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Ronaldinho learned this the hard way when he recently lost his $700,000 per year Coke sponsorship because he appeared at a press conference while surrounded by Pepsi cans. But if Coke offered me close to a million bucks to promote their brand, I’d tattoo their logo to my forehead, ok? Not that he’s the first guy to get caught cheating on camera (cue the tape after the jump).
Benni McCarthy: The only thing you need to know about Benni is that he was omitted from the South African World Cup team two years ago for being overweight. With the amount of attention that is given to the European soccer leagues, people tend to forget about the country with the most World Cups. There was a very interesting moment that occurred during a training session before the big game against Real Potosi. Ronaldinho, who was recently recalled to the Brazilian national team and is second in the Brasileirao Serie A in goals scored (12 in 18 matches), hit a corner kick that snuck into the goal. Flamengo forward Ronaldinho has been recalled to the Brazil squad for next month’s friendly against Ghana at Craven Cottage after a nine-month absence.
Not to be outdone by Neymar, fellow Brazilian Ronaldinho netted three goals for a hat trick vs. In Flamengo’s win over Vasco da Gama on penalties to take the Carioca championship on Sunday, Ronaldinho pulled off an incredible through-the-legs tackle.
This FM 2013 Player Profile of Toni Kroos shows one of the top draw technical talents FM13 has to offer. Kroos has amazing at shooting form range, he has more creativity than most and enjoys the widest passing range accessible in the game.

Eric Weddle, San Diego Chargers (FS): 96 OVR, 84 SPD, 83 TAK, 77 Hit Power, 94 PREC, 66 Man Coverage, 91 Zone Coverage.
Earl Thomas III, Seattle Seahawks (FS): 95 OVR, 96 Zone Coverage, 90 SPD, 75 TAK, 72 Hit Power, 83 Play Recognition, 83 Man Coverage.
Earl Thomas III is a very alert safety with excellent play recognition, coverage, and speed abilities. Kam Chancellor (SS), Seattle Seahawks: 94 OVR, 97 Hit Power, 83 SPD, 85 TAK, 77 Play Recognition, 64 Man Coverage, 83 Zone Coverage. Devin McCourty (FS), New England Patriots: 94 OVR, 96 Zone Coverage, 87 Man Coverage, 87 Play Recognition, 90 SPD. Harrison Smith (FS), Minnesota Vikings: 93 OVR, 86 SPD, 85 Play Recognition, 75 Man Coverage, 92 Zone Coverage, 92 Hit Power. If you’re going to steal someone’s swag you have to do it right, and this young man (I’m told his name is Ken Tokura) did it right.
Secondly, the Balotelli flex requires that you have something to flex – can you imagine Ronaldinho scoring and ripping off his shirt … somebody might get hurt! Brazil is currently in the middle of their Copa Libertadores Tournament and Ronaldinho’s team is right in the thick of things. Ronaldinho played a 1-2 with a teammate in the air before chesting the ball down again and sticking a brilliant bicycle kick into the back of the net.
Ronaldinho is refocused and has his old magic back, but as happy as I am to see Ronaldinho refocused, lets call a spade, a spade.
He took the ball off an opponent by kicking the ball through his opponents’ legs and over himself.

In the contender section, Ronaldinho was put in at number 14, which raises some serious questions about your judgment ladies. Starting the game with such high attributes means this German will walk into any side, so reaching that full potential is a breeze bar major injury concerns. A true team player and the perfect MC, just a shame the asking price hits ?26 million, but he still deserves a 9 out of 10 for me. Really improving for me, hopefully will be getting an international call up sooner rather than later…. His uniform fits like it came from the athletic section of Baby Gap, and it’s partially the bright South African colors, but every time I see him “Somewhere over the Rainbow” plays in my head.
His club Flamengo needed a decisive win last night against Real Potosi in order to secure their spot in the group stages.
San Francisco pitcher Tim Lincecum just lost 20 plus pounds and Charles Barkley is dropping LBs like a Bulimic. The Avai goalie Felipe could have easily saved that, but had a very poor read on the ball as it bent in.
Oh, and Ronaldinho, don’t strike a pose like your Madonna, because the goal was a fluke, and if anything it was the goalies mistake, you dork.

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