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The 2013 logo is a re-worked version of the 2001 logo, but with the full version of the 2010 checkerboard logo. 1Turner owns this station, but it is operated by Meredith Corporation under a local marketing agreement. The Extendable Mobile Ad-hoc Network Emulator (EMANE) is a next-generation framework for real-time modeling of mobile network systems. A goal of the EMANE framework development is to provide a functional baseline emulation system, but also to be integrable with, and provide an integration point for, other modeling systems such as other emulators (e.g.

EMANE is being developed by the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) under the OSD Network Communication Capability Program (NCCP) and in cooperation with the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) High Performance Computing Mobile Network Modeling Instituted (HPC MNMI) effort. The EMANE components focus on real-time modeling of link and physical layer connectivity so that network protocol and application software can be experimentally subjected to the same conditions that are expected to occur in real-world mobile, wireless network systems.
Similarly, other aspects of EMANE, such as the control bus (default is IP multicast over a LAN (e.g. The EMANE architecture provides for Network Emulation Modules (NEMs) that can be associated with computer system (real or virtualized) network stacks as interfaces.

Gbps Ethernet), logging services, etc are distinct components that can be extended or replaced. And while Internet Protocol (IP) is directly supported by EMANE, it is also possible to use the EMANE framework and its NEMs with custom, non-IP protocol stacks.

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