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To achieve successful business video conferencing, reliable and quality video conferencing system and systems are a must. Most of the vendors in the industry today offer systems and equipment for business video conferencing that has a lot of different features. Modern technology has brought people two major benefits—money and energy conservation. Now, majority of the provider of business video conferencing offer new generation IP-based softwares that are more efficient, effective, and cheaper compared to the older generations that use hardware-based systems in video conferencing. Though these IP-based business video conferencing, the reach can be broadened and there are more alternatives or options that enable administrators and people to connect to anyone globally for as long as they have a personal computer or handheld devices that are integrated with a web cam as well as of fast internet connection. Through the business video conferencing, manager and business executives can even cover and explore all the possibilities of their businesses without having to worry about expenses and safety. Basically, the major benefit of business video conferencing is saving up on money because people who have business meetings and presentations won’t have to travel to places in order to meet clients.
Just make sure that you have conducted a research first before choosing systems and pieces of equipment for business video conferencing. Generally, a simple and basic video conference involves two people communicating with each other. For any business, reducing cost and increasing productivity at the same time is always very important.
There has been a bit of confusion associated with the terms video conferencing and web conferencing. Video conferencing involves a set of interactive telecommunication technologies that allow two or more locations to interact via simultaneous two-way video and audio transmissions. Web conferencing, on the other hand, is used to conduct live meetings, presentations, training, etc. One often overlooked fact, however, is that many of today’s top web conferencing services (such as PGi’s iMeet solution and Cisco WebEx) offer real-time video capabilities with the use of a webcam – something that is already installed on most computers, tablets and smartphones. Want to know more about conferencing solutions from today’s leading audio, video and web conferencing providers? According to a recent study conducted by the University of California at Los Angeles, more than 50% percent of what an audience learns comes directly from the visual messages seen during a presentation, compared to less than 40% from audio messages. Many frustrated customers of AT&T, Verizon, WebEx and others have switched to All Conferencing. Send an invite from the meeting controller that automatically emails a link to join the current meeting. Hold more effective question and answer sessions using the Meeting Controller's audio controls. Mute & unmute with a single click on the audio control panel the entire meeting as needed. Simple meeting management with scheduling calender, invites, reminders, integrated with your email.

Interactive scheduling calendar to schedule future, Instant, or recurring meetings and keep organized. Negotiator Tool that automatically interacts with invitees to coordinate the best time and day to meet. Automatically sends email, SMS, and phone invites with meeting information to participants. Create meetings with saved meeting information, files, and participant lists, to start meetings faster. Advanced bot-assisted chat to stay connected to meeting and project participants in real-time. File Sharing to upload files, store, and share in chat forum collaborations both on & offline. Meeting Manager with custom Invites and Reminders integrated with Instant Meetings and our schedule Negotiator Tool. Project Manager to upload and store files to share in meetings, forums, and in virtual whiteboard collaborations both on and offline.
Business travel is frequently a requirement for leveraging new opportunities in today’s globalized economy. In addition, InterCall offers complementary training and development programs to help increase your familiarity and comfort level with its video conferencing environment. Save a considerable amount of time and money, and avoid the hassle that business traveling creates by employing a video conferencing solution for your business.
ConferenceShopper is privately held by FastBlue where he loves to write on various topics related to Audio and Web Collaboration. Having quality systems and equipment will ensure that there will be faster, more efficient, and hassle free communications with the parties involved during business video conferencing. In fact, majority of them doesn’t even require software for installation and other hardware for purchasing. In fact, utilizing the rewards of technology such as business video conferencing is much easier because more and more providers offer various products with different features and price brackets.
These IP-based business video and web conferencing can now be maintained by just using off-the-shelf and cheap video and audio systems that can literally be purchased wherever you are. A deal that is quickly closed not only helps to save a lot of time, but also increases productivity.
It is a means through which two parties or individuals can easily communicate from different parts of the world. However, with several advancements in technology and the availability of internet in almost every home and office, video conferencing has now become extremely economical.
However, with the modern video conferencing technology, more than 2 individuals can easily communicate. Although they are often used interchangeably, the fact of the matter is that video and web conferencing share more differences than they do similarities.

Video conferencing requires an audio connection – either standard telephone lines or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) – the use of a webcam or additional video equipment, and a large amount of bandwidth to support the connection.
Moreover, because web conferencing is available on multiple devices, participants can either host or join a meeting from anywhere, anytime, and are not limited to a designated conference room. Give one of our professional account managers a call today or sign up now for conferencing services and we will help you find the ideal conferencing solution for your business! By combining audio and visual presentations, presenters can ensure their objectives are met. Globally we service industries of all types which include 400+ in legal, 200+ in healthcare, 200+ in engineering, 50+ in architectural, 20+ in manufacturing, & more. And while nothing will likely ever replace the traditional in-person meeting with partners, employees and customers, a large percentage of those routine trips – costs and time included – can be avoided with the use of video conferencing.
InterCall, a subsidiary of West Corporation, is the world’s biggest dedicated conferencing service provider, and offers solutions for audio, web, video and event conferencing services. And if purchasing your own video conferencing equipment doesn’t fit in your budget have no fear; InterCall has more than 9000 public video conference rooms around the globe that are available for rent. FastBlue is able to resell the best of breed, specifically in the Audio, Web and Video conferencing services areas.
Most of the providers offer equipment and system that are easy to use that enables the administrator to start business video conferencing anytime and share documents as well as presentations to as many people possible.
This is why businesses always look for different ways to increase the efficiency of their workers to beat the competition.
If more than two participants are making a video conference call, a good amount of bandwidth will be needed.
As everything is paperless, video conferencing is extremely convenient form of conferencing. In addition, most video conferences require the use of a designated conference room that holds the specialized video conferencing equipment as well as a screen on which one or more participants can view the conference.
Most modern web conferencing solutions are available on virtually any device and require only a web browser and an Internet connection. Highly evolved since its pioneer days, modern video conferencing solutions are powerful, effective, and easy to use.
For more information on video conferencing services that fit your unique needs, give one of our professional account managers a call today.
In other words, it’s as close to “being there” as you can get without actually making the trip. So, with the video mode of conference, you can easily achieve this anytime and from literally anywhere.

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