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Just a quick reminder: 14 years ago today close to 3,000 people died in the worst terrorist attack in the history of the United States. So maybe, just maybe, today is not the day for you to use the anniversary to promote your brand on social media. Facebook contests and campaigns are powerful ways for brands to engage with customers in social. Local governments license the ability to provide cable service in their areas; each region only allows one provider. Verizon Wireless and Cox Communications have agreed to a joint marketing and product initiative that will offer San Diego consumers a new option for TV, home phone, Internet, and wireless services.
Any benefits or promotions from Cox and Verizon’s partnership will be available to both new and current customers of either company. Verizon and Cox first launched their joint promotions and packages in Oklahoma City and Tulsa in May of this year. Verizon customers are waiting for the iPhone 5 as it appears at Apple and Verizon retail stores.
This is not surprising and is not the first time that Verizon has hyped the marketing for a product. 2) Wireless users are using their phones for primarily data now and it is well known that CDMA is not fast.
3) iPhone 5 LTE is probably going to be out later this year and so the iPhone 4 will be quickly obsolete.
Starting with geographical coverage, Verizon has one of the most expansive global data and IP networks in the world with On-Net capability to thousands of lit buildings worldwide, as well as Data Centers, POPs and Collocation arrangements. Access typically is the most expensive data service component, but EVPL allows you to take advantage of the service multiplex capability to bypass the need for dedicated ports, modules, and interface devices.
Todaya€™s networks are ever more complex, with the need to connect corporate LANs, remote sites, off-site data centers, and more. A scalable network service ideal for linking metropolitan locations, EVPL enables both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connections. A wide reach with easy granular bandwidth upgrades, supporting bandwidth intensive applications among multiple sites, with low latency and multiple Classes of Service (CoS), EVPL is flexible by providing point to point, point to multipoint configurations enhanced with multi-service feature availability for key data, voice, streamed live content, telepresence, content warehousing, and email applications.

EVPL is part of Verizona€™s Global Ethernet product portfolio and is built on the Converged Packet Access (CPA) architecture using a Multi-Protocol Label Switched (MPLS) core network. EVPL is typically provisioned with Customer Termination Equipment (CTE) at each customer site. CPA- based EVPL service offers pointa€“to-point and point-to-multipoint Ethernet Line (E-Line) services that are provisioned over the CPA network. Because EVPL traverses the CPA architecture via EA, Verizon customers can leverage the economies of scale, reach, and multi-service features such as Private IP or Dedicated Internet via this same access, thus potentially creating even more efficiencies and value.
An EVPL EVC has service attributes that include bandwidth and VLAN tagging, which allows multiple EVCs into a single EA. EVPL service uses an EVC to provide the point- to-point and point-to-multipoint connectivity. EVPL (Metro) Service: provides a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint intraLATA Ethernet Virtual Connection (EVC) using Ethernet Access within the 48 continental United States. EVPL (National) Service: provides a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint interLATA Ethernet Virtual Connection (EVC) using Ethernet Access within the 48 continental United States. When you compare EVPL to other providersa€™ switched Ethernet services, you'll find that reach, cost, flexibility and scale are all key reasons why Verizona€™s EVPL is the right solution! Verizon has one of the most expansive global data and IP networks in the world with On-Net capability to thousands of Lit Buildings around the globe, as well as Data Centers, POP and Collocation arrangements.
EVPL is flexible, so whether your customer requires point-to-point connectivity between two sites, or they need to aggregate traffic from multiple locations back to a POP geographically, EVPL can and does deliver!
When you put it altogether, this allows Verizon to make Ethernet easier to buy, easier to use, and easier to maintain! EVPL supports a variety of applications including large file transfers and applications that require their own separate bandwidth. Customer can now extend the reach of EVPL beyond Verizona€™s lit building footprint using native Ethernet access options. Partner Solutions Pricing (GWP) is a completely automated pricing engine supporting customer self-service pricing of Ethernet services in the Domestic US. For International Ethernet opportunities originating and terminating outside of the Domestic US, please consult your Verizon Account Team for pricing and availability.

The Verizon Partner Solutions Marketing & Pricing Team is continually working to make Ethernet easier for you! Each of those people were individuals with their own identities and lives, hopes and dreams, fears and frustrations.
I wish there was more to say about it, but my sentiment can be summarized with this: Stop it. Once we have your information, we'll help you find your local cable provider and give you all the information you need to select the right package. The idea is to cross promote and sell each other’s products without the prospect of cannibalizing each other’s customer base (Verizon’s subsidiary, Verizon FiOS, offers the same services Cox does in other regions). Just earlier this month, they rolled out their combination packages in Northern California, Kansas, Nebraska and Northwest Arkansas. But there is, in my mind, absolutely no way for a brand to do so without coming off as tacky and tone deaf. Our availability map will help you quickly and easily find what cable companies are available in your area. If the consumer response to this joint initiative is positive, it won’t be long before cross product and company partnerships become the norm rather than the exception.
The events of that day deeply and irrevocably scarred not only those directly impacted by the tragedy, but also our country as a whole. It's a useful tool if you're moving and want to see if your current provider is available in your new location or just to see a visual representation of what cable television availability is like in your zip code. If youa€™re hoping to simplify your current infrastructure while leaving room to grow, EVPL may be the right solution.

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