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Today I’ll show you how I created and optimized a professionally designed, socially viral landing page for an eBook, and how you can do the same in just a few hours, without writing any code.
I used three online services and one page design marketplace to bring my vision together as quickly as possible, each of the tools is either free or has a free plan to let you try out your concept with the minimum of fuss. ThemeForest: For my landing page design shopping experience I headed to ThemeForest to check out their new landing page section. Unbounce: I used Unbounce (obviously) to construct the landing page in a code free WYSIWYG editor.
PayWithATweet: This great new free service is what adds the viral secret sauce to your page. Each template comes packaged with Photoshop PSD files and they usually have a variety of color palettes to choose from. My goal was to find a page template with a nice big hero shot of a book cover to showcase the eBook I wanted to give away. The Premiere Landing Page theme had exactly what I was looking for and at $8 was a no-brainer.
The ThemeForest files typically include images already cut up for you (great for people without Photoshop experience), but I sometimes cut them up myself in case I want to make any customizations to the design. I made the page section tall enough to contain the background image and set the background to stretch to the page edges. Some templates (such as this one) show the hero shot of the product at an angle which makes it harder to replace with your own image. For the bottom half of the page, I added another series of images containing the bullet points and section titles. To provide some context for who wrote the eBook, I wanted to put a short showcase video onto the page.
I wanted to add a simple form in the footer to capture email addresses in exchange for a special Unbounce promo. This clever network effects means that the more people pay for your product with a tweet, the more new people will get to hear about it – perpetuating the flow of traffic to your landing page. You decide what the default tweet text will be, but your customers can edit it before it’s posted to their stream. After watching the conversion rate hover around 25% I decided to try and figure out why more people weren’t clicking my CTA. Qualaroo is a small interactive widget that appears in the lower–right corner of your page either immediately, or after a predetermined delay (I set it to 20 seconds to give people some time to digest the page messaging). It allows you to survey your visitors with simple questions to gain insight into their experience. When you set up your account at Qualaroo, they provide you with the script to paste into Unbounce. To see how valuable the eBook was perceived against the currency of a tweeted recommendation.
I was pretty surprised by some of the results, which I’ll explain below along with the steps I took to optimize the landing page based on the feedback I gathered.
Overcoming click fear: I positioned two statements close to the CTA stating that you will have the opportunity to edit the tweet before it gets sent. Infographic preview: On the hero shot I placed a link to an enlarged view which launched a modal Lightbox style overlay containing the infographic, allowing people to see it and judge the quality. Text content preview: As the PDF was based on a blog post, I linked to the post, explaining that it represented the content of the eBook, again allowing people to see the quality of the content.
Ideally the content preview would be a single chapter of the eBook in PDF format, because I suspect that a portion of my visitors are clicking through to the blog post and are content to consume the information there (not needing or wanting a PDF version). If you have any thoughts or other ideas of things to test, I’d love to hear them in the comments . I’ve recently seen a few instances where discounts or free downloads have been offered for a tweet. I was first hesitated about the pay it with tweet option as I didn’t want to share something I haven’t read. Since I have been following you on Twitter and LinkedIn, I decided it won’t hurt to share something from you and went ahead, shared it.
This is truly one of the most interesting, practical and useful articles I have read in quite some time. I am planning to considerably up my visibility on Twitter over the next month and have been testing out a number of Twitter-related WordPress plugins to help with this and your article certainly gives me a range of new ideas.
Additionally I must admit that KISSinsights is new to me as I typically use SurveyMonkey so looking forward to checking them out shortly. KISSinsights is very specific in it’s use and provides great point-of-conversion feedback. As always Oli, you manage to take a great marketing experience and break it down into its most simplistic and educational form. Another reason for your own case study may be because they could access your extensive article over at SEOmoz?
Yeah, I think the link to the blog post would definitely have an effect as it nullifies some of the need to get the PDF. That’s the beauty of this type of feedback, you can learn how to set expectations for future exercises. As a special bonus, Peep is going to be the special guest on our free webinar tomorrow entitled: The 10 Ways You’re Screwing Up Your Landing Page (And What To Do About It).

Imagine your website would be just your headline and a call to action (sign up, learn more, call now etc). The best kind of copy is clear about the benefits, geared to a targeted audience, makes a compelling case for the value the visitor is about to receive and gets the visitor excited.
Your main headline might be benefit-oriented, but underneath it describe in 2-3 lines what your product is, does and who is it for.
Phone number at the top, “Our commitment” (who cares!) and “Your Franchise Business!” also looks like a button, but it is not.
There’s a lot of information out there on call to action buttons (size, color, location etc), but I want to focus on a single thing about them – the wording. Use trigger words: While people are browsing your site, they’re having a silent conversation in their mind.
Add benefits: You should definitely have a great sales copy before the CTA, but since people don’t read, you should communicate some value also next to the call to action itself. In this you have stated about the Users who generally asked questions to themselves but apart from these can be directly land them to their own desired pages they want according to the search criteria rather than putting questions and making them to do some thought process ? Great informative article, I’m just creating a landing page and this post is a brilliant help.
For most online marketers, getting customers to enter their payment details and click “purchase” is the ultimate conversion.
Chances are you’ve worn a pair of New Balance sneakers or know someone who swears by them. In the Chicago area, however, New Balance’s brick-and-mortar stores are owned and operated as a family business – with a local marketing budget. So you can understand why, until recently, online marketing seemed like more of a threat to the company than an opportunity. Match Node’s original strategy for New Balance revolved around Facebook Offers, which allow marketers to embed discount codes in Facebook display ads. The first campaign, which launched during a cold Windy City winter, allowed a customer to receive 15% off when temperatures were freezing and 20% off if the weather fell below zero Fahrenheit. Looked similar to previous New Balance customers: Using Facebook ad targeting, they created a “lookalike audience” based on customer emails, which the stores had been collecting at checkout. They could have tracked the codes using customer emails, except Facebook won’t give advertisers the names or email addresses of users who download coupons. Another limitation of the Facebook Offers strategy was that there was no relevant online destination to send users to once they claimed the coupon. Moreover, given that the majority of Facebook ad clicks came from mobile users, sending potential customers to a page that wasn’t optimized for mobile users would have been like “cutting off our nose,” says Brian. Using Unbounce’s landing page builder, Brian says his designer “virtually cloned” the national New Balance website as a starting point, but then made a few key tweaks to make sure it was optimized for offline conversions. Instead of website navigation and links to purchase products online, the page featured information about New Balance’s Chicago stores, including Google Maps, phone numbers and in-store benefits like old-school fittings, something few other shoe stores offered.
Once the landing page was built, Match Node created a series of Facebook ads aimed at very specific segments. Aimed at an ultra-targeted audience of 45,000 military vets, the ads generated more than 200 coupons, which were sent to leads after they entered their emails on the landing page. With these emails tied into specific campaigns, they were able to go “one step further in the funnel” and send out reminder emails, urging leads to claim their discounts.
Open rates for these reminder emails were 5-10% above New Balance’s regular promotional emails, says Brian.
Once they started sending people who clicked on the ads to dedicated landing pages, Brian’s team could optimize their campaigns for landing page conversions, which is far more efficient than gunning for clicks. With this strategy, they were able to spend 50% less and drive 200% more in sales compared to the Facebook Offers campaigns they ran previously. By making incremental changes, Brian says they’ve been able to boost conversion rates by 5-10% throughout the course of a given campaign (which often translates to 5-10% more sales). Using online marketing channels to generate in-store sales rather than ecommerce purchases.
Needless to say, the folks at New Balance Chicago are digital marketing skeptics no longer. The only cash outlay came from buying the page design – for about the price of two cups of coffee.
The screenshots below show some of the steps I took to re-construct the design in Unbounce.
Luckily, the designer of this page had included very precise instructions for how to recreate the angled view in Photoshop. After moving it close to the right spot, I nudged with the arrow keys for an exact placement on the product box. I usually stay away from having more than one call to action, but wanted to experiment to see if people would be interested. You can then pass the data through to a list at an email provider like MailChimp or AWeber and receive automated notification email updates whenever a new lead is captured. They can’t remove the link back to your page though which is how the viral nature is preserved. I grabbed the link, set it as the target for my button and set it as the page conversion goal in Unbounce (so that I can track how many people click the button). I also placed some links strategically around a few pages to generate some extra traffic, but Twitter was the primary inbound source.

You can watch a complete instructional video which shows you how to create a simple survey question and how to add the Qualaroo script into Unbounce. Having only recently discovered Unbounce this is the type of post that I love – it reveals actual metrics yet offers practical advice how how the rest of us can use these techniques.
How long do you think it takes to get to a level of expertise that allow you to create landing pages as good as this one? Having only recently discovered Unbounce this is the type of post that I love – it reveals actual metrics yet offers practical advice how how the rest of us can use these techniques. Ideally there would be a 1-2 chapter preview of the content as a smaller openly accessible PDF as a teaser and proof of quality.
In tomorrow’s webinar Peep will cover concepts like these in more depth, showing how you can mend your broken landing pages. A landing page without copy is like a mute salesman trying to peddle his wares- not very effective. Even if you sell B2B products, there’s always a person with a name and an identity reading your copy and making decisions. A photo or screenshot of the product is a smart idea to add, people “get” images much faster than text.
This will also make your ad CPC lower, CTR higher and your landing page will have a better conversion rate since you’re bringing targeted people to the page. You seemed to be headed to a list of suggested trigger words and then we are left hanging there. It’s something that i make sure is effective before i roll out with an elaborate marketing campaign. I recommend you move fast to check this out – when they released a short promo video a few weeks back the server company could not handle the interest!
Headquartered in Boston, New Balance is an international, 109-year-old brand endorsed by Australian cricket players, Canadian tennis stars and American cyclists. Since ecommerce sales go straight to the parent company, their business depends on getting people’s actual feet in the literal door. Using a combination of targeted Facebook ads, campaign-specific Unbounce landing pages and personalized emails, they were able to generate hundreds of leads and drive thousands of dollars in sales at half the ad spend.
The problem was that in order to track the codes, the company had to rely on customers and clerks taking the time to report the discount codes at the point of purchase.
Despite the campaign’s relative success, using Facebook Offers proved to be a frustrating experience for a data-driven, optimization-minded marketer like Brian. Need a flexible landing page template that allows you to maintain your or your client’s brand identity? This meant that instead of crossing their fingers that people would print out the coupons and bring them into the store, they were able to collect the emails of interested buyers – and follow up with them. Using Unbounce, they could easily duplicate the original landing page and tweak the design for any other offer New Balance wanted to promote.
They’ve perfected the formula along the way, testing copy changes (such as leading with the discount vs. That may seem fairly obvious, but it’s yet another reminder that once you have the right strategy in place, small steps can take you a long way. The screenshot below shows how I pasted in the embed code that I grabbed from our video hosting provider Vzaar. Digging into individual responses it seems that the primary reason for this was that people would rather tweet about it after having read the content and established an opinion about it’s value (as noted in the last point). Part of me is a little reticent to offer the email option as the viral nature of the tweet is lost with this method.
It’s your one chance to communicate what you’re about, create curiosity, explain your intentions and lure them in. Putting a lot of words in all caps or all bold slows down reading, comprehension, and interest.
Take this landing page (but don’t actually take it) and split it into 9 specific landing pages. The codes themselves were unique, but the 15% discount was promoted on various channels, meaning customers could have heard about the sale in a number of places. It also didn’t give them the opportunity to create a dedicated experience for each specific campaign. Unbounce gives you hundreds of beautiful templates to start from and customize with a simple drag n’ drop interface.
When calling the user to action, instead of the above mentioned vague words, use brief but meaningful link text that explains what the link or button offers. It also sheds light on how protective people can be about what they say via Twitter – again, it makes total sense when you consider that someone is effectively giving you a recommendation (often to thousands of people who have come to expect a certain standard). If the user is looking for ‘pricing’, and your link says ‘pricing’, they’re going to click on it. When ‘buy now’ seems awfully final, ‘add to cart’ seems kind of risk-free and leaves the door open for changing the mind.

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