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While Google typically plays it close to the vest on how they determine who gets highly ranked and who doesn’t there have been recent disclosures from Google that give good clues for you to optimize your website for a higher Google PageRank. Our philosophy at eRose Web has consistently been to focus on quality content first with a mix of relevant keywords to each client’s industry and customer focus. The links we are discussing here are not the number of links you have within your website but instead the number of relevant links from other websites. It is a good idea to make sure any industry organization, affiliates, chamber of commerce, etc your company is a part of has a link on their website back to your website. RankBrain is Google’s name for a machine-learning artificial intelligence system that’s used to help process its search results, this means basically that the computer teaches itself rather than following detailed programming code.
While RankBrain has been identified as the 3rd most important factor by Google currently, this is only one part of a much more complex search algorithm. Admittedly we simplify things quite a bit in this article, but this is a good starting point for the small business entrepreneur looking to improve the search ability of their website on Google.
Specifically some small business applications to the book Buy-ology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy, by Martin Lindstrom. One of the main questions this book poses in a nutshell is what determines which of the overwhelming number of ads and promotions makes it into our consciousness and therefore has a high likelihood of resulting in actual sales of a product or service? Traditional market research like surveys and focus groups do not always reflect demand and emotional reactions to a product accurately. Many of the examples in the book involve large companies or industries along with the detailed science of how the results were found.
An interesting finding regarding product placement in a TV show or movie is that if the product is not integral to the storyline then as much as if not more than a straight up advertisement. Lindstrom also discusses what are called mirror neurons, as you likely know when someone near you yawns it often will cause you to yawn. A couple examples of how to apply this to your small business are to make sure you and your staff present a positive happy demeanor, while it may be common sense to you to smile when working with customers it actually does have scientific evidence behind it to create better results.
I found it hysterical when Michael (played by Steve Carell) from the US TV show “The Office” says he is not Superstitious, he is just a little ‘stitious’ …but after reading this book I see now that it reflects more than just a funny line. Jingles or music along with a logo can be very effective, a good example of that is Nationwide with their recent ad campaign focused on people hearing or humming their jingle in every aspect of their life. There were interesting findings in the area of using sex appeal to sell products and services. The good news for small business is that this also applies to beauty, you don’t need to hire that aspiring model for your advertising, people want to be able to relate to the product.
It sounds counterintuitive but the brain is inundated with so many things that when you make it easier for your potential customer to analyze just a few things the better the chance you have in getting them as a client.
Lindstrom contends that about 90% of the buying process is subconscious and while this may be true, you don’t need to have a huge budget to analyze the neuromarketing effect of all your decisions. When you either buy a new business or decide you want to shift the focus of your business, you may want to consider a name change and rebranding. Recently MSNBC’s Your Business put a spotlight on a business that did it in a way that worked best for their needs. Make sure that when you do rebrand you are working smart and know how you want to transition to the new name or brand. A good way to make sure not to alienate your existing and future customers is to involve them in the name change or rebranding.
Make sure that you inform every one of the change while reassuring them that not only will your products or services still solve their problems, but now it will be more efficient in doing so. Please add to the conversation, if you have changed your brand or business name what are the strategies you found successful or other helpful lessons for fellow Entrepreneurs?
The goal of Marketing Monday is to share articles, tips and ideas for Entrepreneurs to apply to their business. Please contribute to the conversation with ideas from your business and the things you are doing differently that have been successful so we can all learn and grow together. Attract and Engage your target audience the right way with some tips and tricks by learning a little more about the human brain and how it responds consciously or unconsciously to your marketing efforts.
Some of the key points of the article are first understanding that the human brain is basically primitive you only have a few seconds to make a lasting impression and that impression is typically a gut instinct so make sure you can get your message across quickly and without much thought involved initially.
Labels and word choice are also critical to the initial emotional response to your small business marketing.
Let eRose Web & Business Services know how we can help you Make Your Business Bloom with Marketing Services for your business! Getting a bad review online is probably not the end of the world, and it can even turn into a positive if properly handled. In fact some consumers see a product with absolutely no bad reviews and that makes them skeptical that maybe none of these reviews are real.
On a recent episode of MSNBC Your Business they presented a segment on this topic that had some additional helpful advice from fellow small business owners and experts. The proper branding of your small business can often make a difference in your overall results, especially as you are getting started or undertaking a big marketing campaign. This Thursday Ed Rose, the owner and founder of eRose Web will be giving a presentation summarizing social media marketing options and strategy for small business. Yes we are online based marketing firm but we admit Marketing is not all about the online presence (although we believe it is a major part for most businesses.) With that said we want to share a little bit of info about Marketing at Trade Shows from our past experience.
Know your target market and the target audience of the trade show you are considering, make sure there is enough overlap to ensure your time and money is well spent before you commit to a trade show.
Trade shows vary widely in the amount they charge for a table or display area, make sure you have given careful thought to the likely return on investment you expect to get from any show you consider.
As we mentioned above plan to have a drawing or prize that can grab attention and ideally that is relevant to your industry or target audience. Here is where the comfortable dress shoes come in handy…do not sit behind your table and expect people to just read your signs and automatically sign up for your products or services.
Be there early and stay late, there have been many trade shows where my competitors started packing up their exhibits as much as an hour or two before the end of the event. Don’t lose all the time and effort you have put in to this point, whatever your sales process is make sure you are regularly following up with the leads you get from the event. We encourage you the Entrepreneur to contribute to the conversation with ideas on what is working for your business and how you may be doing things different, so we can all learn and grow together. The planning stage of a business, brand, product or new service requires more of a strategic focus to think ahead of where the road map for success lies in the long term; with custom logos, business card designs, product packaging designs, web packages for service or product focused SEO, and much more to help get you ready to spread the word about your venture. Once you have determined the branding for your business it is critical to put forth a professional image that works well on all types of technology where people would look for your business.
Now that you are officially in business or have launched your new line of products or services you need to spread the word, while an SEO optimized or at least keyword rich website can help get you started, a combination of strategies is usually required for optimal results. As you become profitable it is critical to continue to reinvest back into your own marketing. After maintaining profitability you think about expanding your business by geography or new products or services. Congratulations you have maintained profitability and have established a significant share of your target market.
At this level continued excellent customer service is required, including through social media and extra features on your website. We hope that whatever stage of business you are in you consider the unique marketing that may work best to Make Your Business Bloom. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Few of the early indications and signs of pregnancy start comforting during the fourth month. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Product life cycle diagram is the graphical representation of four stages of a product life namely: Introduction, Growth, Maturity and Decline phase. Product life cycle diagram is the graphical representation of four stages of a product life namely: Introduction, Growth, Maturity and Decline phase. Introduction: This is the introductory phase of a product when it is initially launched in the market and has low growth rate. Growth: This is the second phase when there is very high growth rate and the product generates maximum revenue in the growth phase.

Maturity: In this, the profitability and the market share becomes less due to intrusion of many competitors in the same market. Decline: This stage is the end of product life in the market as its becomes to old to the customers that develops disinterest among the product. Ask ten marketers to define demand generation – or lead velocity or sales-qualified lead, for that matter – and you’re likely to get ten definitions that are at least slightly different.
In the spirit of greater maturity in the demand-gen business, I’d like to define 16 key terms relating to demand generation.
A logical representation of the path to purchase used to plot leads and opportunities at various stages of the selling process. A marketing discipline that focuses on middle-funnel activities – below top-funnel digital marketing and above lower-funnel activities managed by marketing automation and CRM systems (the so-called “Marketing Cloud”).
Top-funnel activities that primarily focus on driving traffic and generating anonymous audience data via search, social and paid advertising (although these efforts too can be used to generate lead data and are often closely intertwined with demand gen). The foundational pieces of a marketing technology stack that usually comprise CRM and marketing automation systems, used to nurture and score prospects through the lower customer acquisition stages (for example, inquiry to marketing-qualified lead to sales-qualified lead to customer – yet these stages and names vary substantially between organizations). An early stage of engagement with a prospective customer, whereby digital marketing tactics (display, video, search, social media) and some demand gen tactics (content syndication, sponsorships) put a marketer on the prospect’s radar and is often used to obtain limited, often anonymous, prospect data.
A person who has demonstrated some level of engagement, submitting more info than an inquiry and providing more visibility into their purchase plans, buying role and so on. A concrete representation of potential deals, with forecast dates to close deals as well as details on revenue potential, prospective deal timing, key hurdles that must be overcome, and more.
Structured efforts that aim to advance leads, usually obtained via demand den activities, in the funnel with the ultimate objective of having them reach the bottom of the funnel for direct sales contact.
David Crane is Strategic Development Manager at Integrate and an ardent student of marketing technology that borders on nerdy obsession. Add Your Comment (All comments are reviewed by moderator, no spam permitted!) Click here to cancel reply. Progressive companies are now using predictive analytics to deliver an optimal service experience before a customer calls to complain or responds to a survey.
Understanding the decision stages B2B customers go through as they decide to buy from you and developing the content they are looking for at each stage is an essential B2B Marketing better practice.
Marketing Sherpa’s #1 lead generation best practice is: “IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT THEM (NOT YOU)“.
As always, we would love your input on how this planning compares to how you are marketing to your customers. Get StartedBrainrider can help you get better results with a B2B Website update, best practice marketing planning & execution, or a Pardot marketing automation implementation.
It seemed logical that with Google’s stated goal of providing the best resources to its clients that this strategy would be the best for small business clients that have limited budgets where spending thousands per month on SEO was not an option.
By relevant links we are talking about links from websites that are related to your industry and not just paying a website with a list of unrelated web links to include your website link, even though they have completely different customers and in a completely different industry. Ideally using a text link with both your company name and the main keywords you want your site to be found with online. Google’s algorithm is constantly changing but if you make your goal the same as Google, to provide great content and resources, and sprinkle in a little extra strategy from time to time your website should be in good shape to compete for attention online. We want to share some of the findings from the scientific approach to testing marketing, a field called neuromarketing.
While not his most recent work on the topic, I came across other marketers who recommended this book as a new classic in marketing, and found some great information to share with fellow small business owners and entrepreneurs.
I recommend this book if you have an interest in learning more about branding and how these results were found. One of the best example of effective product placement is Reese’s Pieces in the classic movie E.T. What you might not realize is that even if you read about certain actions like yawning or grasping a pen your brain reacts the same as if you were performing that action yourself. Another interesting example is for businesses offering a product is to show one of your clients excitedly opening the package to get to the product or set it up.
It reflects the truth for many people, outwardly they say they are not superstitious or prone to following rituals but that is often driven by our subconscious minds so many if us don’t realize the extent of our cultural rituals and superstitions and how they affect the buying decision-making process. Most people will eat Oreo cookies in one of 2 ways … by prying them apart, licking the white frosting center and then eating the wafers…or by dunking a whole cookie into milk and then eating intact. Visuals are everywhere from logos to billboards and banner ads, the neuromarketing research has determined that it is much more effective to engage more than one sense at the same time. Most products are not geared towards the supermodel target audience, but instead to real people with everyday looks and interesting personalities.
While it is good to offer flexibility and a variety of options, target specific products or services to specific audiences and keep it simple to get them in the door so to speak. Like any marketing test different things on a smaller scale and see what brings results to your bottom line.
If you have decided that rebranding is the way to go to change the perception of your small business you want to make sure to keep the customers the business has worked hard to attain and maintain. There are many different rebranding situations so their techniques may not work for you but there are lessons we can all learn from their success. Social media is a great way to propose some ideas, let your community of followers know why you want to make the change and listen to their feedback. I loved the way they did it in the featured video of both a tagline for a while “formerly” and old name as well as the “Our Roots Stay The Same” allowing their current customer to know while some things are being improved the core is still intact. We encourage discussion and your ideas on what information would be useful to help you make your business bloom. Which leads into the fact that brains process about 90 percent visually so make sure you use a good image as part of your content whether it be an article, post, video, or any other marketing option. Before the dawn of the Internet you most likely would not know when someone was dissatisfied with your product or service, they just would not be a repeat customer. We ran across a short but helpful article with a great informative graphic that helps break down colors, fonts, and shapes in regards to how they are typically interpreted by people. This event was coordinated by David Beruh of Santander Bank and is open to all those interested in attending. Great signage can create interest as well as promotional items that are unique and provide something your prospects will value enough to keep (even better if it is something they might have on or near them when it comes time to make a purchasing decision.) Look professional, I know suits are hardly ever worn anymore but this is an occasion where they still make sense. Stand in front of your exhibit and greet people as they walk by, engage them with questions, tempt them with giveaways or drawings.
I stayed open and I got the extra 2 or 3 leads from the few people that couldn’t make it earlier. Have a plan in place with a schedule of follow-up calls and emails, connecting with them on social media. This lightbulb with our logo represents the creative marketing services that eRose Web & Business Services provides, and the various colors represent the different stages of marketing and business growth and development. There are various screen sizes and different browsers interpret websites in unique ways, but Google remains the dominant search engine. Combining Social Media and eMail Marketing and connecting them with your website is a great way to get your message out. If you decide you are too busy to do marketing right now eventually this will catch up with you. At this stage it is important to both maintain your profitability on the original products or locations and leverage that success with additional marketing to promote your expansion. Keeping top of mind in your clients and prospects minds is critical to remind them of why you are better than all the pretenders gunning for your business. Product life cycle also called PLC is a concept of marketing that tells about the various stages of a product in its entire existence period or life. Product life cycle also called PLC is a concept of marketing that tells about the various stages of a product in its entire existence period or life. Demand gen is evolving quickly, and the majority of those practicing their craft are more focused on driving results than defining terms consistently from one company to the next. Some funnels are extremely granular with six or eight stages, while others have just early, middle and late stages.
Demand generation is geared toward discovering and engaging targeted audiences to both raise awareness and obtain information that can later be used to qualify and nurture leads.
Marketing cloud “platforms” are often connected to one another as well with myriad other marketing technologies that support activities throughout the customer acquisition funnel; however, marketing cloud systems usually act as the central hub(s) of all these technologies.

Ideally, data moves in real time from system to system, free from any manual processes that may slow transmission and reduce how quickly and effectively marketing can engage with prospects. Examples include pace of lead capture and delivery, pace of sales follow-up, and pace of lead conversion.
Validity may refer to whether a lead contains an active email address or USPS-recognized physical address. Nurturing uses a set of business rules to define what happens upon a lead’s action or inaction. Examples include inquiries converted to MQLs, SQLs to customers, marketing targets that convert by responding to a call to action, and event registrants who convert to attendees. In a typical scenario, a lead score is given a label that maps to pre-determined points thresholds, with the highest score being assigned to a “sales qualified” or “sales accepted” lead. The industry’s different understandings of demand gen and lead gen are alone enough to instigate another Tupac-Biggie-like rivalry. Fortunately, he uses this psychological abnormality to support the development and communication of solutions to customer-specific marketing-process inefficiencies. Join this Mastery Webinar for leading-edge thinking and examples of "predictive customer service," including how signals from the Internet of Things can predict service failures and enable the organization to be proactive. Held May 17-19 in Denver, Colorado, this event will feature powerful keynote addresses, engaging workshops, and valuable networking all aimed at driving business success through customer insights and intelligence. SCORE 2016 will feature powerful keynote addresses, engaging workshops, and valuable networking all aimed at driving business success through customer insights and intelligence. Because our brain processes so much information that often a portion of the decision-making process is in the subconscious, so if you ask the person why they bought from your competitor instead of from you, they may not even know much less be able to share that information.
I am sharing just a few of the highlights I believe can benefit small business owners and marketers specifically.
Believe it or not there are entire video sharing websites dedicated to watching others open products, feeling the excitement vicariously through others. Think about your product or service are there creative ways you can come up with for customers to create a ritual after purchase?
Retail stores can try to add a familiar (and positive scent) ideally may spark a childhood memory like using a vanilla scent or a subtle floral scent. As with everything there are exceptions especially if the mirror neurons we mentioned before are involved to convey the feelings involved when using sex or beauty, but again the goal is to connect with your target audience in some way. Then for recurring sales feel free to inform them of a few more of the options you offer, then a few more. Find a creative way to reassure your target audience that this is not a brand new thing but instead is an improved version of an existing success. When using images it is important to use faces to get people to connect and also to consider the right colors for your message. Another trick is to incorporate the innate human desire to belong as part of your community building and calls to action. While it never feels good to receive criticism (especially in a public forum) it does offer an opportunity that you may not have had to win back that client or to demonstrate your excellent customer service to potential customers.
This is true especially if there are many more positive reviews of the key features of your product or service or they see you have addressed the concerns and it will likely not be an issue going forward.
Remember people usually make a buying decision based on emotion (and then later they back up their decision with the facts.) It is critical to make the right emotional connection with your prospects especially in these days where social media networks drive much of the business.
Making sure you have up to date and professional signs & displays, ample supply of business cards and promotional items, an attention grabbing drawing or prize to encourage more prospects to share their information. There is a schedule that attendees count on, show your professionalism by committing to the entire time of the show. Make sure to thank them immediately after the event for their interest as well as a short time later to find out more details about potential interest in your services or products.
For mobile devices like smartphones you need to make sure text is readable, buttons are easy to use, and you should consider that Facebook has gained considerable ground on Google for how websites are found. It is much easier to maintain momentum in marketing, if you have to start over you likely will have to spend a lot more over the long term and still not get the results that you had been getting previously. You might consider additional SEO Landing pages, even separate social media accounts geared specifically for the expansion. Once you have reached the level of success you wanted for your business it may seem like it is even more difficult to maintain, much less gain more ground. It is important to test new marketing avenues to see what works for your business and that connects you to your target audience of customers. It typically encompasses content syndication, call generation, events, telemarketing, and purchased “lists” (all of which often require working with third parties). A marketing-qualified lead is typically a good candidate to be entered into a nurturing campaign.
Sales and marketing must have firm agreement on what meets the sales-qualified standard, what steps are taken upon reaching that milestone and how outcomes are recorded. Slow velocity negatively affects data quality because prospect interest cools when there’s a lack of timely follow-up.
Accuracy implies that all data points comply with selected audience criteria, such as specific job titles or company sizes.
Conversion rate is a primary metric of most marketing campaigns; a higher percentage is always better. But these are issues that must be solved, because in the age of open platforms, shared data, and automation, without standardized terms, communication (both among marketers and between their technologies) is bound to break down.
Attendees will also receive two special reports focused on research and best practices for CX leadership.
Google wants to provide the best resources and content so if you have a website that provides quality tips and articles on areas related to your business you should at least be on their radar. If you have an opportunity to get your product or service into a show or movie, it is best to make sure it is integral or complimentary to the storyline and not an unneccesary tangent. The ones with the most success typically reach that success due to the controversy associated with the ad campaign. You may not be able to read their minds, but if you are improving your sales, then you must have engaged their minds in a positive way. Also make sure you take into account the time needed for preparation, and that you own a pair of comfortable dress shoes (see below for more info on this). On launch it is important that you at least have your corporate pages set up on the major social media outlets like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and possibly others like Pinterest depending on the type of business you own.
Maintaining a steady presence on Social Media Marketing (SMM) and regular updates to your website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) go a long way to maintaining all the hard work you have put in as well as coordinate with any other marketing campaigns or advertising. It takes a great deal of marketing effort to make sure you stay ahead of all the competitors that see your success and want a piece of it.
These tactics provide enough qualification to start or accelerate the process of engagement, but rarely produce leads that are ready for sales contact in the near term. There are often MQL subsets, such as organizationally defined differences between a lead and a prospect. Uniformity refers to whether leads are formatted in a standardized way that allows for automated data delivery between systems. The quicker demand gen activities can produce and inject lead data into nurture tracks, the better, because it will likely result in a higher…. You can refine your segments over time with more robust analytics and data but a quick segmentation is a great place to start knowing more about your customer and what they want to know. Consistent language, especially when it expresses demand gen in layman’s terms, improves marketing’s credibility with sales and other stakeholders. Unlike top-funnel and lower-funnel activities that have been automated, demand gen largely still suffers from many manual processes.
Age is tied to velocity; if roadblocks exist between data delivery, it allows prospect interest to cool and decrease data value.

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