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TweetScoop.itBeing brought to use extensively in a variety of streams especially education and corporate, the interactive whiteboard has been getting a lot of attention for its on the spot problem-solving utility.
When PowerPoint Presentations are integrated with whiteboard during web conferencing, the experience is not just improved but enhanced. During a web meeting with the convention of a presentation slide viewer, broadcast and share the demonstration with all the participants. One can save screenshots and also browse the web, which is helpful when you desire to elucidate further on a topic. You also get the added advantage of voice-overs and videos because it allows easy connection not only to software but also other components. You can save all the important points, queries or notes by selecting the displayed images or words.
It makes the session more interactive, because the audience in this case are also participants. If you are uploading an already created PowerPoint Presentation to the whiteboard, be aware that some features, especially transitions will not be applicable. Try to create your presentation in a format that there are separate points for each bullet points, for better exhibition. If you design your display keeping these points in mind there are no chances of, hindrances and obstructions in your arrangement. You can save your ideas, notes and concepts in its library and bring it to use for reference whenever required.
PowerPoint® is registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation and this site do not have any relationship with Microsoft Corp. Each of the services below offers unique advantages (and disadvantages) for connecting via videoconference and for sharing information.
Skype is a platform-independent (PC and Mac) program which is free to download and use that allows users to video-conference or tele-conference one-to-one quickly and efficiently.
Note: Computer-to-computer calls are free on Skype, but computer-to-telephone calls may require a fee. Skype will then display a list, the only entry should be the Turro Group in 'New York, United States'.
To call a contact, click on that contact in your contact list, and click the button with the telephone icon.
DimDim is a free service which allows multiple users to connect to a central meeting where a presenter controls what is shown on the other participant's screens.
The 'Meeting Room' will depend on the project and will be provided to you ahead of time by email.
As shown above, please mute your Dimdim session and connect to the meeting via Skype to hear the voice component of the presentations.
Adobe Connect is a powerful tool for connecting multiple users which utilizes screen-sharing, video-conferencing, voice-conferencing, and instant messaging. Also, the administrator can give you camera privileges, so if you have a webcam then we will be able to see your party.

What will happen during the real lecture is, you may type your questions in the Q&A box and when Professor Turro breaks for questions, then the administrator will read it back to him and also give you the microphone privilege so you may elaborate on your question and interact with the professor. The way to speak is to hold down on the "Talk" button, and while holding it down, you will be able to transmit your voice.
The administrator can take your microphone privilege away at anytime, so don't be alarmed if your voice drops out (also your microphone icon will disappear next to your name).
Group members should already be familiar with setting up other optional equipment such as the projector or telephone.
Zoho Show ScreenshotsZoho Show is an online solution to add, edit, publish, and show presentations. The conaito PPT-to-Flash Converter provides a smart and effective solution for converting PowerPoint presentations into an easy-to-use Online-Flash-presentation and professional Flash content authoring like Trade shows, Conferences, E-learning, Researching, Studies,E-cards, Fun content and many more! Easy conversion of powerpoint presentations (PPT) into flash movie presentations (SWF) with navigation, customizable company logo, ability to set custom preloader with image, add soundtrack, and more! WorshipCenter Pro is a worship presentation software package specifically engineered for church services.
Show.kit is a multi-template multimedia authoring tool for one-click HTML and Flash websites building, along with slide-shows, intros and preloaders. Logic Protect is a reliable license management, anti-piracy, copy protection, and product activation system featuring high level security and protection against illegal software copying and distribution.
There are a variety of applications and functionalities that have made it a known and recommended name for the presentation necessities.
It is an advanced step that eases your demonstration, with the extra benefit of holding a conference allowing participators even from remote locations. This has certainly benefited many a sectors that required this kind of technology for their conferencing needs. We are an independent website offering free presentation solutions and free PowerPoint backgrounds for presentations. Learn how to download Skype and use PowerPoint to present slides to a remote audience or make calls with Skype as a VoIP solution. You can also tell that you are speaking when the microphone icon next to your name becomes a speaker. Access, import, edit and share presentations from anywhere and anytime.(Zoho Show screenshot #2)Sharing and Collaboration.
The software preserves fonts, headers, raster and vector pictures and provides high-quality conversion and has customizable preloader options. Presentation delivery features: each screen downloading control, screens ahead reading, real backward playback, navigation restrictions, audio volume and playback speed control on the client-side, skins supporting. Show.kit has a user-friendly interface, professionally made Flash templates and numerous features for their customization, such as image editor, text processor, MP3 support, automatic FTP upload etc. Logic Protect supports all kinds of software activation (including Phone Activation and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) features) that makes Logic Protect a flexible product activation and copy protection tool for any software author and vendor.
Presentation combines audio or video files of a speaker with graphic images, Flash animation effects and Powerpoint slides.

This Internet Explorer add-on tool enables you to save, snapshot, email, and categorize Flash files (.swf) in just one click.
If made use intelligently, this is a proficient tool for interaction and elucidation for all kind of communication. It can be used by web conferencing software and in conjunction with conference call companies.
If you know how to turn off your laptop's built-in microphone, turn it off for your presentation (check your laptop's owner manual).
Then you have to press the little camera icon on the bottom left of the video pod to activate your video feed.
You can record user activities from computer desktop and prepare simulation automatically by AtPresent Recorder.
Show.kit proves to be an effective solution for everyone to build Flash web output in 30 minutes.
Enhance by inserting callout, text, image, voice narration, video, interactive quiz using a built-in Editor.
The template can fit perfectly for Meetings PowerPoint presentations, for example the Meetings PowerPoint templates can be used in conjunction with remote collaboration tools or live meeting powerpoint presentations.
If you are not prompted, then you are good to go and should see a grey window with a thin green bar. You can also synchronize a scrolling transcript and context-sensitive hyperlinks for your audience to access web resources about the information presented. Thanks to Microsoft, you can now engage your students using Skype with an entire curriculum. You can also select publicly shared pictures from your Flickr account into your presentation.
This also means that you can collaborate with Skype contacts real-time while working on your Office Online documents, such as PowerPoint presentation slides or MS Word files.
While this might be great news for common users it is perhaps not the best mashup for business use. Microsoft Lync is basically an enterprise product, (unlike Skype or Windows Live Messenger) and is meant to be used with Microsoft Exchange Server. As technology has allowed us to transcend borders, it is now possible to organize focus groups through a wide variety of online tools.
Here we will show you how you can use Skype to share a PowerPoint presentation for online meetings, conferences or just creating a demo for users.

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