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The commands above download the patch and run it but if you want, you can also manually download the patch from HERE.
The patch should work with both VMware Player and VMware Workstation, but I've only tested it with VMware Player (under Ubuntu 12.04).
Earlier, people usually got tied of their computer operating systems and were not able to switch OS that easily.
With a virtual machine application like VMware, you can run another operating system inside the current OS.
Firstly, the link from where it can be downloaded takes me only to a 32-bit version for windows. It suggested the Virtual Network Devices could not be started, as well as Unable to start services. Now, thanks to virtualization, techno freaks like you and me can try out any operating system that suits our fancy.
You should do a Checksum when downloading to ensure the integrity of the download against man in the middle attack. In a shell sha1sum VMware* You can view the Checksums by clicking More Details on the Download page.

Virtualization is, in broader terms, the creation of a virtual version of hardware and software.
I install it on a USB stick and use it as live USB or install it alongsideA  other OS or install it as the sole OS. There are, in all, six types of virtualization; first being hardware virtualization, second is desktop virtualization, then software virtualization, followed by memory, storage, and data virtualization.
In this scenario, I’ll be happy to install Pear OS inside Ubuntu as a virtual machine. The main thing we’re concerned with is hardware virtualization (also known as platform virtualization), which allows users to run an operating system on top of another one.
Though distro-hoppers like us can install another operating system in a jiffy, in some cases, especially in professional environments, such changes aren't possible.
Moreover, a virtual machine is easy to diagnose, easy to relocate (disaster scenario), and is always easy on the pocket.
Take, for example, the case of server consolidation, wherein many small physical servers are replaced by one large physical server to save support costs and resources. With support for all major OS platforms, the open-source tool has been regarded as the best virtualization software for Linux users.

So, assuming you’re running Ubuntu, you can run Windows 7 on Ubuntu or even Linux Mint on top of your device. Perhaps the biggest advantage that VirtualBox has over other virtualization software is the fact that it is extremely simple to set up and use. Developed by VMWare Inc., the free tool can run and create virtual machines thus letting you use one operating system on top of another. The software is based on VMWare Workstation, which is available as a paid product with lot more developer-friendly features.
Kernel-based Virtual Machine or KVM is a full virtualization solution for Linux on x86 hardware that includes support for Intel as well as AMD architectures. Being open-source, KVM is preferred by many users who want to go for a full-fledged virtualization environment.Installing KVM is not as simple as installing VirtualBox or VMWare.

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