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Designed to be the best RGB to Component (YUV, Y,Pb,Pr) video converter for Projectors, LCD and Plasma Screens.
Compatible with RGB from any source, such as a DVD player, Sky Digibox, Freeview box, or Digital Cable. Output of high quality Component (YUV) Video.   YUV is also known as Y, Pb, Pr and Y, Cb, Cr. Component (YUV) allows for greater flexibility with plasma screens, where certain zoom modes may not be available with other inputs.   Ideal for projectors and video scalars that have component video inputs.
Broadcast quality sync based upon the RGB to Plasma VGA unit's technology, superior to simplistic Sync Separators. Computer enhanced allowing for compatibility with Macrovision protected sources, such as DVD players, but still maintaining broadcast quality performance.   To ensure a stable picture the RGB to Component converter removes the extra dummy synchronisation pulses that Macrovision adds.

Measuring just 150x85x48mm with a high quality integrated power supply, the RGB to Component (YUV) converter is compact and easy to use.
I am migrating to a new HP Pavilion Win 7 system and would like to know which external USB devices are most suitable for capturing a series of old VHS-C video tapes for further editing and authoring using Pinnacle Studio software. Next you optionally need a time base corrector (TBC) with proc amp controls to process the video prior to capture.
They are TDK Extra High Grade VHS-C tapes recorded on an old Sony Handycam Vision Video Hi8 camcorder.
As good as possible within the limits of the video capture device and the Pinnacle Studio editing software.
Previously, I have successfully converted a few other tapes from the same camcorder using an internal video capture card on my current Win XP system.

Anything at all, including tin cans, duct tape, and twine, would be better than Pinnacle Studio. Even in the presence of Macrovision copy protection, the RGB to Component Converter unit is able to keep true to the original source.
If you only have a few tapes, you will probably save money and time having a dub house capture these tapes to DVDR, hard disk or USB flash drives. Highest Quality - Uncompressed or Huffyuv capture in Virtualdub with a typical tuner card ($29-50) then import and edit in Pinnacle studio.

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