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Seek Thermal has released the Seek XR, an extended range version of its thermal camera accessory designed to be used with Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones or tablets.
Specification wise the next Seek Thermal XR is identical to the standard version of the thermal imaging accessory, the only difference being the lens used on the two models. The Seek thermal camera accessory for Apple iOS devices is now available for sale with a price of $199 USD as up until recently only the Android-based version of the device was up for sale. The specifications of the iOS version of the accessory are the same as the ones for the already available for a while Android version of the device, the price is also the same, so it is up to you to get the right model based on your smartphone type. When we are talking about a thermal camera that is designed to be used together with a smartphone or a tablet we presume that it needs to be a low-end and affordable solution. Specifications wise there is one important thing worth mentioning that can be considered as a bit of a disadvantage – the temperature range that the thermal camera accessory can detect. Ties are already designed to look good around your neck, so why not replace your aging, logo-laden camera strap with one? Blurring the lines between a DSLR and a point-and-shoot, the Canon EOS M Camera ($800) is the company's first foray into mirrorless cameras. It’s safe to assume that most people have yet to devote a single thought to thermal imaging — and there’s a good reason for that.
Earlier this year a product called Flir, which brought artistic-looking thermal imaging to the iPhone, was demoed at Macworld Expo.
Seek, in conjunction with defense and aerospace company Raytheon, developed a 32,000 thermal pixel imaging chip — with a resolution of 206 x 156 array. Thermal cameras are useful in a number of situations for safety and security, home improvement, pet protection, cooking, boating and more. Thermal cameras then calculate surface temperature based on a combination of emitted, reflected and transmitted heat.
For accurate measurements, cameras like the Seek have small shutters that periodically pass in front of the lens, letting the software recalibrate based on ambient temperature. The temperature differences between the pixels are translated into viewable images that can look intriguing and artistic. Seek Thermal’s app features four thermography modes with different kinds of information, and gives you a choice of nine color overlays to apply to the temperature measurements that will create an image. The Seek icon at the top of the display takes you to an informational screen that lets you see featured thermal images from other users as well as read about different uses. Aside from the iPhone, the app has been tested with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 and the Moto G and X.
The cameras go on sale tomorrow and will ship when the apps go live in their respective app stores. Next year, the company will release an SDK for third-party developers to create their own apps that leverage Seek Thermal’s technology. Jackie Dove was in charge of The Next Web's Creativity channel from February 2014 through October 2015. Control is via a 4.8-inch 1280 x 720 touchscreen running at 308ppi, along with the voice control that's part of Android.

Reviewing photos can be done in the usual Android gallery manner, but there's also support for multi-tag searches, allowing users to pull out images from a certain holiday featuring a certain individual. In fact, most of what you'd find on an Android phone or tablet is present, bar voice calling - even though there's that HSPA+ modem, it's only for data. While Samsung is among the smartphone manufacturers pushing the envelope with phone-cameras, the Galaxy Camera is definitely a camera first. Samsung is in talks with carriers regarding potential subsidies, and isn't talking about specific pricing as yet. The new extra range model is created with outdoor enthusiasts in mind, allowing people to literally see heat, making it possible to spot people and animals in total darkness.
The long range XR version comes with a manually adjustable focusing lens and a reduced field of view of 20 degrees as opposed to the fixed focus lens and the 36 degree FOV of the standard Seek Thermal version. The important thing is that the iOS version is now also available, but unfortunately just like with the Android version you can currently order and have the Seek thermal imager from the official website only to United States and Canada, no other countries are currently present in the shipping to list. Well, that is not always the case as we can see with the Therm-App from the Israeli company Opgal. The operating range of just 5 to 90 degrees Celsius is pretty limiting and with a larger resolution thermal imaging sensor we kind of expected to see a wider detection range available as well, especially considering the price of the Therm-App device. That's apparently the question that was asked during development of the Nikon Coolpix S800c Android Camera ($350). The Necktie Camera Strap secures your shooter securely around you using a snazzy houndstooth strap that's made to look just like the aforementioned necktie, but without the need for equally fancy attire.
Up until now, that rarified technology has been the exclusive (and expensive) province of law enforcement, firefighters, contractors, boating pros and the military. Today, Seek Thermal enters the consumer market with a thermal camera and companion app for both iOS and Android. For example, if I had a thermal camera on one pitch black moonless night, I might have avoided falling into a campground fire pit and nearly breaking my neck on the iron grill.
Or you might scan your yard for dangerous predators before letting the dog run around outside at night, or even check for intruders on your property or find your pet in the dark. The colors, which are arbitrary and can be set by the user in the app, represent a temperature range from cool to hot.
When on, the app uses both the smartphone camera and the Seek camera simultaneously, letting you switch between them with a swipe left or right. Seek estimates that will be within one to two weeks for Android, and shortly thereafter for iOS. Revealed at IFA 2012, the Samsung Galaxy Camera brings a 16-megapixel backside-illuminated CMOS paired with a 23mm wide-angle lens and a Smart Pro system that helps entry-level users get the sort of photos usually reserved for those with years of experience and DSLRs.
There's also the same sort of in-device intelligence that we've seen on the Galaxy S III - in fact it runs on a 1.4GHz quadcore processor too - with the Galaxy Camera able to create folders automatically, identify faces, and tag with location.
35 photo editing options are available, including brightness, contrast and filters, though if you have a third-party camera app, like Instagram, you can use that instead.
Still, that means there's support for browsing on the vast display, managing all your email accounts and contacts, calendar and gaming, as well as support for third-party apps downloaded to the camera.

There's an Expert mode with support for manually adjusting aperture, shutter speed, ISO and other settings, and of course the dimensions are more akin to a point-and-shoot camera than they are a phone. Still, it says we should expect the Galaxy Camera to be priced akin to a premium model, so we're guessing in the region of $500+.
For hunters, the Seek XR can be used in daylight, the dark, or in obscured visibility conditions.
According to the manufacturer the XR model is ideal for Hunters, Boaters, Campers, Electrical Engineers and anyone looking for increased home security can detect intruders from nearly up to about 2 thousand feet away. Hopefully we are soon going to see the Seek Thermal camera accessory also available worldwide as the price for the device along with the very good specifications that it has, at least on paper, make it really an affordable and interesting solution for a lot of users around the world. The main goal of the Therm-App accessory for Android mobile devices is to turn smartphones into powerful thermal cameras, featuring high-resolution thermography and long range, enhanced night vision capabilities. Other than that the device does look pretty cool with its design allowing the user to also swap lenses depending if a longer or shorter detection range is required – based on the kind of use you are planning to go for. The camera can’t see through objects, but rather sees the heat transferred from the object onto the surface.
Then, they can be edited and uploaded to social networking sites like Facebook and Google+, all from the camera itself. It will also sift through your shots and make suggestions as to which might not be up to scratch and which you might want to delete. Finally, all of Android's usual sharing options are on offer, so it's possible to fire off photos and videos to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social networks, along with WiFi Direct for device-to-device sharing. Storage is courtesy of a microSD card, and there's an HDMI output for directly hooking up a TV. As with the original Seek Thermal accessory the new XR model is available in a version designed for iOS as well as for Android with a price of $299 USD as opposed the $50 USD cheaper standard model that is available for $249 USD. Also, apart from a compatible Apple iOS device with a Lightning interface you would also need to have it running iOS 7 or newer version of the operating system in order for it to work. The Therm-App comes with a thermal imager with a resolution of 384×288 pixels that previously was only available on standalone professional thermal imaging cameras and thermography devices. The sample thermal images captured with the high resolution thermal imaging sensor do look very nice in their original resolution and with some interpolation they they be perfect for use for visualizations and thermal reports, that is if the temperature range of the Therm-App is enough for your needs. The new Seek XR has a manual focus lens for viewing objects at close range, or at distances of up to 2,000 feet or around 610 meters. With its interchangeable lenses system, the Therm-App device provides effective detection of faraway targets through its long range (19mm) lens, and a wider view through its 6.8mm lens. The only thing that you might not like much about this accessory is the price, it is currently available for $1600 USD, though for the resolution and features it offers you canot expect it to be very cheap.

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