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For the past 50 years businesses have been using conventional PBX business phones which require separate networks for voice and data communications. Sales, marketing & customer service people often utilize a CRM (customer relationship management) system for tracking contacts, interactions, appointments, opportunities, etc. PROFESSIONAL POWER, COMPETITIVE PRICE   Thinkpad L450 The Thinkpad L450 is Lenovo's lightest L Series laptop to date. The Backup and Restore centre was first introduced in Windows Vista and provides users with the ability to back up files, folders, libraries or even their complete hard drive.
This feature is particularly useful for laptops, netbooks or other portable devices which move between different networks. Windows 7 Professional can host a remote desktop session, basically allowing a remote PC to connect and take control over the host, as if you were actually sitting in front of the host PC and using it. Presentation mode is designed to temporarily alter some of the power saving and notification aspects of your normal desktop environment.
This feature allows users to install Microsoft’s Virtual PC application and then install and run a complete fully licensed version of Windows XP SP3 from within the virtual PC environment. As you can see from these explanations, the additional features present in the Professional Edition of Windows 7 are focused more on a business style or corporate workplace environment, and are not generally necessary for the average home PC user. Sony’s PlayStation 3 gaming console already doubles as a very decent Blu-ray movie player but apart from playing games, DVD movies and Blu-ray movies, the PlayTV module and accompanying software turns the PS3 into a full-function twin HD tuner personal video recorder (PVR).
One word of warning – original high-powered PS3 consoles can generate some fan noise in this mode.

TV shows and live TV are recorded onto the PS3′s hard drive in a separate partition to games data. If you don’t have a games console, Blu-ray player or PVR, picking up a PS3, PlayTV module and a remote might just give you everything in the one solution.
This entry was posted on May 14, 2010, 7:50 pm and is filed under Television, Video processing. Generally speaking Windows 7 Home Premium Edition has everything that most end users would need for normal day-to-day usage of their PC. Windows will automatically keep track of the different networks and remember which printers are available on each of them. This type of feature is quite handy for instance if you wish to connect to your work PC from home, to continue with some unfinished business from earlier in the day. If the PC is a portable device such as a laptop and needs to connect to a large corporate network, it may require the ability to join a Domain, which is a segmented group of computers on a larger network. This feature was originally developed for businesses to migrate from Windows XP to Windows 7, and give them an environment from which to continue using any older non–Windows 7 compatible software. The module itself contains the twin tuners with an antenna input on one side and a USB port on the other that connects to the PS3.
There is no use in paying extra for Windows 7 Professional Edition if the added features will be of no benefit to you. The only limitation on Windows 7 Home Premium Edition is that it cannot backup data to a network location such as a network-attached storage device (NAS), another PC on the network, or to a network server.
This saves you the trouble of having to reassign the default printer you wish to use, every time you connect to a different network, as windows will switch to the last default printer you used on any particular network. Unfortunately, you do need the Blu-ray remote (sold separately) but there’s a fridge-magnet-like remote overlay inside the PlayTV box to make the most of that remote.

Given that at the end of it you end up with a Blu-ray player, HD games console and twin HD tuner PVR, the $170 asking price isn’t too bad (provided of course you already have a PS3). Things get complicated when you talk about capturing high definition (HD) though as it depends on the transmitted video resolution and bit rate, which can vary from station to station and from show to show. Here is a list of the major differences between Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional. You even have the option of manually presetting which printer you would like to use on each network. Otherwise, you can operate it using a normal PS3 games controller (it’s just not as much fun). However, you should probably bank on around 9GB per hour for 1080i video, which is a figure towards the higher end of the spectrum. This image can be used as a complete disaster recovery option (as long as the image is not stored on your operating system drive). Presentation mode can also prevent any annoying system messages or program popup notices from running.
In the event of a mechanical failure or data corruption on the Operating System drive in the PC the “system image” can be restored to a new HDD and your PC can be back up and running in an hour or two, complete with all data and programs intact. If you find the software useful to you, please 9 Oct 2009 Free Download AP Guitar Tuner - An useful tuning tool for your guitar.

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