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Tags CloudDesktop Environment Fedora Gnome KDE KDE Plasma 5 Linux Mint MATE Desktop Ubuntu Ubuntu 14.04 XFCEStay Connected Facebook twitter Google Plus Instagram Tumblr Youtube RSSAbout Linux ScoopLinux Scoop is the site dedicated for Linux and Open Source Apps video sharing. As you probably know, the latest Adobe Flash Player is available on Linux only via Google Chrome (it's bundled with it) while other browsers such as Firefox are stuck with an old 11.2 version.
The Adobe Flash Player plugin that's bundled with Google Chrome is in the form of a PPAPI (or Pepper Plugin API) plugin and Mozilla isn't interested in adding support for it. The most important change in this release is obviously the implementation of Flash DRM interface however, Pepper Flash that's bundled with Google Chrome has the DRM-related code disabled on Linux so to use this, you need to extract Pepper Flash from Chrome OS, and that's a pretty tedious process (instructions available here).

Furthermore, to get the Flash DRM interface to work, you must add "enable_3d = 1" to the freshwrapper.conf file or else you'll get a black video, even on non-DRM content.
I should also mention that I've been using Fresh Player Plugin with Firefox for months, and pretty much everything works, though I only use a few Flash websites. Note that according to its GitHub page, Fresh Player Plugin "mostly works, but some essential APIs are still to be implemented", so it may not work with some websites. Adobe flash player is the most widely used application for accessing the flash content on web, flash player supports multi operating system such as Windows,Linux and Mac.

It also allow user to submit video about linux distribustion review, open source application review, open source apps how to and videos related to linux and open source. Because of this, Rinat Ibragimov has developed Fresh Player Plugin, a wrapper that allows Linux users to use Pepper Flash from Google Chrome in Firefox and other NPAPI-compatible browsers.

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