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You might be aware of videos on YouTube which only have the audio, and when you play them all you see is in an image file. So, as the snapshot above displays, the interface of MP3 2 FLV is damn simple and easy to use.
It will ask you to allow the MP3 2 FLV to access your YouTube account, allow it and within almost no time the Mp3 audio file will be uploaded to your YouTube account, and an email will be sent to you informing about the successful upload completion.
MP3 2 FLV is a nice tool to upload Mp3 files in FLV format on YouTube, try it and share your views about it with us.
I am not kidding, you read it right – Share files as big as 5GB online with ease , whats more . Is a powerful and faster file upload service that will host your files that are very big up to 5 GB in size. You will be taken to a new page with a link to share with your friends and others along with embedding options. As a free service, File Dropper meets the basic needs of file sharing: upload, share, and download. If you want more enhanced features, such as the ability to protect your files with a password, or a handy file manager, you’ll have to upgrade to a premium account.
There are many other file storage and sharing services out there, but almost all of them have a 100 MB to 1 GB per file limit. The creators of File Dropper noticed that while there were many file storage websites, most were lacking. One special note to users : Before you go ahead and start sharing your files, there are a couple of things you need to be aware of. Nikhil Chakravarthi holds an Engineering degree in IT and a Masters in Business Administration.
He is a Software Engineer who loves to code and holds several International Certifications.
His Internet Journey started 7 years ago and since then, he has been reviewing software, writing tech tips and doing his best to serve the Internet Community. Follow Start > All Programs > DVDVideoSoft > Programs > Free Uploader for Facebook or click the DVDVideoSoft Free Studio icon on the desktop and choose Free Uploader for Facebook. Log in to use your Facebook account with Free Uploader for Facebook: enter your Facebook login and password.
You can set the program to keep you logged in and you can change account information any time.
If you want to customize parameters, please select one of your videos and fill out the fields (Title and Description) with relevant information. To set parameters for more files, you need to fill out the fields for each file separately.
There are a couple of things we should be careful about if we are looking for embedding a video(for ex mp4) file in a PowerPoint presentation and then sharing within an Adobe Connect meeting room. First most important thing is, the supported video formats that should be used in the powerpoint file so that they are supported in Connect meeting. Here’s a very good video as well that demonstrates how the above can be achieved via Adobe Presenter. This gets published to Adobe Connect content library, then you should be good to browse this published file in the Adobe Connect meeting room share pod. Make sure the below options are checked after the pptx file is uploaded to the meeting room.

If you’d like even greater control, you can click the ‘Toggle playbar’ icon to reveal an even larger playbar with a scrubber.
The playbar lets you scrub to any point in the video and play from there for everyone, or to rewind, etc. It is also very important to keep in mind the properties of the video file which is being imported into Connect to make sure it works as expected. If you are using a non-supported video file such as WMV or WAV and would like to convert to a supported format for Connect meeting like flv, mp4 etc, you can use a few tools which are available for free as well, like , Riva , Super, FFMPEGAX etc.
I hope this information is helpful for some of you trying to upload embedded video files into Adobe Connect meeting.
It takes any MP3 or AAC file as an input, adds an image to it, and converts it to a video file that plays your MP3, and just displays that image throughout the video. On the right side on this tab, you will see a “Video Preview” option in which you can see how will your MP3 file look in a video.
YouTube is an accessible, easy-to-use, mobile-friendly, universal platform for video sharing. Video Manager: The page from which you'll need to upload new videos and access all the videos that you've already uploaded to your account. If you are not near your computer, but you have your smartphone with you, then you can record your video and upload it to your YouTube account remotely. If the audio quality of your video is sufficient, then YouTube will show the option to turn on the machine-generated automated captions for your video. If the audio quality of your video is not sufficient for the automated machine-generated captions, then you'll need to upload a text transcript (a .txt file with the typed out audio) to YouTube.
Amara (formally Universal Subtitles) asks for the URL of the video to which you are adding captions.
In addition to captioning and caption editing, there are other basic editing options available for your videos in YouTube including trimming video clips, adding visual enhancements, adding music tracks, and adding annotations (graphical callouts) to your videos.
YouTube Analytics - Get demographic, location, and viewer retention data on your individual videos. Jing is a screencasting product that allows users to create short (5 minutes or less) recordings of the computer screen to share with students.
You can upload a video for your viewers to watch it freely or you can charge the viewers credits for each view, as in pay-per-view (to make money). Once uploaded and transcoded, your videos will show up in the "My Uploads" section like any of your uploads. If you want to make your videos uploaded through ftp paid videos, please refer to the tutorial for paid videos.
For HD quality videos, it can take a few hours to get the video ready for download on cacaoweb network. By filling up meta-information about the video, the video will be indexed in cacaoweb search engine, this way more users will be able to see the video and you will get more views, generating more money. No sign-up or registration is required, simply go to the homepage of the tool, select a Mp3 file, and an image file, as shown below. He wants to make an Identity for himself, he loves, testing new softwares and services which can really help to improve the productivity of individual.
All they have to do is follow the link and hit the download button, and they have the file with them.
File Dropper doesn’t allow sharing of any copyrighted material and reserves the right to co-operate with authorities in case of a crime.

All you need to do is just click to add your file and start uploading directly from the main page. You can also publish the video locally to your Desktop and then share the zip file directly in the meeting room. Both of these services permit easy ways to upload video files, but surprisingly, there is no easy way to upload just an audio file, like MP3 file. This step will take some time as this step converts MP3 to FLV video file that can be uploaded to YouTube. It shows the account information as well as all the videos that the account owner has made public. The text transcript gets automatically synced to the video, and it can be edited in YouTube if changes are needed later. Since copyright law prevents us from altering videos that we do not own, we cannot legally caption videos that are not ours. While there are several editing options available to you, we recommend a program like Camtasia Studio which will give you even more capability for your larger fullblown instructional media projects. Students will be able to watch the YouTube video without ever leaving the page in Blackboard. Jing is a great tool for giving individual feedback to students because it allows the instructor to give audio comments on assignments that might be more visual in nature.
The way to make your video pay-per-view is slightly different if you upload through http (through your browser) or with ftp. But after that, you also need to upload the metadata for your video, so the video can appear in cacaoweb search engine. The price can be changed anytime, and can even be put to 0 later, making the file free to watch. Once the process is complete you get an option to upload this video on your YouTube account. Even a beginner can easily upload and share files online using the File Dropper upload service. File Dropper was designed to give users a better alternative that did not come with the frustrating wait times and other restrictions other file hosting sites put on their users. YouTube not only lets you host your videos for free, but it also provides online recording, captioning, and editing functionality for your videos as well. If your video is set to Private or Unlisted on YouTube, then the Mashup tool will not find your video. You can also link to an entire YouTube channel this way, so students have access to all the videos on the one YouTube page. To upload the metadata for your video, you need to get the cacaoweb link of your uploaded video (the one you get in My Uploads), then fill up all the information like in the screenshot below. You can choose a JPEG image from your computer, or you can even use some image from the image library that MP32FLV provides. The caption track is overlayed on top of the original video, and played along with it, so that captions get displayed but the original video is not altered.

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