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Though there are lots of online photo editing websi+tes for choosing, many people still prefer standalone photo editing software to edit funny photos, for its convenience even when using offline. With Funny Photo Maker, you can edit funny photos with fantastic frames, face fun and artistic effects. Frames allow you to edit funny photo with frames like billboards, calendar, computer screen and so on.
There are just 3 simple steps to edit photos: find the photo you want to decorate, select a free frame, template and then you can create a impressive photo creation. Face Fun make it possible to edit funny photo by replacing your face with movie stars, celebrities, lovely animals and so on. After finish editing funny photo, you can publish it to the social net working web sites and share it with your friends. Artistic has the effects of “dim”, “contour”, “Hard Pastels”, “Mist” ,“Rain” "Mosaic" and so on. You may planned to have an artistic paint of yourself long ago but never find the right painter, now Funny Photo Maker may the painter!
There is no need to know a lot about digital photography and computer graphics to understand Funny Photo Maker. You’ll notice that the Shirt Template file you download looks crazy and has lots of pretty colors.
The basic idea here is that the shirt template is "folded" up and wrapped around your character, like origami. There is no difference between the shirt and pants template, and so you can use one template for a full outfit. Once you've painted your shirt, click the "Choose File" button to select your shirt file and click the "Upload". The image you upload must be the exact dimensions of the template (585 pixels wide and 559 pixels tall), or the upload will fail.
If you really know what you are doing with your image editor program, you can make parts of your shirt transparent so that the underlying body of the character shows through. If you use an image editor like Paint Shop or Photoshop, it's a good idea to set up the template on a separate semi-transparent layer other than the one you are working on.
There are numerous free image editing programs you can use that are a lot more flexible than built-in programs like Microsoft Paint.

ROBLOX logos, names, and all related indicia are trademarks of ROBLOX Corporation, ©2014. You can add some pictures to change the template's layout, or re-edit the texts on the original templates. Photo Card Maker prepares various text fonts, text colors and sizes for you to edit texts on Easter Greeting Cards at will.
You can import picture cliparts or other pictures to the Edit Window of Photo Card Maker as ornaments.
Baby pictures have always been loved by the people, someone even said that baby pictures are one the most fascinating pictures on earth.
Making a funny GIF picture does not cost you anything, because you can use the free photo editor named Funny Photo Maker to make it. Making a funny picture need to use a baby picture and Funny Photo Maker, so you should get the Funny Photo Maker installed and have a baby picture saved on your computer.
The first thing that come to your eyes when you open Funny Photo Maker must be "Open Image", right?
Once a picture has been imported to Funny Photo Maker, this free photo editing program will add the default funny effect to it. In order to make the funny effects look better, you are suggested to edit your original baby picture. How to choose photo editing software depends on your budget and your needs in photo editing, while Funny Photo Maker is a good choice for its three outstanding merits: free, easy to use, and has gorgeous photos effects.
You can edit funny photo for printing, for emailing to your friends, or for setting as your desktop wallpaper. The photo below is just one template from Funny Photo Maker's free Frames Templates , and there are many other free frame templates in Funny Photo Maker, we bet you will surprised to see what funny photos you will get.Want to have a try with Funny Photo Maker? With Funny Photo Maker you can add cool free frames to your photos very quickly and easily. Funny Photo Maker can turn your photos into oil paint, hard pastels paint, emboss paint, water paint and wax paint. As an easy to use Funny Photo Maker, it lets users edit funny photos beyond impressive easily. I'm talking about making your own pants and shirts, either for yourself or to sell to your fellow ROBLOXians whose fashion sense or artistic skill might not be as great as your own.

However, creating and selling these exciting new products is an exclusive Builders Club privilege.
If you were to print out the template below, you could cut out all the colored rectangles, tape them together, and create a real-life 3D shirt. Besides baby pictures, funny pictures are also loved for it can bring people laugh and kill unhappiness.
Funny Photo Maker is a lightweight but functional photo editing program that can help you make many kinds of funny pictures. Besides, Funny Photo Maker also offers the functions of resizing, zooming in and zooming out. Now you can realize all these with Funny Photo Maker, the free Face Fun templates can realistically lets you swap any face to any body build in Funny Photo Maker, where a wealth of ready made free Face Fun templates for your choice, and lets you match and blend the face to the body so results can become amazingly realistic.
It can also add snow, rain, wave and effects like conture, 3D grid, mist, mosaic to your photo. With both baby pictures and funny pictures are all well-liked pictures, there is no doubt that the funny baby pictures will be popular too. Thanks to the user-friendly design of this free photo editing program, you only need to take 3 steps to finish making a funny picture in GIF animation or image file format.
There are one big circle for locating the baby's face, two small circles for locating the baby's eyes, and one middle-sized circle for locating the baby's mouth.
Funny Photo Maker has lots of free frames templates, free face fun templates and free artistic templates groups, it can bring your life with much fun by editing funny photos, and by sharing it to your friends.
When you're done with your changes, you can go back to the Develop page and upload the shirt or pants to the website. So if you have a baby picture of yourself, your sister, brother or someone else, here recommends you try to make a funny baby picture with it and then share it with your friends. If you still do not have Funny Photo Maker installed in your computer, you can click the link below to start downloading it. Because it is easy to use and user friendly interface, making good looking face swaps is just like a piece of cake.

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