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Multicultural Children’s Book Day Jan 27thMulticultural Children's Book Day is January 27th! I recently did a YouTube video which stepped through the process of creating a simple CRM 2013 plugin which ran on the update of the account entity.
The purpose of the video was to step through the process of creating a plugin and with that in mind I wanted to create the simpliest plugin I could think of. In the first video - CRM 2013 – Create a simple plugin in CRM 2013 using the CRM Development Toolkit I explained some of the fundamental logic of a plugin (extending the IPlugin interface, the all important Execute method etc).
I wanted to continue the journey of learning about plugins but without doing too much new code but I still wanted to add some new code so it’s interesting. This video updates the previous basic update plugin and this time I only trigger the plugin when a certain field Account Rating gets changed.
In the first plugin I couldn’t remember what the stages of a plugin were and their significance, all I could remember was they were linked to the database transaction and something about numbers going up in 10.
The actually database transaction finishes in step 30 – Platform core operation and you can interfere with this, this is where the system plugins will run and kick off and updating system values and triggering other things. An interesting point is the Pre-Validation, this is triggered before security checks have happened, so before CRM has checked the user can update the record maybe, basically before CRM checks the security roles and the PrincipalObjectAccess table (where all the security stuff is stored for users) is checked. So that is the end of my quick plugin theory lesson and back onto the code, So along with the changing the plugin filter records (which you can see the RegisterFile.crmregister) I changed the code. My code is going to run based on the Int value because I think maybe in the future people might change the text in the OptionSet from Gold, Silver, Bronze to 1, 2, 3 or Great, OK, Rubbish. I also get the guid of the user (entity SystemUser)who triggered the plugin by updating the AccountRating field. I then lookup the fullname and domainname of the user because this is more useful than a guid to end users but the guid is great for retrieving more data about that record. Then it’s a case of concatenting them into string and adding this to the account entity being updated. Dropbox users who run Firefox on Windows may want to check the plugins listing of the browser as the browser may have picked up the Dropbox Update plugin automatically after a recent update. Mozilla, for unknown reasons, never fixed the automatic plugin installation issue in Firefox. Firefox checks various locations on the computer automatically for plugins and integrates them automatically. Unless you check the plugins listing regularly, you may miss new plugin installations as there is no indication that new plugins have been added to Firefox.
When I checked the plugins listing on a Windows machine today, I noticed Dropbox Update for the first time.
The description is non-existent more or less as it just states "Dropbox Update".  It is unclear what it does and therefore highly recommended to disable it or even remove it completely from Firefox. I checked first if the Dropbox app has a preference to disable the plugin but that is not the case. Open the folder on your system using Windows Explorer or another file browser and locate the references file. Note: If you want to be on the safe side, backup the file first so that you have the means to restore it should the need arise.

If you refresh the listing on about:plugins afterwards, you should notice that Dropbox Update has been removed from the browser. While this takes care of Dropbox Update at this point in time, it may re-add itself at a later point in time, for instance after an update similar to how the Google Update plugin is picked up regularly by Firefox.
Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005. What with the pushy autostart, pushy plugin, pushy upload autoruns, and pushy scheduled tasks and update checks - its looking more and more like google's unethical underhanded sneakyness. What I do is use Everything (windows search) to run searches on "np*.dll", and that will reveal all plugins' dll files systemwide. The current version plugin of Google Update is one of those mysterious plugins that you may find listed in the plugins listing of the Firefox web browser without really knowing what it does or how it got there. You may ask yourself what that has to do with Firefox, and the answer comes in the form of Firefox's default plugin locations. Mozilla has already announced that it will stop the automatic plugin installation process in the browser in Firefox 16 so that users will be asked whether they want the plugins to be activated in the browser or not. Herre you also find the current version of the plugin listed next to its name so that you know which version is installed on your PC.
You can delete the keys here, but they will be added again with the next Chrome or Google Earth update. If you do not find any plugins listed here, you can do the following to remove Google Update from the Firefox browser. Some users may not want to disable the Registry scanning if they are using other plugins listed here.  It is alternatively possible to delete the plugin from the Google Update folder under Program Files and the Application Data folder. Please note that I had two versions listed in the AppData folder, and that I'd recommend deleting both. Brock Adams over at Superuser has created a CCleaner definition that you need to put into the program's winapp2.ini file to clear the current version of the Google update plugin automatically whenever you run the program. The easiest way to find out is to open the Google program that you have installed on your system, say Google Chrome, and run an update check from within with a click on Settings > About Google Chrome. If you have removed a version of the plugin manually, you may want to consider installing the Google product anew to get the current version installed again on your system.
I would really like to know why the plugin exists and why Google adds it to the Mozilla Plugins Registry listing.
The first reason should be obvious: Since it is not really clear what it does and since there is no ill-effect to the browser after disabling it, it should not be included automatically.
I do this for Google Update plugin, Picasa plugin, Google earth plugin and Windows Live Gallery with - apparently - no side effects. While your tips for removing Firefox Plug ins seem viable, why use a clone (Waterfox-Palemoon) when you can have the original Browser? Considering that Plugins are NOT required in Thunderbird, any TB users can quite easily delete them using the same procedure posted in the article. This is one of the best articles I read about this subject, it is so strange that is so hard to get rid of this plugin.. Today, for the first time, I saw Meebo toolbar at the bottom of the basic Google search page in Firefox.

I still don't understand why these programs have a Firefox plugin, they're standalone programs! While you can block the automatic installation of plugins manually in Firefox, there is no default indicator or permission system in place to protect users.
This is one of the reasons why you have plugins like Google Update or the more recent Dropbox Update installed in the browser. He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand. It has since then become one of the most popular tech news sites on the Internet with five authors and regular contributions from freelance writers. This article tries to shed some light on how it gets installed, what it is used for, how you can update it to the current version, and how you can get rid of it again either by disabling or uninstalling completely.
The Chrome browser is without doubt the most prominent example but there are other tools like Google Earth that may also install the plugin on the system. The former provides users with an interface to manage Google Earth and Google Pack software, the latter makes sure that Google Chrome and Google Earth are checking for and installing updates regularly. The browser scans locations on the computer and the Registry automatically for plugins and will add those to the browser automatically without first consulting the user about them (see How To Stop Automatic Plugin Installations In Firefox for a list of all locations). All plugins listed in the Windows Registry should now have been removed from the browser, including the current version of the Google Update plugin. Problem here is that a Chrome or Google Earth update will add the plugin again to the folders. I suggest you use the saerch of your operating system if that is the case to find the dll file locations on your system. I would not go as far as to call it malicious, but it is definitely troubling.  Second, some Firefox users have experienced issues with the plugin in the past.
It was a loong time ago, but in the past I had tried deleting the npGoogleUpdate3.dll, but it would always cause chrome to lose its update function (I found this out by doing to chrome's menu and clicking about chrome, which would give you an update check error). I have a firefox memory leak somewhere and going through each plugin one by one to try to troubleshoot the problem. For example VLC unobtrusively checks each time I run it if it is the latest version, is Google too stupid to do this?
Either the dropbox install, or since then when looking at settings, changed the options for videos, pictures and mixed content to "import videos and pictures with dropbox". Switch to the plugins listing on the left, and click the disable button next to Google Update. Note: warning message the first time (and each time if you don’t disable) you access this option. In dropbox under Prefs>Import, there is no option to disable this - you have to select something. The fact my system setting for autoplay was off meant it never triggered, but damn damn damn dropbox for screwing with my system settings - I don't want my nudie selfies on a third party cloud.

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