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Before getting started, you may click the link below to download either DVD Creator or DVD Creator for Mac and install it onto your computer. Launch the program and click on "Import" button under "Source" tab to locate your captured VHS movies and add them into the program.
Then you can click on "Menu" button where you can personalize the DVD movies by choosing yourself one of your favorite DVD menu styles from the various built-in templates. We are a specialist company that can convert virtually any type of media in to digital format. A Hollywood style DVD presentation with personalised printed Menu, Cover & Disc design. Video tapes deteriorate over time, but most importantly the players to view them on are no longer available for purchase and most homes have replaced their VCR with a DVD player. We can transfer to dvd from vhs tapes, betamax tape, VHS-C, S-VHS (Super VHS), 8mm & HI 8mm tape, Digital 8mm, DV or Digital Video tape and HDV tape. We can also transfer your videotape to digital video files for editing or uploading to a server site.
Personalized custom packaging availableWe can also load video content to an external hard drive, media drive, memory card or secure disc. Betamax (sometimes called Beta) is a home videocassette tape recording format developed by Sony, released on May 10, 1975.
Betacam is a family of half-inch professional videocassette products developed by Sony in 1982. U-matic is an analog recording videocassette format first shown by Sony in prototype in October 1969, and introduced to the market in September 1971. MII was a short lived production and broadcast tape format that Panasonic released in 1986.
As your tapes sit on the shelf throughout the year the film expands and contracts with temperature changes.
The Samsung Galaxy S3 brings a gorgeous 4.8-inch 720p display, quad-core processor and 8-megapixel camera, all crammed into a good-looking, impossibly slim and light casing, which is a great competitor of the hot HTC One X smart phone.
You can get this easy-to-use DVD to Galaxy S3 Converter to help you do the conversion task.
Click the a€?Settingsa€? icon and you will go into a new interface named a€?Profile Settingsa€?. Once the DVD to Galaxy S3 conversion on is done, you can find the output file for Galaxy S3 effortlessly. It isn’t the ingredient, temperature, or method of cooking that draws you to click on a fabulous dessert or entree - it’s the photo. When Sony's invitation to spend a couple of days shooting with the new a6300 in Miami arrived via email, I didn't have to think twice before sending my RSVP. FWIW, I would pass on the Elmo telecine transfer units just because of the modest resolution.
If you would like to transer your old V8 or Hi8 tapes in DV formate to computer, the best way is to get a Digital8 camcorder. Just a quick note that I saw a different piece of equipment that was touted as being better than the Goko.

Response to 8mm Film to DVD transfer (Do it yourself) - SOund SUper 8 ?If we speed up the film how will that effect super 8 sound? I worked transferring home movies to video for about 18 years, about 8 years in my own business (now out of the business). Goko never really overcame the bad rep for consumerish quality generated by these early machines.
The Tc301s and Tc302s on the other hand are typical telecine projectors with aerial imaging systems (no screen, just like the Tc20s) and they run at 20 fps (with almost no flicker and much brighter images than the TC-20s).
Elmo made very good telecine projectors but the transvideo (built in camera) units had horrible quality ccds, even for their day.
I recently started to explore this as my mother-in-law has a bunch of old Super 8mm film that she was wanting to transfer onto DVD.
Convert VHS to DVD with DVD Recorder: You can buy a DVD recorder and hook it up to your existing VHS DVD player with its supplied composite stereo cables, which are yellow, red and white.
Transfer VHS to DVD with Digital Camcorder: If you have a digital video camcorder, you can use it as an intermediary to convert your VHS tapes to a DVD format. Copy VHS to DVD with your Computer: The cheapest and easy way, assuming that you have a DVD burner in your computer would be to buy a USB video capture device that you can connect to the video out of your VCR.
Now you will need a DVD burning program to finalize the videos to DVD disc so that you can play the DVD on all standalone DVD players. We carry out Cine to DVD transfer here in our UK studio to Professionally printed and personalised Hollywood style DVDs with FREE Menu, Cover & Disc designs which can be played on an ordinary home player or computer.
There are two options for you to ledger your tapes to identify the in and out points for us. We offer free logging services at our office (call for an appointment) we'll set you up to view and ledger your unknown video.
The cassette shell and case for each Betacam cassette is colored differently depending on the format, allowing for easy visual identification.
It was among the first video formats to contain the videotape inside a cassette, as opposed to the various Reel-to-Reel or open-reel formats of the time. There are two sizes of MII tape, the larger cassette is close to a VHS tape and has a running time of up to around 90 minutes, the smaller tape is about half the size and runs around 20 minutes. And this if you want to add DVD movie to Galaxy S3, you need to rip and convert DVD movie to Samsung Galaxy S3 compatible video format. This is the best DVD ripper for Galaxy S3 that can help you to rip and convert DVD to H.264 MP4, the best format for Galaxy S3 at super fast speed with the best output. You can adjust codec, aspect ratio, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate and audio channel to optimize the output file quality. These projectors replaced the Goko Tc-20s and are far, FAR, FAAAR superior in image quality.
In order to handle super 8 sound at this speed (the chipmunk effect) you need a pitch adjusting device like a digital pitchtraq. Buy Tc301s (reg 8) or Tc302s (super 8) or regular Elmo telecine projectors (not transvideo). You'll need to hook your VCR up to your camcorder using composite video cables (the red, white and yellow cables).

Record the VHS movies and save them onto your computer, by doing this, you can convert the signal from analog to the digital format.
DVD Creator is recommended which is able to convert & burn any videos to DVD disc easily and effectively.
The format supplanted the three-quarter inch U-Matic format, which Sony had introduced in 1971. Another common problem is putting a tape into a VCR or camera that hasn't been used in a decade. Well, if you are a DVD movie fan,watching DVD movies on Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X will be really a nice choice.
This is understandable because the Tc-20s were based on a cheap revolving prism just like a low end consumer film viewer.
Speed issues aside these projectors were for me real workhorses and I was very successful for many years using them.
Attach these cables to your VCR's video out port and to the video in port on your camcorder. We also provide DVD Creator for Mac which helps you do the burning task on Mac OS X, including Snow Leopard and Lion.
Just think no more broken or out of date equipment to view your special memories, instead a simple format everyone can enjoy. If you are interested in buying a analog-digital converter to connect your Hi8 and PC, you can try Sony D8 video walkman for US$600. You can then transfer that data to a DVD by connecting your camcorder to your computer or DVD burner. From each tape we create a chapter on your DVD so you will be able to easily access each tape from the DVD menu. You project the image onto either a telecine transfer box (mirror and ground glass), or onto a white screen, and you capture the image with your digital camcorder, like with the Goko unit. This pull as the edge goes by 18 or 20 times a second can be noticed in any film viewer, and in transfers made with the Tc-20s.
Just don't let the tail end of the film go through the gate at the end of the roll as this sometimes results in bent film claws.
The machine projects the film onto a ccd cell, and the output is typical VHS quality output.
I suffered with these sh#tty machines for two years in the mid eighties before the TC 300 series replaced them.
The image in the Tc20s was also not very bright cause the light had to go through the entire prism (about 3 inches thick).
The Goko units are still supported in the US, so if repairs are needed, there is a place to send them.

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