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Smartphones are getting bigger and more powerful, and the lines between ‘PC’ and ‘phone’ are very much blurred. In my quest to find the ultimate video-editing app, I tried pretty much everything there is out there. There are a number of pretty good social-focused apps that help you mash clips together with soundtracks and spit out a Facebook-friendly cacophony, but that wasn’t what I was looking for. I stumbled upon KineMaster earlier this year, and it has become a staple tool in my armory, both for work and play. When you first launch the video editor app, you’re invited to venture down the ‘New Users’ route, which guides you through the basics of adding media to a new project. If you already have a number of projects created, you will see these in a horizontally-scrolling list first, before you decide you wish to create a new project by hitting the little ‘+’ icon. When creating a new project, you can choose to view all photos and videos on your device from the myriad of folders you may have, or you can elect to just view the video clips. With all your clips selected, you simply order them in your timeline as you would with any other editing app. However, you can also capture content on the spot to add to your video – so this could be video or photos from your camera, or even audio. In terms of exporting, you can do so in low-quality (640 x 360), high-definition (1280 x 720) or Full HD (1920 x 1080), direct to Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox and any other compatible apps via the general ‘share’ button. While you can save the video directly to your device to upload manually to YouTube, Vimeo or wherever, it is useful being able to export directly to these services from within KineMaster too, with the ability to give your creation a title, description, tags and more.
Though KineMaster does offer a pretty powerful set of editing tools, it isn’t without its flaws. After doing a little sleuthing, however, I did find a workaround – there is an option to add a black background clip to your video, which you must insert at the beginning and end of the video.
I also expected there to be a save button for each project, but after much seeking, I discovered there isn’t one – anything you create is automatically saved, so if you wish to return to the main projects’ homescreen, you can just hit the back-button on your device without fear that all your hard graft will be lost. There are a handful of other counterintuitive aspects to KineMaster I came across, but it’s all really part of a learning process like anything. The one thing I would maybe add here regarding the costs is that a one-off payment feature to remove a watermark in a single video would be good – not everyone will use this app as regularly as I do, so the ‘value-for-money’ aspect perhaps won’t be as pronounced for others. All in all, KineMaster is a fantastic tool for mobile video-creators – it really does offer a lot of bang for your buck.
Paul Sawers was a reporter with The Next Web in various roles from May 2011 to November 2014.
Are you interested in taking those photos you took on vacation or of your kids and editing them to make them look professional?
Are you frustrated with the hefty price tag or complicated buttons included with top photo editing software? The Tune Image option can be used to change the brightness, ambiance, contrast, saturation, shadows and warmth levels. Photo Editor also has different effects like- color splash, color replace, sharpen, sketch, oil paint, sepia, black & white, flip, reflection and more.
Correction tools are available for adjusting temperature, white balance, backlight and perspective.
Color Touch Effects is a one of the great ad-supported free photo editing apps created by the renowned developers Swiss Codemonkeys (remember Appbrain?).
The app lacks many basic correcting and adjusting features but it made it to the list because it’s free, easy to use and has some unique tools. Additional effects, stickers, brush items, collage items, decoration items can be downloaded for free from the Settings menu. Scenes, blur effects, vintage effect, color splash effect and beauty effects are available for free too. The free version of the app is ad-supported yet it doesn’t give all the features for free. The Pro version is available at $3.99, and it unlocks all the features and removes advertisements. Photo Effects Pro is one of the top photo editing apps with one major flaw: intrusive advertisements. After loading the image (either from the camera or the gallery), you can start editing the picture.
If you want to use free photo editing apps for Android that don’t have any in app advertisements use- Snapseed, Cymera or Pixlr Express. If you are not bothered that much by advertisements you can use-Photo Editor, Photo Effects Pro (Enjoy Photo) or Fotor.

At the bottom of each of the reviewed apps there is a link to that particular app in the Google Play Store.
Adobe officially released the Lightroom app for Android back in January and soon received an update to include RAW support and allow access to the microSD. You can also easily access RAW photos across devices and straight from DSLRS to the mobile device. I have been tech blogging since 2007, keeping up-to-date with the latest ins and outs of all things tech.
Structure will be available today on Android with an update to the main Instagram app on Android, and is ‘coming soon’ to iOS. Editing video is also among the many things you can do with an iPhone or an Android smartphone! For something with a bit more potential, yet hardly more difficult to use, check out Magisto.
VideoGrade is not meant to slice and stitch your vidos together, but will allow you to alter the way they look. Okay, SloPro isn't exactly about editing videos, but it allows you to capture them at a high speed and then play them back in slow motion. While everyone now has the potential to be a one-man film crew, you’re only as good as your tools permit, which is why I’ve been on the hunt for the best video-editing app Android has to offer.
What I was ultimately looking for was a user-friendly, good-looking, Adobe Premiere or iMovie-esque application that gives me very granular control of my clips and edits, with full effects and publishing features.
While editing and publishing from a phone will never be quite as easy as doing so from a PC, the speed and convenience of being able to shoot a good-quality skit on my pocket rocket, edit it on the fly and publish direct to YouTube more than makes up for it.
After the first time, I just skipped this though and went straight to the main ‘new project’ view.
This suits various uses – if you want to create a photo slideshow with music, you can do so easily. Long-press and hold a clip to shift or delete it, hit the ‘Add Media’ icon to reel in new content, add music from your device, or add a ‘theme’ to your video, which includes pre-made animation effects.
This means you can record voiceovers and commentary atop the on-screen action in real-time. The good news is KineMaster is completely free to use – however, you will have to tolerate a KineMaster watermark on all your videos. You can choose a photo from the gallery or snap a picture instantly and then edit it using Snapseed.
You can add various effects like-black & white, vintage, drama, HDR scape, tilt shift and retrolux. You can add big eyes, smile, slim, liquify, hair and mosaic effects through this option to express your creativity. You can use the free version, but many packs, tools and features are locked and you can’t use them until you buy the Pro version. These feature help you adjust brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation, hue, color and blur.
The lens boost feature can be used to enable circular, perpendicular or horizontal blurring.
The Adjustment option can be used to change brightness, sharpness, color, focus and vibrancy. It offers almost all the features for free but you will have to deal with the disturbing in-app advertisements. Every time you open the picture editing app, you see a new image of something nice (like nature, trees and flowers). It’s not from the developers who made the photo editing app Aviary, but the user interface looks quite similar to Aviary and you can purchase and use Aviary effects and frame packages in this app.
Reborn as an Android angel, he found his calling; to share his knowledge and show Android users the way to Android heaven. Another update was just released and so the Lightroom for Android version 1.2 is now available. You can quickly and easily align, auto-straigten, and align images with the re-designed app. And if you use Lightroom from other devices, you can sync photo edits, as well as, those metadata and collection information all the time. However, before you can turn your homemade videos into classy masterpieces, you'll need the right app for the task. It is an intelligent video editor that stitches clips together, adds fancy transitions, and lets you spice things up with an audio track of your own.

Imported videos and images can be arranged and modified with transition effects, speed controls, effects, and more. It lets you modify a number of settings, such as brightness, contrast, color saturation and hue. Even better, when you upgrade your phone or PC, all your content is still available - as you get frame accurate editing with any PC web browser (and Mac) without needing to install the app. The Nexus 10 has the same resolution as my 30" Mac cinema screen - and has the latest and fastest ARM chips in it. With a good smartphone, we can capture videos of our moments to later rejoice and reminisce.
For example, having a fade-in and fade-out function at the start and end of a video is pretty standard in my view, but there is no dedicated function for this – only a cross-fade for in between clips. The Color Curve feature is probably the most in-depth tool to adjust the color of the photo. The main feature of this app is to add a Color Splash effect on your photos with the Paint tool and it does it efficiently. You can add filters (basic and art), light effects (color, shape and theme), borders (simple, pattern and themes) and blur effects. You can either load an image from the gallery to edit or you can use the camera to capture and edit. You can even see the Powered by Aviary logo on the bottom of the screen when using the app.
I can't say the same with the Android version because there are just too many photo editor apps available that seem better but we're hoping the latest update brings an enhanced Lr for mobile experience. You can also edit images by simply copying adjustments from other images previously edited. It's a very convenient photo editing app because you can always edit, view, organize, and share photos to everyone from your mobile device to anywhere in the web or across mobile devices.
And trust us when we say that finding a good, reliable video editor made for mobile devices is not as easy as it may seem.Still, we managed to pick a few for you a€“ 10 video editors for iOS and Android devices, and we hope you will like them too. You can also add various effects to your photos like mono, sepia, old mono, old, infrared, auto contrast, contrast & brightness, hue and saturation, color rotate, lomo, negative, solarize, thermal and x-ray.
You can’t load photos in high-resolution, and few effects are available in the free version. These apps will let you import your videos, trim and rearrange them the way you like, and spice them up with special effects.
Photo editing on android is much easier because android free photo editing apps has come with great functionality and features so, mobile photographers have a lot of choices than ever before in photo editing using free photo editing apps.
Carefully picked from a bunch of other video editing apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, these free video editing apps are surely going to make your video a great one. Using the Selective Adjust box option, you can change the brightness, color and saturation level of different points of a particular photo. PicsArt provides you collage maker feature in free form, photo grids and using background photos.Apart from this its a free photo editor with various drawing tool, art network, text tool, clipart graphics, frames enhancement tools and many more. And if you happen to be a fan of any of the apps we've picked, tell us all about your creations in the discussion below! It can also automatically select the most prominent parts of your video and convert them into little videos. Its Very user friendly app which gives you so many nice features like easily rotate, crop and adjust images (re-sizing and editing). It has more set of actual editing features like one tap auto enhance, fun stickers, color balance, crop-rotate-straighten your photos, sharpen and blur, color splash, Draw and add text.
It is very user friendly and best for those who want to do small but attractive editing touch. Drag any video and have fun drawing anything you like on videos and amuse your friends with it. It includes more than 300 meme faces.If you want to bring fun to your day, then enjoy with Rage Comics Photo Editor app with editing photos. If you are facing any problem then please let us know in below comment Post Tagged with Android apps, Photo Editing AppsTweet 2 Responses so far.

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