can transform activities that we normally resent into positive new habits which give us a greater sense of control over the direction of our lives.
Here are the top ten apps that could potentially change your productivity, health, and financial habits for the better.
Instead of conventionally crossing off items, the app uses Core Drive #4, Ownership & Possession by designing it so that users accumulate experience points as they complete tasks. Habit RPG has compelling multiplayer capabilities which utilize Core Drive #5, Social Influence & Relatedness.
Super Better includes rewards and quests where players unlock new challenges on their path to health and well-being. There is also your own personal, “Secret Lab” where you can track your progress and brainstorm ways to do better (this is a fun example of Core Drive #3, Empowerment of Creativity & Feedback). Also, with the help of Allies (other players) Super Better provides a social support system that creates a system of accountability as well as motivation to stay on track. Another option for keeping you on track with your tasks is the productivity app known as To-Doist Karma. With the paper and pen method of creating to-do lists, you normally discard it when you are done.
Epic Win is also similar to Habit RPG but simple mechanics like checking off completed items, becomes an exciting experience with a dose of wow-factor.
One interesting feature is being able to assign attributes to each task, in terms of the types of abilities that are required. For those who enjoy more intensely entertaining game environments characterized by high quality graphics and sound effects, Epic Win may be a great app choice for tracking productivity and to-dos. Task Hammer is another productivity app that lets you experience To-Dos as a Role Playing Game. Like Epic Win, you are able to establish certain attributes to each task such as strength and charisma. The choice to use Task Hammer over other productivity apps would depend largely on how well the features are suited to a particular context. Doable is another app that offers a much more fun and engaging way to get things done and track your progress. When multiple people are responsible for different chores, this reluctance can create friction and frustration (think of every roommate situation ever). Experience points are awarded for completed chores which helps the player level up over time. The features of Life Game help users identify certain emotional triggers that repeat themselves and cause feelings of being stuck. Another app in their suite is Juice which helps users understand how their energy levels are tied to the things they do, eat, and experience. For certain people, this type of insight can help them overcome emotional barriers to greater personal achievement and fulfillment by identifying the various convergences that shape our negative and positive habits. Fitocracy is an excellent personal productivity app for the workaholics who have mastered task completion, but leave little time for exercising and staying in shape. Fitocracy allows you to log your workouts and celebrate when you have completed certain challenges. The idea is to pay yourself first in order to save for bigger and better things that bring you fulfillment and joy. Smarty Pig can be thought of as an online piggy bank that automatically withdraws funds from a specified account. The thrill of using Smarty Pig is that it helps the average person save up for the things they want within a shorter amount of time, turning mere dreams into reality. When goals are completed and it comes time to redeem funds, Smarty Pig issues cash rewards or gift cards. Procrastination is a vicious cycle that stems from our tendency to run towards pleasure and avoid pain.
TweetEmailEfficiently managing your employees and keeping them focused and on task can be hard work.

Solar Accounts is a simple, easy to use accounting software for small businesses or self employed individuals.
You can get Solar Accounts for free for a 60 day trial period but after that you have to pay a one-time fee of ?124.99 to continue using it.
Toggl is a helpful time-tracking app that supports live tracking or the time sheet approach, depending on how you run your business. GoToMeeting is a tool that enables you to host an online conference for up to 15 people at a time. SageOne Accounts is online accounting software like Solar Accounts but you don’t have to download anything. NetSuite is a business management software that’s been around for a while, hence some of its features are a little dated. Mozy is an online backup service that allows you to keep all your files safe even if your office explodes. Vyew is an online collaboration program that lets you work together with colleagues all over the world in real time.
Vyew is totally free for up to 10 live participants, but if you register for $9.95 a month you get rid of the adverts and you also get a host of additional features such as VoIP and multiple meetings.
Author Bio: The article is written by Louis Austen, who is 19 year old British male, based in London. I hope this list was helpful to you when choosing business management apps to help you with your business.
Always looking for fun, Zack is always out and about, travelling up and down the country for festivals or to check out the nightlife both locally and far afield.
We at the Cornell Small Farms Program thought it was about time that we start sharing the latest technology farmers are using, be it newest innovations in farm equipment, record keeping software, or social networking and communication tools such as facebook and twitter.
Some farmers use smartphones to check the weather forecast or research soil maps among many other applications. Please share with us your ideas once you take a look at our curated list of productivity apps below.
Users can actually receive social feedback from other players, helping users stay on track through personalized motivation and feedback.
Super Better, an app designed by gamification expert, Jane McGonigal, aims to help people conquer bad habits and make the process less painful.
User stats are provided to motivate consistency, ensuring the Core Drive #2, (Development & Accomplishment) continues to compel the user to reach her goals. Just like with Habit RPG,  too many incomplete tasks generates negative points (or karma in this app). This type of feedback can motivate players to stay in peak performance mode or to reflect on why their productivity tends to slip ( a nice combo of Core Drive #2 and Core Drive # 8, Loss & Avoidance).
Game mechanics are relatively minimal but this tool can be a helpful companion for deadline-driven situations. There are many more things we’d rather be doing than doing the dishes, taking out the trash, or cleaning out your fridge. For example, Life Game is designed to help people keep track of their moods to lead a more well-rounded life which balances personal efficiency with other areas.
By being aware of patterns, one can approach certain situations with a fresh perspective and break free from previously limiting emotional cycles. Burnout is very real and costly to those to who are interested in achieving ever higher levels for their lives. The ideals of starting an exercise program, staying consistent and becoming fit actually becomes a game.
It combines a powerful project management tool with functional sales and CRM tools, plus a superb personalized support service that empowers your support staff.
All your documents, spreadsheets, presentations and reports can be uploaded from your desktop within minutes and viewed and edited by the members of your team. This is completely free of charge and gives you access to all of Google’s other services like Gmail, Google Talk etc.
It features double-entry bookkeeping, transaction history, customizable invoices and instant access to your financial records. You can quickly and easily find when people are free and then schedule a meeting or appointment that is convenient for everyone.
Designed for large or small teams, Toggl lets you assign different rates to each team member or each product or client.
Using this app you can share your screen with all the attendees, hand over keyboard control to another attendee, and change who’s screen is being shared. With SageOne Accounts you can view an instant snapshot of your businesses performance, automatically keep on top of VAT and keep all your customers and suppliers in one place. With NetSuite you can manage your businesses finances, customer relations and eCommerce from one program.

You can select the files you want backed up and Mozy will archive them either in bulk as you sleep, or in real-time as the files are modified. Vyew gives you a simple whiteboard where you can share ideas, upload documents for discussion or even share your desktop. But if your dad has an iPhone, we've got you covered with our guide to the perfect apps for fathers of all ages. The picture to the left is a screen shot of the popular biking app ‘B.iCycle’ which is arguably the top bike app out there on the market today. My Tracks lets you record and share your GPS tracks and allows you to share statistics also.
What better way to challenge yourself to new heights than through using gamified productivity apps? Writing to-do lists is the common advice given when we feel overwhelmed by the things we have to do. There are also different player rankings that can be achieved: beginner, expert and enlightened.
This personal productivity app turns housework into an actual Multiplayer Role Playing Game, utilizing Core Drive #5, Social Influence & Relatedness to compel players to engage as a team. Many areas of our lives are interconnected and therefore, points and leveling up may not be sufficient for helping certain people feel fulfilled with their accomplishments (our mind consistently weighs the pros and cons of every action). The game is presented as a tree with branches that represent areas like self care, health, family and finances.
With support for mobiles and multiple languages, Toggl is invaluable for businesses that want to keep track of every minute. Your information is kept secure with military-grade encryption and strict security policies.
His fashion sense may be irredeemable, but teeing off with GolfCard can up the cool factor a bit. B.iCycle gives users accurate values for their current speed, average speed, maximum speed, total distance, trip distance, current altitude, climbed altitude, burned calories as well as the trip duration. My Tracks can also be used whilst jogging and hiking as well as biking, it will use the GPS sensor in your Smartphone to record your path history.
This is no easy feat as we often develop enormous amounts of inner resistance to these seemingly small tasks. But they are not very inspiring and people still moan and groan when it comes to following through on striking things of their list. But these productivity apps can be immensely useful for overcoming inner barriers to achieving the things we want more easily. Many of the 8 core drives from the octalysis framework can be found there in one way or the other.
Maybe that’s true for a portion of users but what is the reality of it in the long run and for most people?
You can create milestones to give your employees something to work towards, move tasks between projects with a few clicks and your employees can log time worked on each specific task.
Google Docs is invaluable for businesses who need to share their documents instantly between employees, clients and suppliers. This app keeps track of scores and analyzes trends in a player's game by comparing it to previous rounds. With so many more features these apps are extremely handy for people that wish to push themselves to the limit; giving you endless accurate and useful feedback after every bike ride!
Once again it will record all the vital information that you require such as time, speed, distance and elevation.
Forcing ourselves to go on morning runs or to the gym can feel like we are engaging in an uphill battle against ourselves. Give them a try and maybe even share your experiences and ideas in the comment field below.
My Tracks allows you to view all your data live or you can opt to save it and view it at a later time. But with the Fitocracy community of users, this does not have to be the case thanks to the power of Core Drive #5, Social Influence & Relatedness. You can also mark relevant waypoints and select the option to hear automatic voice updates about your progress.

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