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Marketing agencies must use top creative advertising techniques and ideas to attract many visitors.
TDM - Top Design Magazine was founded by two guys who are passionate about design and development. We are constantly looking for new ideas, concepts or news so if you want to promote your idea, send us an email and we'll publish it. Here, i had collected 80 cool and creative advertisements that will probably give inspirations for your future projects. If you’ve been mulling over a hair update, and specifically a ghd straighteners, you have probably heard about GHD hair straighteners, and are maybe considering purchasing one. Though not looking too realistic, but the truth be told that these are good creative advert copies. A “Vintage” normally refers to items that are at least 25 years old and especially the vintage advertisements of the 1950’s and 60’s are the most pleasing of all.
Companies around the world rely on the talented and creative minds of designers to create visually impactful and memorable product advertisements. Here you will find the most interesting news, tutorials and resources related to all branches of design and web programming.
A lot of marketing agencies use creative advertising techniques and ideas to attract visitors as these creative and unique ads will give visitors a very good first impression.

In today’s advertisements value, the retro ads play a vital role because of its brand name, rarity of print, brands and its historical importance. The old prints of 40’s and 50’s are even now used by many people for home decorations as well as in office decor. Advertising differs from other forms of design, as you often have to incorporate a product, a logo, a company image and other details to meet the client needs. These appealing vintage retro advertisements have come back to place recently with its nostalgic and historical value. Since most of the vintage advertisements are of size 10*13, they are mainly used for framing and matting. Usually, in order to get the retro feel, the original prints of the vintage ads have a faint discoloration.
Each of the vintage ad is a unique and an interesting one especially if you are younger than the advertisements. Therefore, being able to manipulate results to match the color scheme, subject matter and target market are essential skills for any designer.
Most of the artists or the advertising people like to use the vintage classic items sine it is a form of antique advertising. It looks very appealing to the customers and it is majorly used by people in salons, doctor’s clinics, car dealers, and in many other businesses.

With its historical importance, usually, cars, food and alcohol are very popular and appeal the major group of people.
Now-a-days, the advertisements that were since the post civil war are popping up again with the latest trend. An artist who does the crafting is mainly attracted towards the vintage advertisements since it is a perfect size for use.
The vintage ads are excellent collectibles and with its decorative form of art, it attracts numerous people.
If you really love the nostalgic look and you are craving for the colorful illustrated art work, then the right choice is the vintage retro advertisements. The veteran and the collections of military memorabilia usually acknowledge the war time ads.

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