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Internet pornography is still wildly popular, as evidenced by the Chinese government's persistent crackdowns.
It would seem that the way forward for foreign companies is through partnerships with local entities, as both PayPal and Skype did. So as the Internet climate continues to evolve in China, one thing is clear—online business there is still risky. VC notables Venrock, Kleiner Perkins, and Accel Partners are all betting big bucks on privacy startups. Last week the government announced that it has shut down over 60,000 porn sites this year, investigated 2,197 criminal cases, punished 4,965, and sentenced 58 offenders to jail.Despite persistent concerns about hacking, companies like PayPal are charging ahead.

Though it's illegal, some Chinese citizens are trying to get away with more than one husband or wife. Using its new international e-commerce hub, customers will be able to initiate cross-border transactions. Sure, the number of people who use the internet in China is soaring, increasing at a rate of 20% per year, and ultimately that will be an important customer segment to tap into.
It's certainly unusual, and likely to elicit a response along the eyes of "really?
The online database is meant to keep track of partners, to ensure at least virtual monogamy.

But what if the question weren't whether to completely allow or block certain private information but how to make it fade away over time?
American, Italian, and French women react better to compliments about their clothes, while German women prefer skin compliments.

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