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VIVOTEKa€™ s Standard Video Content Analysis (Standard VCA) is an embedded application package for VIVOTEK cameras that offer three key functions including Line Crossing Detection, Field Detection and Loitering Detection. The Line Crossing Detection function detects objects crossing a virtual line in either or both directions. Compelling Business ContentThoughtful blog posts, informative e-books, search-friendly articles and more! Engaging Social Media MarketingWhether you need a social media strategy or social conversations designed around your audience, we’ll provide results that engage and convert. Attractive Online VideosFrom explainer videos to live videos and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. Most companies still don’t think of video first when they think about their firm’s content marketing strategy.
Online video consumption in 2012 reached an all-time high – both for content videos and video ads. Depending on the industry you are in, you could be seeing your competitors using a lot of video content or virtually none at all.
HubSpot put together this informative graphic on breaking down social media activity by industry in its latest Online Marketing Report by Industry. As you can see from this chart, marketing on YouTube varies significantly by industry, with the video game industry clocking the highest usage while industries such as pharma and consulting are barely creating online video content.
But videos can also be embedded into your blog and shared on social media so YouTube views alone are not the only factor to gauge your industry by. If you are in an industry with significant levels of YouTube marketing, it could mean that your competitors are gung-ho about creating video content.
Let’s take a look at some industries using video and what kind of video content they are creating. It is not an exaggeration to say that if you are an online retailer who is not using online videos, then you are missing a key part of your content marketing strategy and you are failing to utilize the potential of traffic and customers you might have. According to SundaySky, “48 of the Top 50 online retailers feature video on their websites, up 200% from the 16 retailers in 2011”. To see some examples of online retailers who use video effectively, check out Amazon, Ebay and Sears. The telecommunications industry is using online video content as a way to send personalized videos to customers in the form of video bills and explanation of new services.
This trend of personalized videos has vast potential to be adopted by the healthcare and financial services industries in a similar fashion – they can use video to connect with their existing customers to simplify complicated processes and convey billing and other customer care information. The education industry is one that has benefited over the years from online videos and this trend shows signs of continuing with training and information-laden videos.

Upcoming industries for online video content include: tourism, travel, hospitality, airline and real estate.
The next few blog posts will focus on content ideas for online video blogs, examples of successful online video blogs, and tips on how to make a raw online video look professional. The Field Detection feature allows users to define a zone in the field of view for automated monitoring. Line Crossing functionality is used to set up a virtual line within the camera's field of view so that when a person or object crosses the line from left to right or both at once, the event is detected.
The Object Counting software accesses the precise numerical data provided by the Object Counting algorithm can to provide a reliable basis for users to make business decisions, improve service, increase operational efficiency, perform in-depth analysis, and more. Increasingly, brand loyalists want to know that their favorite brands and companies are aware of the things that they hold important and have the same values.
There are many types of video strategies that companies can employ to engage their customers. With companies inviting the audience into the brand experience, consumers are mobilized and thus engaged to create their own content, which allows for a multi-dimensional experience with the brand. Through videos, brands are able to reach their consumers in more personal ways using emotional connections to encourage participation.
Not surprisingly, video viewing is a far more prevalent activity for tablet than smartphone owners, according to a newly-released report from Digitalsmiths, which finds that not only are tablet owners more apt to watch video content on their devices, but they also spend significantly more time doing so, likely influencing the preferred types of content they watch.
Marketing, advertising, communications & public relations trends, statistics, charts, graphs, infographics, presentations, and video that are not published to the e-Strategy Internet Marketing Blog or to eStrategy TV. David Erickson, VP of Online Marketing at Minneapolis Public Relations firm, Karwoski & Courage.
The Standard VCA application package follows the debut of the VIVOTEK Application Development Platform (VADP), an open platform which enable third party partners to upload applications with analytic features to the camera, providing additional added value and flexibility to users in various industry. The Field Detection feature triggers an event when objects move into or out of a configurable region of interest.
See our affordable yet extensive list of online video marketing services – guaranteed to add clarity and credibility to your online presence! But as an entrepreneur, you should know that producing an online video is one of the best ways in which you can instantly connect with your customers. The image below from SundaySky’s State of Online Video report shows that online content videos below 7 minutes have remained consistently popular.
It could, however, also mean that your industry is saturated with video content and you’d have to create something spectacular to stand out. Seven out of the top 10 US telecommunications providers are using online videos for customer support.

In addition to obvious security applications, the Field Detection and Line Crossing could be used to demarcate a zone in the field of view corresponding to an area in physical space where access is restricted. Nielsen recently the statistic that 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their marketing strategy in the near future. It is crucial for brands to always consider their audience in order to create content that is relevant to them.
Tutorials, testimonials and Q&A’s are great ways to connect with consumers in an emotion, visual and personal way. However, the video creation is just the beginning… tune in for part two of this series to learn the importance of strategy in marketing video series to existing and potential consumers!
The Loitering Detection triggers when objects linger in the region of interest for more than a preconfigured period of time. This is not be a surprise given the simultaneous evolution of content marketing and technology over the last five years. With YouTube reaching over one billion unique visitors a month, the connection seems intuitive. Through the use of videos, companies are able to show their human side – how customers use their products, how these products are improving the lives of customers – instead of constantly pushing products in a sales way. However, one of the most popular ways that brands are using videos to engage is through user-generated content. We’re now free of those corporate chains, offering unique expertise creating and implementing channel-agnostic custom communications tailored to reader behavior.
Slowly but surely, more and more brands are taking to the web to create their own videos – on YouTube, Vine or Instagram, for example – to engage and encourage customers to participate with their brand. And, as new channels of distribution and sharing develop, the various avenues for marketers to use videos in their strategy continue to grow and expand.
Since videos are able to be created easily (and inexpensively) on mobile devices just as they are with professional equipment, many brands are encouraging users to document their experience with a particular product or service. In the first part of this two part series, learn how connecting through the human element and personalization can drive engagement with brand customers.
And through our work, they see increases in relevance, engagement, and action, all of which drive business results.

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