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Some 73% of online adults now use a social networking site of some kind.1 Facebook is the dominant social networking platform in the number of users, but a striking number of users are now diversifying onto other platforms.
As in previous Pew Research surveys of social networking usage, Facebook remains the dominant player in the social networking space.
While Facebook is popular across a diverse mix of demographic groups, other sites have developed their own unique demographic user profiles.
In addition to being the most commonly used social networking platform of the five we measured,  Facebook also has high levels of engagement among its users: 63% of Facebook users visit the site at least once a day, with 40% doing so multiple times throughout the day.
Overall, 42% of online adults use two or more of these social networks, while 36% use only one (the remaining 22% did not use any of the five specific sites we asked about). In this survey, we only asked about a subset of the social networking sites that people use.
The results in this report are based on data from telephone interviews conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International from August 7 to September 16, 2013, among a sample of 1,801 adults, age 18 and older.  Telephone interviews were conducted in English and Spanish by landline (901) and cell phone (900, including 482 without a landline phone). This figure is based on a general social media usage question from a separate survey, conducted July 18-September 30, 2013 among 6,010 adults in the U.S. About Pew Research Center Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world.
According to a recent report by Daily Social, WeChat has met an unprecedented level of growth in Indonesia.
Socialbakers recently reported that brands were more likely to reach fans through videos posted to Facebook rather than YouTube. Citing a recent study conducted by Hong Kong University, China Internet Watch demonstrated that Sina Weibo users are not nearly as active as you might think.
A recent report by eMarketer indicated that  traditional media ad spend was continuing to decline as more marketers increased focus and spending on digital media. The data was calculated from a sample of 2,500 randomly selected users who had tweeted at least 100 times within a month of Vine’s launch date, or January 24th 2013. The study indicated that the highest level of interest went to social advertising, with nearly 68% of respondents planning to increase or maintain their social media ad spend. Recent insights from Socialbakers indicate that Singaporean Facebook users like an average of 23 pages on the platform.
Line Band is a standalone social app that allows friends to form groups called Bands, allowing them to schedule meetups, share photo albums, post status messages and help them remember each other’s birthdays. As PSY’s Gangnam Style has shown, Asian pop is hot! YouTube launched a Asia Pop channel devoted to Korean, Japanese and Chinese pop music that comes with the added bonus of Google+ Hangouts giving fans a virtual alternative to screaming at concerts.
A cheeky social media campaign to launch Maybelline’s 14-hour-wear lipstick in India trended for 14 hours and generated more than 4,000 tweets before its unveiling on 8 February. Consumers are more likely to purchase a new product after reading about it on the Internet, according to Nielsen’s research into those with online access. The amount of time spent online has increased by 5% throughout Europe to an average of 26.9 hours per person over the month. A shift is being shown from traditional to digital media, with mobile and social leading the way. Whilst users in North America have for some time been able to make free calls over the Internet through Facebook’s messenger app, the network has last week updated its main iOS app to integrate the service. The new app also boasts other changes, including more visible buttons for liking, commenting on or sharing content. Facebook admitted on Friday that bugs have been leading to erroneously low figures for page reach over the past few months. When updating their mobile apps in August and December, Facebook tried to increase speed by reducing the necessary amount of information sent when displaying news feed stories. Facebook are to partner with data companies such as Epsilon, Acxiom and Datalogix to match in-store loyalty card purchases with individual Facebook profiles through their email addresses or phone numbers.
In place of the thumbnails they had before, cover photos are now available for Facebook events. Last week, we mentioned that top brands have been gaining visibility on Instagram. Sports giant adidas (a We Are Social client) has been highlighted as one of the most successful brands on the network, having managed to double its follower numbers to almost 150,000 under 3 months, averaging over 5,000 comments across 49 quarterly updates. Twitter have officially launched their new ads API, which allows marketers to purchase adverts from within the dashboards they use to manage their social platforms. Twitter are testing a new addition to their ‘cards’ functionality; a way for brands to create leads. This week has been a big one for social media disasters, most notably after the hacking of Burger King and Jeep’s Twitter feeds, as well as MTV ‘fake hacking’ themselves. The incidents have sparked debate about Twitter’s treatment of brands, with only one type of account for brands with thousands of followers and individuals with very few.
As its latest round of funding brought in $200 million, Pinterest has attained a valuation of $2.5 billion. Our focus is on helping millions of people discover things they love and get inspiration to go do those things in their life. The Oscars last night were a hotbed for real-time marketing, following on from a similar showing at the Superbowl a few weeks ago. They also used the motion capabilities of twitpics, as can be seen in their James Bond tweet. They have since made it clear that they had pre-recorded videos for every possible winner and have been posting the runners up throughout the day.
With so much focus on real-time marketing at various big American events, UK brands are looking to get in on the act, too. A lot has been made of the below Dulux tweet, in relation to the Damien Hirst designed award statuette. In a ‘social remix’ of their famous 2009 ‘Fiesta Movement’ campaign, Ford are giving away 100 of the vehicles to bloggers and online influencers, including celebrities, in exchange for their documenting the experience. Yves Saint Laurent are celebrating the launch of their new ‘Radiance’ range with a Facebook app, which allows users to manipulate photos as if by using the new products.
Here at We Are Social, we’ve recently produced a campaign to launch two new flavours of Bulmers cider: Bold Black Cherry and Pressed Red Grape. English Premier League club Fulham has launched on Foursquare, providing special offers, as well as a badge, to fans who like the club and check in at matches. Integration with apparel is significant, with discounts available at the store for those who check in, as well as a t-shirt on sale including the club’s Foursquare badge, which in turn makes wearers eligible for further discounts. How many Twitter-like posts did China’s Sina Weibo register in the first second of the Chinese New Year of the Snake? Sina Weibo’s record setting posts per second during the Lunar New Year period is putting a dent on the per capita rate of texting in China. Pew Research Center have reported that Facebook users are taking breaks from the network, with 61% of 1,006 users surveyed answering as such. Over the last year, the top 100 global brands have shown a huge amount of growth on both Google+ and YouTube. Toy manufacturer Lego are making their management sit social media exams to ensure they understand the importance of online communication with consumers.
Facebook are rumoured to be in the process of developing a smartphone tracking app, which would allow users to locate nearby friends, even when the app is not open. Facebook has begun testing a new feature called ‘Lookalike Audiences’, which will allow advertisers to target users who are similar to those in their ‘Custom Audiences’. Facebook are set to announce a deal to purchase Microsoft’s ad-serving business by the end of the week, in a deal set to be below $100 million.
Instagram, which up until now has focussed on its mobile app, has in the last week introduced a desktop feed. Twitter announced several updates to their Android and iOS apps, as well as their mobile website.
Messaging app Snapchat has raised a $13.5 million, putting an overall valuation of the company at between $60 million and $70 million. Moreover, the company now reportedly sees 60 million snaps per day, displaying the rate at which users are now engaging with the platform. Vine, Twitter’s video sharing app, has raised its age gate from thirteen to seventeen in response to being used for the production and distribution of 6-second pornographic films.
Video-sharing platform Vimeo has introduced three age ratings for its content: All Audiences, Mature or Not Yet Rated.
Saga has closed down Saga Zone, intended as a ‘Facebook for the over 50s’, after receiving comments of a racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic nature. Restaurant chain Arby’s have produced a ‘fan of the week’ campaign to celebrate reaching 2 million fans.
Telecoms firm O2 have decided to scrap their normal front-of-house advertising in stores until Valentine’s day, replacing it with Valentine’s day messages received via Twitter. Even the sky isn’t the limit for Google+, apparently. NASA have announced plans to host a Google+ hangout live from the International Space Station on the 22nd February. Speaking of chat app and features, Korean-born KakaoTalk has released Korean pop star emoticons that have been localized for Indonesian users. More on Korean KakaoTalk, in its latest move to challenge rivals like Line, the messenger app has unleashed its mobile gaming feature on iOS and Japan. Facebook has, in the last week, shared their latest ‘active user’ figures for the end of 2012. In terms of daily active users, the platform has now reached 618 million, up 34 million from the previous quarter. The number of pages has increased to 50 million and apps to 10 million, in comparison with 42 million and 9 million in April, whilst there are now 350 million photos uploaded to Facebook every day.
The number of marketers either purchasing media or sponsored content in social is set to grow in 2013, with 64% of those surveyed by Nielsen claiming they intend to increase their social budget in the future.
Facebook has begun trialling a new system that provides a more structured method for users to share what they’re doing, such as watching or reading. The example below shows how this would work for someone watching the film ‘There Will Be Blood’.
Facebook last week released a universal gift card, an extension of their ‘Gifts’ system, through which you can purchase presents for a friend via the platform.
Facebook has decided to make it more transparent when ads have been targeted, choosing to display the blue ‘AdChoices’ icon to a user when an advert that has been targeted for them, subsequently allowing users to opt out.
Mark Zuckerberg has revealed that 2013 will see Facebook grow in staff numbers, looking at further development of money-making streams such as Graph Search and Gifts.
A tech company called Stipple, which provides the ability to add certain functionalities to images, has now extended the service to the Facebook stream.
This February, AmEx is providing exclusive discounts to UK users who sync their cards with their Foursquare accounts. Spending at certain retailers will result in cash back on users’ next bills, with the stores involved including Harrods, Shell, Gap, Pizza Hut and Starbucks. Famous as the Super Bowl is for sporting action and overeating, the TV adverts have also become a celebrated part of the event. In East Africa, airlines such as Kenya Airways and Uganda Airlines have partnered with ‘mobile money’ providers like M-PESA and Airtel Money to allow people without a bank account to purchase air tickets via their mobile phone, while in the Philippines, Phillipine Airlines lets customers without a credit card book their ticket online and then pay at a nearby 7 Eleven store. Another airline that has come up with creative ideas to accommodate the large group of first-time flyers is Chinese low-cost carrier Spring Airlines. Spring Airlines has trialled a new boarding strategy by using fruit signs to guide passengers – especially those who travel by air for the first time – as seat numbers can be hard to find and can be confusing for those who have little experience in travelling by air. During the Chinese New Year travel season Spring Airlines was expecting a large number of novice passengers and the airline used a visual solution to help passengers find their seats more quickly and and ease congestion in the aisles. On February 11, passengers on flight 9C8881 between Shanghai and Shenzhen found 4 different fruit signs printed on their boarding passes which corresponded to the seats in four sections – rows 1-2 (blueberry), rows 3-12 (kiwi), rows 13-21 (apple) and rows 22-33 (tangerine). Commenting on the launch of the Virgin Atlantic trial, Jim Peters, chief technology officer of SITA stated that “2014 is shaping up to be the breakout year for wearable technology.” In fact, market forecaster Canalys estimates that worldwide shipments of smart watches will exceed 5 million unit shipments in 2014 – growing tenfold compared with the 500,000+ units shipped in 2013 – as a new generation of devices from Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and others are launched this year. Spanish hybrid LCC has joined Virgin Atlantic as an early adapter of wearable technology and together with Sony has launched the world’s first application that allows passengers to “carry both their boarding pass and flight information on their wrist,” as both companies put it. Ranging from the flight preparations that all passengers – or astronauts – must undertake, to the geography lesson they receive to allow them to fully appreciate the spectacular sights, to the design of the spaceship interior, every aspect of the customer journey has been intricately planned to ensure it exceeds all expectations. While air travellers often arrive at an airport unsure of what to do or where to go, the experience for the first batch of commercial space tourists will be very different. Before take-off, there will be no long queues or last-minute checks, just a journey down a long escalator and a walk through a friends and family area, before taking a seat on the groundbreaking SpaceShipTwo.
Along with megacarriers Air France-KLM and Lufthansa, Finnair is one of the most prominent players in the Europe to Asia market. According to the Center for Aviation (CAPA), Finnair has a near 7 percent capacity share of one-way seats between South Korea and Western Europe, a 10 percent share of Japan to Western Europe (ahead of British Airways), and an approximate 6 percent share of the China to Western Europe.
By virtue of geography, Helsinki’s location makes it the closest European Union gateway for flights between Europe and Asia. According to the airline, some 40 million passengers travel between Europe and Asia annually, and about half of these passengers fly non-stop from a major hub like London Heathrow, Frankfurt and Paris Charles de Gaulle with the other half connecting via an intermediate airport in Europe or the Middle East.
We have reported before how an airline like TAM is targetting the rapidly growing middle class in Brazil in innovative ways, for example by selling tickets via kiosks at low-end retail chains and subway stations.
After asking the general public via radio and various social media, “Do you know anyone who dreams of flying on an airplane yet hasn’t been able to do so?,” Volaris and EnElAire received dozens of stories submitted by people nominating friends or family members to participate in the contest. With Chinese outbound tourism recording more than 20 percent annual growth in recent years and overseas spending by Chinese tourists in 2011 expected to total around USD55 billion, airlines, airports and tourism destinations around the world are rolling out the red carpet to make Chinese travellers feel more at home.
Since there are around 160 cities in China with populations of over 1 million people, airlines such as KLM (Chengdu, Xiamen, Hangzhou), Lufthansa (Shenyang, Qingdao), Air France (Wuhan), Finnair (Chongqing), Qatar Airways (Chongqing) and Etihad (Chengdu) have opened routes to second-tier cities in the country. The growth in the region’s aviation market is resulting in a large number of new airline launches. At the other end of the spectrum, the region’s booming economies and the resulting growth in business travel have led ‘challenger airlines’ such as Skymark from Japan (low-density A380) and Hong Kong Airlines (Hong Kong – London ‘Club’ service) to announce all-premium long-haul flights, while in Southeast Asia, Qantas, Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia founder Tony Fernandes have all revealed plans to set up their own regional premium carrier. Because of intense competition from Gulf-based and Asian carriers, Qantas’ international market share in Australia has fallen from 39 to 14 per cent over the past decade.
Says Qantas CEO Alan Joyce: “Our aim is to position ourselves in the Southeast Asian marketplace in advance of planned aviation liberalisation. China Southern has already boosted international capacity with 33 percent this year as it aims to develop Guangzhou airport in Guangdong province – China’s biggest region by economic output – into a global hub rivaling Hong Kong, which is located less than 200 kilometers (125 miles) away. Qantas is already noticing the increased competition from China Southern, as the Chinese airline has significantly grown its Australia services as part of its intercontinental push. China Southern has selected a three-cabin configuration for its new A380 flagship, which it has dubbed ‘Pearl of the Skies’. Last month we discussed how Emirates is capitalizing on new passenger flows, for example connecting Asia with Africa and with Latin America via its Dubai hub. India is also Emirates’ largest operational market with 185 flights a week to 10 destinations.
Emirates’ aggressive approach has resulted in significant market shares on international flight routes from India; the airline currently holds 35 per cent on routes from India to Britain, 40 per cent to France, 20 per cent to Germany, and 31 per cent to New York. Besides the large number of Indians working in the Gulf states, “one of the reasons for Emirates’ success is that so many Indians love transiting via Dubai,’’ says Madhav Oza of Blue Star Travels, one of the biggest travel consolidators in Mumbai. Air China is China’s flag carrier and third largest airline, as well as the world’s most profitable and largest carrier by market value. Lufthansa has just announced it will also upgrade its First Class on its B747-400 aircraft. The airline is converting every window seat in its existing First Class cabin – which currently fits 16 passengers – into a permanently flat bed, reducing the total number of seats to just eight. First class passengers will also get 17″ monitors for inflight entertainment, temperature-regulating blankets and pillows and an amenity kit from Porsche Design. The novel design may draw interest from ultra low-cost carriers such as Ryanair, Spring Airlines (China) and Tiger Airways (Singapore, Australia). Low-cost carriers already fly many 5-hour routes across Asia, such as Jin Air and Jeju Air from Seoul to Bangkok, and Tiger Airways from Singapore to destinations in Greater China. The airline’s new First Class offers flat-bed seats, designed with wood veneers and brown and beige leather.

A ‘Seat’ option allows one carry-on bag of 7kg, tea, coffee and water and access to some entertainment options but no new release entertainment.
The 2014 World Cup, which some people think will be the biggest event in the history of television, will boost global advertising spending by $1.5 billion this year, according to new figures from ZenithOptimedia. As the chart above shows, World Cup years tend to be less volatile for advertising spending than non-Cup years.
Some 71% of online adults are now Facebook users, a slight increase from the 67% of online adults who used Facebook as of late 2012.
For example, Pinterest holds particular appeal to female users (women are four times as likely as men to be Pinterest users), and LinkedIn is especially popular among college graduates and internet users in higher income households. Instagram and Twitter have a significantly smaller number of users than Facebook does, but users of these sites also tend to visit them frequently.
For those who use only one social networking site, Facebook is typically—though not always—the platform of choice. Among those who only use one major social networking platform, 84% say that Facebook is the single site that they frequent. The Pew Research Center’s Journalism Project has collected recent data on the use of other social networking platforms – especially in the context of getting news.
It conducts public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis and other empirical social science research.
The increase is attributed to a TV advertisement that introduced the Chinese chat app’s launch in the market. The latest figures indicate that there are roughly 597 million active social media users in China.
The data indicated that brands still prefer to post videos on YouTube; the sample presented a distinct bias for the video-sharing platform, with 4,731 videos posted on YouTube, compared to 554 Facebook videos. The survey was based on a random sample of 30,000 users, and indicated that 57% of the Weibo timelines were completely blank. Based on a survey of US marketers in February 2013 (as commissioned by the American Marketing Association, and conducted by the Duke University Fuqua School of Business), the findings confirm the downward trend in spending on traditional media.
Interestingly, the changing ratio of spending on traditional and digital media differ considerably by sector and industry category. The Chinese microblogging service flew past 300 million in February last year, and the milestones kept coming in increments of 100 million: 400 million through July and 500 million by the end of December 2012. On one hand, we know that the total population of active Twitter users exceeds 200 million; On the other, the number of users who tweet over 100 times per month isn’t as clear. This claim is especially impressive as it is understood in relation to an increasingly popular category; social apps came in third globally in terms of revenue. Based on a November 2012 study by Ad-ology Research, the findings suggest that a sizeable portion of businesses with fewer than 100 employees planned on increasing their budgets for marketing and advertising on social media. Over 36% also responded that they would increase or maintain spending on promoted posts or sponsored tweets. While a majority of small business spending will still go toward conventional modes of marketing, social platforms are clearly casting a wider net of interest for their marketing potential amongst small business owners in the US. The report indicated that brands were also the most popular amongst Facebook users, with 6.1 brand pages liked on average.
Tencent’s hybrid social networking and chat app has amassed 300 million users in 2 years and rolled out new features designed to garner more.
Looking somewhat like WeChat and Path, Line Band’s snazzier interface may force rivals to revamp their apps. The extent to which this is the case varies by product category; electronics are the highest, with 81% of those surveyed answering that the internet affects their purchasing decisions. At the same time as 1 in 3 marketers intend to decrease budgets in print media, 76% are looking to increase their social budgets. However, one thing that was removed ended up being the marker used by Page Insights to measure reach, resulting in reach figures coming out lower than they should have.
Previously, the only option for users was to click the ‘Get Offer’ button to instantly redeem it, which would in turn automatically generate a story on friends’ news feeds.
The move would, in theory, allow marketers to target Facebook ads to those that have purchased relevant products in the recent past. Unlike pages and profiles, though, this is the only image they will be allowed; events will simply have the large banner at the top, but no profile picture. This will allow brands to run adverts on the network more easily and it will be interesting to see how this affects the number and nature of Twitter ads. It will work as shown below in a tweet from Twitter themselves about their small business guide; when clicking on the link, a button appears below saying “get it now” . The first allows identification of the language a tweet was sent in, which will be important for translation and filtering.
Obviously, hacks can have hugely negative consequences if left unresolved, but We Are Social’s own Jim Coleman has pointed out some of the positives; notably, they attract a lot of attention. In particular, there have been calls for increased security and the introduction of two-factor authentication.
However, whilst it may be an interesting way of producing topical content around paint, not normally known as the most exciting of products, the real-time element has been largely overblown.
The cars will be entirely free for six months, including petrol, parking and insurance in exchange for using content, which will be used by Ford across their social channels, as well as in traditional media, such as print and television. The ‘try it first’ Facebook app will allow fans to enter for the chance to be one of the lucky few who get to try the flavour before everyone else. The app also includes game-day specials at local pubs and recommendations for spots near stadia based on Foursquare Explore. 34,977 posts within a second, beating last year’s record of 32,312 posts in the first second of Chinese New Year.
After brands like Starbucks and Buick started engaging with the wired Chinese community on WeChat, they are joined by a new breed of users from the Western world.
Such breaks, which last from a few days up to several weeks before returning to the network, are caused by a number of factors: 21% claimed they didn’t have enough time, 10% stated a lack of interest and 8% claimed they spent too much time on the site. This conveys the extent to which social media remains a growing point of interest for marketers. 75% have established an active social presence on Google+, accounting for 20.9 million fans. Staff will attend a day-long course ending in a practical and theoretical examination, the culmination of which sees each person post a Facebook update to the brand’s page. Due to be released in mid-March, the motives behind the app may be to allow greater targeting of advertising through the information gathered about users’ locations. When an advertiser creates a custom audience by adding a set of data, they will then be able to target ads to similar users, as assessed by Facebook’s algorithms. After last year’s move to allow access to Instagram profiles from a computer, this sees a more robust move into the desktop world. From now on, all content in Discover will appear in a single stream and the same will be the case for Search. They have increased the price of a promoted tweet from $150,000 to $200,000, a vast increase from the $80,000 charged at launch in 2010. The network is yet to make a great deal of revenue, but does have strong connections to the retail market. From now on, whenever users try to download or upgrade the app, they will need to confirm that they are at least seventeen. When a user uploads a video, they will be asked to divulge whether it includes violence, nudity, swearing or illegal substances, upon which their content will be rated automatically. They reported receiving a particularly ‘vicious exchange’ about the Middle East, after which a number of users were banned from the network. Anyone who uploads an image of themselves eating in an Arby’s will earn the opportunity to enter a draw to be ‘fan of the week’ and receive a $25 Arby’s Facebook page.
If you’re looking for a way to share with your loved one, tweet with the hashtag #O2Tweetheart and you could declare your love via the high street. Two NASA astronauts and one from the Canadian Space Agency will answer questions about life on the ISS for an hour on the day, from 11am to midday Eastern Time. Though a Korean User Interface is not available on the mobile app yet, it’s in the works.
Asian-born apps such as Line, WeChat and KakaoTalk have been making a play for the international market while battling for dominance within the region. Featuring animated text in English and Indonesian, the 5 sets of K-pop emoticons for acts such as Girls Generation, KARA, SHINee, Rainbow and Yoo Seung Ho are available as in-app purchases in the Android app.
Interestingly, mobile daily active users surpassed their desktop counterparts for the first time, showing that those who access Facebook regularly are increasingly doing so via mobile. This is likely to start as a small increase (between 1 and 10%) but nevertheless displays a shifting attitude towards more robust use of social media as a marketing tool. As well as posting a normal update, there would be an option when writing a post to select from a drop down menu of feelings, films, books etc.
Firstly, it may have been more useful to provide one unified currency to spend across Facebook, instead of breaking it up by retailer; however, it is of greater benefit to those retailers that the revenue be locked into their stores. The platform, which grew by 44% to 4,619 employees in 2012, will increase its headcount even further, in order to invest on research and development for products that can increase Facebook’s long-term revenue. This allows brands who use Stipple to display pricing information on images and looks towards an eventual move to provide real-time purchasing in users’ news feeds.
Firstly, they have released an app that allows business managers to  more easily share updates, specials and discover information about their customers. Unsurprisingly, Twitter was on excellent form and the network has published some statistics on the evening’s activity. The highest peak (in tweets per minute) during the game came when a power cut stopped play, with an activity rate of 231,500 TPM. For example, in Brazil TAM sells tickets via kiosks located at low-end retail chains and at subway stations. Their trend presentations provided high quality output that played a significant contribution to our marketing strategy.
While it is initially only available to those rich enough to afford a USD 250,000 ticket, the company is keen to bring space travel to the masses and aims to offer a passenger experience far exceeding anything that has been offered before.
The challenge has been especially strong for European carriers, whose base in the economically troubled Eurozone, coupled with strong competition from low-cost carriers and Gulf-based airlines, has required them to look to new markets for opportunities. The airline has built a niche strategy around “Asia’s growing market, the best flight connections and cost-competitiveness” and has invested significantly into expansion in the region and into developing its Helsinki base into a prime transit hub.
Finnair has leveraged this fact by promoting its Helsinki hub as a transit hub for travellers between its 40 European and 11 Asian gateways. Finnair strives to be among the three largest operators in traffic between Europe and Asia involving transfers during the trip.
These countries are enjoying significant economic growth, which is resulting in the creation of a middle class who are ‘trading up’ from long-distance buses to travelling by air, often flying for the first time in their life. The airline also allows customers to pay their ticket in multiple installments and provides ‘how to fly’ advice to first-time flyers.
No wonder red carpets are being rolled out wherever Chinese politicians and CEOs currently set foot.
These airlines also employ Asian cabin crew on board and offer localized amenities such as Chinese food and beverages, movies, music, newspapers and magazines. Airbus, for example, projects that by 2030 the region will account for 33 percent of worldwide revenue passenger kilometres, up from 28 percent today. In the past year, full-service airlines such as ANA (Peach, AirAsia Japan) and JAL (Jetstar Japan) have announced their own low-cost initiatives in order to take advantage of market deregulation in Japan, while the region’s largest LCC’s – AirAsia, Jetstar and Lion Air – continued their expansion.
The airline’s cost base for its international operations is said to be 20 per cent higher than that of its competitors.
In five years we plan to have a hub in the world’s fastest growing aviation region, feeding traffic into both our Qantas and Jetstar networks.
We are always inspired by the latest innovations featured in the newsletter and for example use it as input for our brainstorming sessions. The double-decker planes will spearhead the state-controlled company’s drive to more than double the percentage of capacity deployed on overseas routes to 35 percent by 2015, said Yang Bo, the head of its planning department.
Similar drives in Europe and North America will follow, partly to offset competition from high-speed trains on domestic routes in China. The airline’s superjumbo has 506 seats in total: Eight ‘Platinum’ suites in First Class, 70 lie-flat Business Class seats and 428 seats in Economy.
According to Boeing’s latest outlook, these emerging economies will collectively occupy over 60 percent of passenger flows by the year 2030. A good showcase of the challenge that the rise of Emirates is posing to European legacy carriers is India, since the subcontinent is the second largest market for both British Airways (50 weekly flights to 5 destinations in India) and Lufthansa (52 weekly flights to 7 destinations), after the United States. The airline’s low prices and large network in India make it an attractive option, and on the popular route between India and North America, Gulf airlines such as Emirates are virtually the only practical option for travellers from second-tier Indian cities. Airlines from China still have some way to go to improve their international competitiveness, but two of China’s largest airlines, China Southern and Air China, have recently embarked on major upgrade programs. The airline’s major hubs are Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu and as of December 2010 the Star Alliance-member operated flights to 47 international and 91 domestic cities with a fleet of 393 aircraft. At the same time, Lufthansa also started an EUR400 million revamp of all classes across its entire fleet. However, instead of installing the new First Class cabin introduced on its A380 last year, Lufthansa has opted for a radically different design for the new First Class on its B747-400s. The full-flat beds have a sleeping surface measuring over two metres in length and a top-quality mattress.
Furthermore, just like the First Class on Lufthansa’s A380s, sound-absorbing curtains and sound-deadening insulation beneath the carpet will make the cabin more quiet. The ultra-high density configuration lets passengers sit at an angle with just 23 inches of legroom (versus the standard 30 inches) and would allow airlines to increase passenger capacity by up to 40 percent. Ryanair recently unveiled a concept that would let passengers stand during flights, leaning against a flat padded backboard and restrained with a strap stretching over their shoulder. Especially low-cost airlines have allowed many Asians to travel by plane for the first time, and there is major scope for LCC growth on medium and long-haul routes as the rapidly growing middle classes of Asia are increasingly traveling longer distances. Indonesian low-cost carrier Lion Air also has plans to expand its regional network to China, Japan and South Korea.
The flat bed measures 2.07 metres in length and 80 centimetres in width, and each passenger has an individual wardrobe. The airline has decided to remove business-class seats from its A320 aircraft that fly from New Zealand to Australia and the Pacific islands, increasing capacity by an extra 19 seats to 171 seats. The world’s biggest brands are already battling to get maximum exposure from the enormous audiences the quadrennial festival-of-the-boot attracts. That is explained by rapid growth in spending in Asia, and to a lesser extent other fast-growing emerging markets in Latin America and Eastern Europe. Even though the US is beginning to embrace soccer, the World Cup’s global appeal means that as the advertising industry becomes less dependent on the US, this dynamic could grow even stronger.
In addition, Instagram users are nearly as likely as Facebook users to check in to the site on a daily basis. Twitter and Instagram have particular appeal to younger adults, urban dwellers, and non-whites. Some 57% of Instagram users visit the site at least once a day (with 35% doing so multiple times per day), and 46% of Twitter users are daily visitors (with 29% visiting multiple times per day). However, other “single platform” social networking site users have adopted a site other than Facebook as their platform of choice.

Japan’s chat app Line had recently claimed the top spot on Google Play’s rankings; however, WeChat’s recent surge in popularity has bumped Line down to second as WeChat quickly overtook the first place spot. Although there are reportedly 503 million registered users in total as of December 2012, this data whittles the number of Weibos with at least one post to a mere 220 million. Onlookers may easily cast doubt upon these sort of numbers, however–after all, the number of registered users hardly describes user behavior. This is because overall, video creation continues to be a relatively underdeveloped area in social media–a point that makes Vine’s adoption rate particularly striking. Despite some indications of growth, only time will tell if a micro-video is worth 1000 words–not to mention 140 characters.
Social apps also saw a significant increase in monthly downloads during the month, up by 30% compared to January 2012. Embracing the competition, Weibo rolled out a feature allowing users to share content to WeChat on its Android app with further plans to extend it to the iOS app.
The response far exceeded the 1,400 tweets the agency, Foxymoron, set out to generate as women shared their views about vacations, weekends and sex that didn’t last long enough. Social media plays a large role in this, as 30% stated social channels would influence their decision and 27% took into account content posted on video-sharing channels.
The first change means that there are now two different options: it is possible either to ‘Shop Now’ or ‘Remind Me’, increasing the flexibility of Facebook offers. One fear is that the number will rapidly increase, a concern that Twitter have quickly looked to waylay, arguing that the changes will simply affect ease for advertisers, not volume. It will be interesting to see if the system, which is currently still being tested, is rolled out further. The second allows yet further filtering, this time by importance – or what Twitter considers ‘high value’ tweets.
Moreover, they need not be too damaging if dealt with promptly and humorously. Burger King at least did the latter of these fairly well. In fact, the nature of the statue had been known for months before the awards, meaning that this wasn’t really ‘real-time’ at all. Users can also download a voucher for a two-week free trial of any two products from the range.
According to Sina, 731,102 Weibo posts were made within the first minute of the Year of the Snake. Hollywood celebrities such as John Cusack, Selena Gomez, Paris Hilton and Maggie Q have joined the fray.
Sharing sneak peeks, news updates and through inviting fans to the grand opening, the page whetted the dessert-loving community’s appetite for the world famous doughnuts. It will be interesting to see how quickly users choose to access Instagram from devices other than their mobile phones. This is now set to increase, allowing users to locate content beyond the most recent Tweets. Since the news that some employees were selling shares at a valuation of roughly $9 billion, the last week has seen the valuation increase to roughly $9.9 billion with the sale of further shares. After further consideration, they have decided to dismantle the network entirely, stating that whilst it may be okay for non-branded social networks to allow a “free-for-all”, this is not something that they wanted associated with the Saga brand. In a nice touch, they launched the campaign by locating their 2 millionth customer, a woman named Donelle Norblom, who in 1970 received the accolade when eating at her local Arby’s. You can submit a question in the form of a video via YouTube until 12th February, or ask questions live via Google+, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #askAstro. Considering how often the Vancouver-based company has been rolling out updates to support Asian users, we reckon the months ahead will be interesting for users seeking a social media dashboard that supports a wide range of platforms in Asian languages. Mobile messaging is much loved in Asia so it barely comes as surprise that Vietnam has jumped into fray with homegrown app Zalo. In terms of profit, however, the story is mixed: $64 million profit in Q4 2012 was a huge improvement on the $59 million loss in Q3, but down from $302 million at this point last year. The statement also acts as a warning to investors that Facebook intends to focus on long-term over short-term profits, as the rise in staff will increase the platform’s expenditure by 50%. The app, for iPhone and Android, is aimed at local managers who can switch between a few locations; an entire chain must still be managed via desktop. The end of the game produced 183,000, whilst one particularly impressive touchdown gathered 185,000. As the global economic center of gravity is shifting from Europe and the USA towards Asia, with subsequent increases in income, many European carriers are looking East for growth. According to CAPA, Finnair in the second quarter of 2012 deployed about 51 percent of its capacity (in ASKs) on routes to Asia, and this segment represented 43 percent of passenger revenues. Meanwhile in East Africa, airlines such as Kenya Airways and Uganda Airlines have teamed up with mobile payment services like M-PESA and Airtel Money to allow people without a bank account to purchase air tickets via their mobile phone. Although air travel in China is still mainly on domestic and regional routes, an increasing number of leisure and business travellers are flying overseas. With its dominance at home eroded, Qantas in August 2011 announced a plan to establish an Asian hub, which is is expected to reduce its operating costs with tens of millions of dollars. China Southern Airlines’ focus on domestic flights made it Asia’s largest carrier by passengers. A passenger from New York on the way to, for example, Thiruvananthapuram, has to connect twice when flying via Europe (e.g, at Frankfurt and at Delhi), compared to a single connection at Dubai. Meanwhile, Hainan Airlines, China’s fourth largest airline group, recently has been awarded a 5-star status by Skytrax (although this status can be debated).
Compared with China’s other major carriers, China Southern and China Eastern, Air China leads in terms of international destinations, which make up 50 percent of its routes, followed by China Eastern (30%) and China Southern Airlines (25%).
For example, in December 2010, Lufthansa unveiled a ‘new European cabin’, adding slimmer, lighter seats on its short-haul aircraft.
Essentially the new First Class seat on Lufthansa’s B747-400 now will consist of two seats, with the upright seat appearing similar to an older version of Lufthansa’s First Class seat on the pictures. The seats also have a foldable shelf for carry-on bags and hooks to hang a jacket or purse. European regulators said Ryanair’s design would not meet safety rules as current rules determine that each passenger has to be provided with a seat or berth.
According to Airbus in 2009 Asian budget carriers flew an average 1,800 kilometres per flight. These are among the key findings on social networking site usage and adoption from a new survey from the Pew Research Center’s Internet Project. Among those who use just one social networking site, 8% use LinkedIn, 4% use Pinterest, and 2% each say that Instagram or Twitter is their sole social networking site. Whatsapp ranks third on Google Play’s top downloads, while KakaoTalk has been knocked out of the top 50, to 52 amongst free apps on mobile platforms. Socialbakers notes that this may be because Facebook videos can be directly streamed from the mobile news feed, whereas YouTube links are redirected out of mobile apps.
The rate of decline accelerated rapidly, to show that marketers had decreased traditional media spending by another 2.7% in February 2013.
A recent report by China Internet Watch seems to dispel these doubts, as active users are reported to have increased at an impressive rate as well. The company cited providing the best user experience as their main objective and their belief that the service should be an open platform.
Only 5 fans will be allowed into each Hangout so be sure to prep a really good question for your chance to be selected. Tweets were filtered to select women-specific tweets that were collated to create a visualization of a lipstick. It remains to be seen if this explains the full extent of the decrease in reach we exposed in November. One thing that will be affected, though, is the extent to which ads can be targeted; marketers will now be able to create their own custom audiences.
Of the two features, this is set to be the most exciting, especially for brands, who can use the tool to better assess their own performance on the network. Although their response could perhaps have been speedier, the lighthearted response, when it did arrive, was amusing and appropriate.
This figure surpasses the 729,571 posts logged in the first minute of 2013 on the platform.
The decline was attributed to the increasing popularity of media-rich platforms such as Weibo and WeChat.
With over 300 million users and features such as voice and video chats, it’s not hard to see why these actors and singers are choosing to engage with their fans on this platform. The sugar glaze on this campaign was a chance for the first fan at the grand opening to win a year’s free supply of the doughnuts.
This means it could provide more data to advertisers about the effectiveness and return on investment of advertising within the social platform, and possibly target ads off site using Facebook user data. If those uploading videos are shown to be labelling them inaccurately, the video’s rating will be changed and may lead to sanctions if the action is considered persistent or intentional.
The more cynical reader might wonder if other factors were involved for the network, which had “many thousands” of registered viewers but only “low hundreds” of regular contributors. The chain rediscovered her and has created a video of her discussing her win, liking the page on Facebook and becoming the 2 millionth Arby’s Facebook fan. Just last week, we mentioned that HootSuite introduced new features for Sina Weibo and Renren, China’s version of Twitter and Facebook respectively.
In a recent update, bugs in the app were patched, a VIP microblogging feature was added along with a Retina app icon. Till 8 February, Indonesian users stand a chance to get free K-pop emoticons by liking or following KakaoTalk’s social platforms and helping to spread the word. Secondly, the icon appears only when someone scrolls over the grey x in the corner of the advert, which itself only appears when the advert itself is scrolled over. Furthermore, businesses can now choose to have their Twitter handles shown any time someone shares a check-in on Twitter, facilitating organic cross-platform growth. However, the true star of the night, at least on Twitter, was Beyonce, who generated 5.5 million tweets during her half-time performance.
As Qantas CEO Alan Joyce tells Bloomberg, “The Chinese carriers are in an amazing position. Cabin seating is configured just 1-1 with the upright seat adjoining the aisle to allow for easier meal service and socializing, while the bed is positioned alongside the window for more privacy. In comparison, the average flight length for Southwest Airlines (USA) was 1,019 km, and 978 km for Easyjet (Europe). First Class passengers will have two large bathrooms at their disposal with wash and changing areas separated from the lavatory area. While a majority of WeChat’s users are based in China, Daily Social notes that the app has gained in excess of 300 million users in the past two years. The largest demographic of Chinese netizens on social media belongs to the bracket of 26- to 30-year-olds (30%), followed by 31- to 35-year-olds (21%) and 19- to 25-year-olds (19%).
Interestingly, they will also decrease traditional media spending the most across sectors, reporting a negative change of 5.4% over the next 12 months.
Just as 500 million in December 2012 constituted a doubled user base from 2011, active daily users were up by 46.2 million or 82% compared to the same time last year.
This popularity may come as a surprise given the fact that the Japanese chat app constitutes the only Asian-made app in a list filled with American apps. In addition to offering more personal connections between brands and fans, WeChat also offers users the ability to send messages to random users in the vicinity. On the monetization front, Sina has grown its Weibo enterprise customer base from 230,000 to 300,000 within a quarter and will be pushing out Twitter-esque promoted trends for larger clients. Combined, these look set to increase the usability of ‘Offers’ and potentially increase the number of users taking advantage of the feature. WeChat’s voice greetings feature offers users a personal touch that SMS greetings cannot provide, another hammer in the coffin for old school text messaging. It seems there is a growing trend for celebrities to send pre-recorded messages to their hordes of fans directing them to a sponsor’s homepage or to their latest works on video-streaming sites such as Youku, Tencent Video and Sohu Video. The move also displays another point of competition between Facebook and Google, in terms of capitalising on digital advertising as a whole. In terms of the network’s development in other areas, Twitter has acquired social TV analytics company Bluefin Labs. In spite of the newly added features, the app is still not on par with its stronger Asian competitors. The Asia-Pacific region is also home to 2 of the 3 long-haul low-cost airlines in the world, AirAsia X and Jetstar (airberlin is the third one).
The Lufthansa First cabin looks like a slimmed down version of SWISS’ First Class, which was also designed by Priestmangoode. The colors, materials and shapes used are also intended to create a smooth transition from Lufthansa’s first-class lounges to the aircraft. In terms of the total number of downloads, WeChat still tips its hat to Whatsapp and Skype; though it is important to note that WeChat is also amongst the newest chat apps around, having only launched domestically in 2011.
It is interesting to note, however, that both kinds of videos were met with similar levels of interaction types, with 77% likes, 16% shares and 7% comments. As we have tracked through the recent months, Korean chat app KakaoTalk is quickly catching up as serious contender for the spot. Several large brands such as Starbucks, Nike, Intel and Durex, have been quick to hop onto the WeChat marketing bandwagon.
TV stars, such as Nina Dobrev of The Vampire Diaries fame, are also jumping onto the WeChat bandwagon.
The brand also reached out to consumers via Twitter shortly before the launch and organized small contests garnering winners free boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. As for YouTube, 87% of the top brands have their own channel, with a total of 3.15 billion views between them. This seems a logical move, given the extent of the relationship between Twitter and television.
Zalo in its current incarnation is not as slick or sophisticated as the other apps but it is learning from its competitors.
When departing or arriving in Frankfurt, First Class passengers are chauffeured in a Porsche Cayenne or Mercedes between the terminal and the aircraft. The company qualifies that WeChat marketing is only offered to clients that are committed to doing social CRM.
It seems these celebrities are aided by Fanstang, a service provider that syndicates material pulled from the stars’ Twitter and Facebook platforms and translating them into ready-to-post Chinese content on WeChat or Sina Weibo. The social media campaign was a success as it created brand awareness, had regular interaction with the fan base and drove footfall to the outlet. Big changes could be underway as the app maker, VNG, has hired a large team to bring the app up to speed and to bring to life new features that will help reel in more users.
As WeChat becomes increasingly accessible on a global scale, it will surely become an increasingly intimidating contender for both local and global chat apps to face. In addition, due to VNG’s gaming background, industry observers expect gaming features to be rolled out on Zalo soon.

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