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If you want to learn how to upload edited video to Vine directly from your Camera Roll, there is now  finally an easy way to do it using the iPhone app Vinyet, available for just $1.99 in the App Store. If you tried to learn how to upload your edited videos to Vine before Vinyet was released, you probably found the incredibly complex guides on how to use Handbrake coupled with iExplorer as you pause a recording and drag your edited video file into a hidden temp folder as outlined here and here.

Thankfully it’s now as easy as shooting your video using whatever app you want (Filmic Pro is our favourite and you can see why here), editing it to your hearts content in something like iMovie for iOS and then simply importing your finished 6 second masterpiece into Vinyet and then posting to Vine. Every tutorial I have seen seems to neglect the step in between editing your video and actually managing to get it into your Camera Roll!

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