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Audio Editing Software Reviews: The best ones out there, the features that they offer and how th choose the best ones. When it comes to music software, musicians want it to be as flexible as possible and give them the maximum control. Most music production software give you an all-in-one package which include features to help you record, edit and mix the tracks. However, for those who are only interested in editing a song or some audio clip, going in for a full-fledged studio software would be expensive.
Another area where digital audio editors are used is in the area of sound or speech analysis, so probably may not interest musicians.
Some of the uses include performing acoustic analyses, such as extracting and displaying a fundamental frequency contour or spectrogram.
The best ones out there give you many more features, including those meant for audio production as well. You can use these software for: Audio production, Audio Restoration and even Sound Analysis. Enough new features to justify upgrading, and retains Sibelius' ease of use - but the price!
For many musicians who use computers, the preferred tool of their trade is a sequencing and digital sound processing (DSP) application such as Apple's Logic Pro.For those who prefer to produce a traditional printed score, there are score-writing applications such as Sibelius and Finale. Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more! TechRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. BIAS has announced Peak Studio, a new edition of the audio editing, mastering, and delivery software for Mac OS X.
Peak Studio will include Peak Pro 7 along with a complementary suite of powerful tools for multi-channel mixing, mastering, restoration, streamlined analog archiving, and more.
Advanced Mastering, Restoration, and More: Peak Pro 7 includes a new de-clipping tool for repairing audio files.
Peak Pro 7 and Peak Pro XT 7 will be available in Q4 2010 at a US Suggested Retail Price of $599 USD and $1199 USD respectively.
All customers purchasing new retail editions of Peak Pro 6 from November 1st 2010 may receive a free upgrade to Peak Pro Studio when available.

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WavePad boasts a fully customizable user interface that both professionals and beginning users will appreciate. The program took a long time to render when we removed clicks and pops from our audio sample. WavePad is fully customizable and works with every audio file that we tested, which makes this one of the most usable and affordable audio editors around.
We tested each audio editing program by importing a noisy audio file that was burdened with hiss, cracks, hum and pops that are associated with vinyl recordings. Recording audio into WavePad is as easy as connecting a USB microphone into your computer and pressing record. You can send WavePad an email via the company's email forum if you have any questions concerning WavePad. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. Whether used for streamlined multi-channel editing, multi-track recording, compositing, or surround mixing, Peak Studio users will certainly appreciate the intuitive control and ergonomics in this new and powerful audio production tool. Whether transferring from analog tapes or vinyl LPs, SoundSaver streamlines the process and produces professional results.
WavePad not only provides an easy-to-use interface that even a novice audio editor will feel comfortable using, but it also has a large toolset to accomplish a variety of audio editing jobs.
When we ran this software on a Mac operating system, the toolbar was not fixed and would interrupt your work by blocking the waveform overview. This is critically important if you are working on multiple audio files at once and need to undo a mistake that was made many processes ago.
It has dozens of automated and manually applied effects including echo, delay, reverse, amplify, reverb and distortion. WavePad successfully imported a wide variety of different audio files including AAC, AIFF AU, FLAC, MP3, MP4, M4A, OGG, WAV and WMA.
You can also visit the user forum to talk to other users to resolve any issues you may have.

The program has enough editing tools to satisfy the professional user, and the interface is easy enough for the most novice user to handle.
Peak Pro 7 also integrates editions of the highly acclaimed SoundSoap Pro 2 and Master Perfection Suite plug-ins, plus a new wide-band peak limiter. WavePad is also compatible with a multitude of audio files and can convert those files to a wide variety of audio formats. Because you have to download a different application to multitrack, we did not give WavePad credit for multitracking capabilities. The rendering time it took for the program to remove clicks and pops from our audio sample was unfortunate. The additional signal processing tools make Peak Pro 7 the most comprehensive audio editing and processing application for Mac OS X in its class.
The toolbar sits fixed above the audio editor and displays a tool ribbon that is easy to navigate. Outside of that program hiccup, this is easily one of the best audio editing software options available.
Other enhancements include support for MP3 VBR (Variable Bit Rate) and compressed WAVE files, Japanese CD-TEXT, Pro Tools playback keyboard short cuts, and other improvements.
This is something we didn't experience with any other audio editing software that we reviewed. Unlike previous editions, Peak Pro 7 includes DDP (Disc Description Protocol) Export — providing support for this popular pre-master delivery format at no additional charge. Sibelius 5 also comes with a large number of pre-programmed Ideas, which will mainly be of use in the education sector.
Sibelius can be set to mark these preset Ideas clearly within a piece of work, so it's clear which parts of a student composition are the student's own work.Mention should also be made of the incorporation of VST and Audio Units plug-ins - together with undoable plug-ins (yes!). In fact, the playback aspects have been greatly enhanced - due mainly, we suspect, to the company's acquisition in 2006 by Avid, owner of Native Instruments.All in all, then, an upgrade well worth having - if only the price weren't so prohibitive.

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