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These individuals are using free video game design software to assist them in accomplishing this task.
For a novice video game designer, though, these bells and whistles are probably unnecessary. You aren’t going to be able to use free video game design software to design the next Call of Duty, but you can use this software to develop crucial skills that will assist you in honing your craft as a video game designer.

Training Assistance: Choose a free game design software, like Dimensionex, that will provide you with tutorials and detailed instruction on how to use the software correctly and efficiently. If you’ve created a video game (or 2 or 3) and love it, then the next step is making it a career! Before attending a game design college, try this free video game design software & learn if this career is for you.

Be sure to read our expert reviews of the best video game design colleges and get on the fast track to a stable, lucrative career.

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