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In this tutorial I will show you that how to search on Facebook using open graph API in PHP. On demand of my readers I have written this tutorial on how can you upload an Image on Facebook using Graph API.
We all have Facebook pages for brands, Public Profile etc, and most of us add our Facebook page widget in website's sidebar which is traditional like box and simple count of likes. Facebook is world's number one social media platform and gives you many widgets for your websites. We have published one article on How to publish status on Facebook with Graph API which post status on user's wall when user write , now I am going to show how to post status on pages to post status on Facebook page we use Facebook Graph API in PHP to perform this task. Few days ago I have started working on status publishing on Facebook using PHP and faced few problems to do that so, today I have decided to write an article on it how to publish status on Facebook using graph API with source code download and a demo so you never face any issue next time to make something like that.
Nautilus Facebook Uploader is an application to upload pictures (it supports multiple pictures at once) to Facebook via Nautilus. InstallationDownload and extract Nautilus Facebook Uploader, then double click the "install.sh" file and select "Run in terminal". UsageOnce Nautilus Facebook Uploader has been successfully installed, right click an image (or multiple images) and select Scripts > Upload to Facebook. And finally, select where to upload the images (an album or your Wall) and click "Upload" - the images you've previously right clicked will now be uploaded to Facebook. Note: the application works ok for me using Chrome, however the Nautilus Facebook Uploader page mentiones there might be issues when authorizing the application using Firefox.
Uploading photos to multiple social networks is painful and even more frustrating is when you want to share the same photos across all the social networks, where you have an online presence. Dropico is a simple web service which lets you batch upload photos to multiple social networks by a simple drag and drop. To get started with Dropico, you have to create a free account and connect all the social accounts who allow photo uploading and sharing capabilities. Dropico supports adding multiple profiles of the same social website, so you can add the Facebook account’s of all your family members and use the app as a universal photo upload portal.

If using a third party photo uploading service is not your cup of tea, there is a smart alternative. Almost every social site provides an option to bulk upload photos from your email account via secret email addresses. You don’t have to download any software and neither you have to create another account on a third party photo upload service. The advantage of choosing this method over photo uploading services or browser extensions is that there are no recursive uploads and it works on any computer or mobile device, as long as you have a working internet connection. 101 websites for getting things done - an informative book which will make you more productive and efficient. Do you have a flair for writing and understand technology, software, gadgets and web applications well? If you can’t access Facebook then still there is option for you to update Facebook Page Status.
Using your favorite email client, send an email to that email address with Subject as the text you want to appear in Facebook Status. If you attach a photo with email and send it to your Post by email address, then it will be uploaded to your Facebook timeline with description as the title of your email.
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Using Open Graph search you can access all public data very easily by typing your required word like "PHP" you will get all the information shared publicly on facebook contain word PHP. This tutorial is a simple and easy to integrate on your website, we have already covers many features of Facebook Graph API like status of user or Page oAuth Login etc. In this tutorial I will give you a very small code of PHP using that code you can get any Facebook page likes in text format with name and you can show your fan count in a nice layout to your users according to your theme. Today I am going to give you a very nice and simple tutorial on how to create Facebook badge on your websites using jQuery and CSS looks like your Facebook page header, with like count, Like button, Display picture and Cover image. Using this application, you'll be able to post photos to your wall, upload photos to an existing album or create a new album.

The installation script will now move the files to the right folders and install the required dependencies.
The first time you use the script, you'll have to authorize it - so click the Authorize button.
This includes Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, MySpace, Picasa, Photobucket, FourSquare and so on.When you are done connecting all the social sites with your Dropico account, you can use the upload widgets of different social sites and cross post photos from one site to another. Hence, if social sites such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter or Flickr is blocked in office and you need a simple and minimalist way of uploading photos, read this tutorial. Further, you can combine this feature with Boomerang and send scheduled email messages, so that will take care of scheduling photo uploads on Facebook or Google Plus or any other social networking site of your choice.
Your Comments Will Be Highly Appreciated Plus It Will Be Fuel For Us To Do More Creative Work. Its very simple and easy to integrate and you can access your required data on a single page. A new tab should open in your default browser redirecting to Facebook (where you must log in if you're not logged in already) and then click the "Allow" button.
If you don't know your facebook username, CLICK HERE (see the url under "Your username has been set"). Facebook, Google Plus, Flickr and Twitter will receive your photo via email and they will process your upload in the background, without you having to do anything at all.
You will find a unique email address that will be used to update Facebook status using Email.
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