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Digital campaigns use call to action buttons (CTA) to entice visitors to click on a company’s URL page to get more information, take advantage of a promotional sale, etc. Although the print media has taken some serious blows from the digital invasion, it is by no means extinct.
With increased traffic, there is always the possibility of improving your conversion rate and ultimately, reaping greater revenues.
If you have the sort of business (or if you are the sort of business) that doesn't quite fit the formal mold, you may be missing your most effective advertising venue yet. Well, the easy way to find out in 5 minutes is to instantly download this short, free Special Report. How to make your viewers feel as if they have a real stake in your business - even when they haven't yet purchased a thing!
It's true that it's a social media age, and the dozens of social network sites springing up - all being heavily used - are turning into hundreds. But if you want to find out Why advertise on Facebook in particular, download this free Special Report right now! Advertising is the most visual advertising tool you can use to connect with your audience, unlike TV, radio or display adverts it cannot be turned off or turned off.
When used as its most effective a campaign message can be exposed to the consumer via several targeted outdoor advertising media the effect your message can have on the consumer could completely change their purchasing habits for that day. A recent survey conducted by the Outdoor Media Centre revealed 92% of shoppers said they had been exposed to an outdoor advert 30 minutes before purchasing, compare this to newspaper at 4% and the second highest surveyed advertising media radio at 36% this really put it into perspective how hugely influential you can be by using outdoor advertising and 82% of shopping said they impulse purchased that day. Modern outdoor advertising traces its roots from the 1800s, particularly in the US, when local merchants began using signage to attract passersby and travelers. Today, outdoor advertising has become a global marketing strategy, with the ads being presented in various forms, shapes, and sizes. With its strong existence throughout the years, it is no doubt that, outdoor advertising remains to be a very effective marketing medium. Through outdoor advertising, you can tailor your message depending on the location of your prospective customers. In a study entitled Posterscope OCS Survey which was conducted by marketing research firm,  Arbitron, in 2013, it was found out that 61% of US travelers have responded to out-of-home advertisements.
Those who have seen a product advertisement many times over may likely buy the product Outdoor advertising helps pique the interest of new customers, who may be intrigued as to what the buzz is all about. Consider the hundreds of people (with or without vehicles) who pass through the streets each day, and thousands more on busy cities, who will get to see the advertisement.
When looking to market our product to the public and get it some exposure, many of us fall into similar traps. I’m not talking about the traps that hold you back like lack of funding, or lack of marketing knowledge, but the type of marketing that gets the wrong message out.
When marketing your product the a specific niche, it is very tempting to list feature after feature in your advertising.
If you have ever been in business or marketing, chances are you have made the mistake of listing off too many features and not enough benefits.

Sure, maybe they will enjoy the extra features, but if your going to spend time and money marketing features, make sure you put the main emphasis on the benefit that feature will provide right after.
Say you are selling a vacuum, and the vacuum doubles up as a mop because it squirts water up and has mop features on the bottom that come out on the push of a button. Those are pretty cool features, and you want to make sure that customers realize the product has both features. Don’t be afraid to go above in beyond when your painting the image in their head, but never lie or make it sound better than it is. Alex Hamm is a young entrepreneur and writer who blogs about the development of young entrepreneurs. December 23, 2015 by Anthony Levine Native advertising isn’t a new concept, but it’s importance will increase as more businesses harness it on different platforms.
Native advertising is when an ad matches the form and function of the site, app or other platform that it is appearing on. An example of this might be linking to an advertiser directly in the text of an article as a recommendation (this typically happens on affiliate advertising websites) or even sponsored posts on Facebook, with ads that look nearly like all the other posts.
Digital Marketing is estimated to be a $62 billion industry, and it is only poised to grow from there. In fact, using both print and digital advertising increases the effectiveness of your total marketing campaign. There are still millions of people who read the news, post ads, look for jobs, partners or houses, etc. Used creatively as part of a smart digital marketing campaign, it is still a powerful tool to help drive traffic to your website, improve your conversion rate and increase your revenue. Not only is outdoor advertising, strategically located billboards on high foot fall areas or besides our busiest roads outdoor also includes giant posters, benches, signs, advertising on buses, subways trains, trams and taxis but also shopping center lifts, escalators and even bus stops and bins and now even painted logos and marketing messages under your feet on the path with short term paint what a selection! One of the great benefits of outdoor advertising is its impressive scale and its targeted location. With a truly amazing selection of high footfall or main road locations you can use outdoor advertising as an extension to your shop front or showroom. It gained popularity with the advent of automobiles, with billboards, shop signs, and posters displayed along the roads. From the narrowest streets to the widest thoroughfares, advertisements can almost be found on every corner of the world.
With its repeated exposure, your target audience develops familiarity with your business every time they pass by your advertisement. By designing the ad in a way that reflects the needs and tastes of the people in a specific area, the advertisement can better connect with your target audience.[3] For example, advertisements may appear more fun and colorful in beaches and resorts, while signage in business districts may appear to be streamlined and a bit formal. On the other hand, it also reminds existing customers that the product is still available in the market. Whether it’s a billboard, a bus ad, a poster, or a car magnet, outdoor advertising mediums are generally more affordable than print, online, and television ads.[5] Depending on the placement of your ad, and the kind of technique that you use, outdoor advertising is a great way to promote your business for the long term. It’s the reason why the roads and highways are littered with all sorts of outdoor advertising.

Our car magnets use superior 0.8mm thick, UV back coated non marking magnets that can be attached and removed from your vehicle easily.
It’s an easy thing to do, because chances are you pretty involved with the product, emotionally, and you know the product inside and out.
Get into their heads and tell them how by having your product, that nagging problem they’ve been dealing with for years is going to be completely solved.
I learned this from and an interview I did with an entrepreneur named Dave Rekart, who told me the reason his company has survived when so many others in his industry have gone out of business, is because he has focused their efforts on providing consistent solutions, instead of just products. After using your product, how are those lives different and why was their money well spent? He works as a social media marketing strategist and author who is best known for his viral eBook How to Get 10K Twitter Followers In Under 5 Weeks. In light of this enormous potential, the inevitable death of print advertising has been predicted by certain sectors of the industry.
By using technology to allow print media to connect directly to a website, print advertising becomes more dynamic and interactive.
Some businesses (no matter how socially engaged they are) might do better to give it a complete miss! A billboard located a block in front of your business can direct people to your showroom or a bus driving by your shop can be used as a direction tool truly inventive! In both ways, outdoor advertising creates a continuous invitation for people outside their home to make a purchase. In fact, in a study conducted by the American Trucking Association, a commercial signage placed in a vehicle can generate an average of 65,000 visual impressions a day, given that it passes through major city roads.[6] With such scope of audience, outdoor advertising will reach far more prospective customers when used strategically.
Our magnets won't damage your car or your paintwork and are a great alternative to permanent sign-writing. You may have to adjust over the years, but always be in tune with what your customer needs and how you can constantly be providing the solutions they need.
By including print advertising as part of your digital marketing campaign, you gain access to this significant segment of the population.
Unlike newspaper ads which can be folded over to the next page, or websites which can be closed in one click, outdoor advertisements cannot be easily avoided.
People don’t really care about all the things you did to amp up your product and all the little useless features. By giving your target audience several options to contact you, you increase the likelihood that they will.

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