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However, if you want to create some truly mesmeric photos, Camera360 Ultimate is a great go-to app. You do not, unfortunately, see these effects through the viewer (like with apps like Paper Camera), but there is a great selection to choose from and lots to tinker with.
Once you have taken a photo you can try all the filters and scenes out if you haven’t previously. Camera360 Ultimate has a wealth of filters and effects, plus some cool scenes that make your picture really stand out.
While I really like the app I’m unsure it would replace your native camera (or a stronger 3rd party replacement such as Camera Zoom FX).
This could be a completely different app if you could upload from your SD card and add filters to existing pictures.
Should you Download Camera360 Ultimate? Camera360 Ultimate is a great photography app but you need a little time to play with and tweak each photo.
I installed this apps to my new phone Firefly mobile but after installing, I tested the camera and it says Can’t connect to camera.
The iMovie App for iPhone 4 is available at the App Store at a price of 4.99$ which is a decent amount for a huge app which offers you promising features. The best part of this app is that you can easily add a video by syncing it with your computer or else record a new video and them get them into your project. Once the movie is created you will able to easily share the same in either Medium, Large or HD Quality directly onto Youtube or MobileMe gallery.
Since the start, Photo Editing app EyeEm has embraced the community nature of photographers to help push the art. Nike’s penchant for transferring relevant technology to other sports silos recently saw the unveiling of the Nike Free SB. Incorporating a material originally designed for NASA, ISAORA introduces the Limited Edition PCM Insulated Shirt. While it has been around for a while it has recently received a comprehensive update that has improved UI, options and functionality across the entire application.

There are dozens and dozens of pre and post- photograph effects in an easy-to-use interface. While it does include Facebook and Flickr, the majority are Chinese social neworks such as Kaixin and Sina.
However, despite this awesomeness, it lacks some simple things that would make it even better.
Everything is just a click away in an incredibly user-friendly interface that looks really polished and well thought out. You can’t just upload previously taken pictures and run them through the rich effects and filters the app offers, which is a real shame and certainly limits the applications usage for me. The app allows you to trim or cut the video length by pinching on the timeline to get a close look on it. If you like adding filters, manipulating and sharing images- this is an awesome app to check out. From the start, you have options to adjust: Saturation, Sharpness, Brightness, Contrast, Exposure and White Balance. These include sound settings, composition of viewer, screen shot (which allows for specific focussing), auto-focus, photo size, quality, save settings, ISO and location recording. Here, by simply touching the screen you can see a before and after appearance of the picture. It is missing the ability to upload pictures already on your device and you cannot crop or perform other editing functions. You can add effects before or after taking the picture and there are countless options and tweaks to make in a very natural and intuitive environment.
Because of the wealth of options, it’s not perhaps ideal as a daily snapper but certainly a good option if you like taking pictures with specific effects. Le modifiche con le foto per molti rappresentano un'attivita interessante e divertente da svolgere con il loro dispositivo mobile. The iPhone 4 has a powerful camera allowing you to record HD quality videos which can be edited using this application.

The App has inbuilt list of different themes like Travel, Modern, News etc which you can select along with title, transitions and soundtrack which gives the final video a excellent look. In case you just want to store a copy of this you can sync the device with your computer and it will be backed up. This Open Edit function allows users to record and save their workflow before sharing it with other users so they too can apply the edits and visual style to their own photos. You can also naturally control flash, zoom, shot settings (Normal, Burst, Stabilizer and Timer). This is very cool and lets you compare the natural look of the photo with the chosen filter.
There is a neat option to share non-natively and all the suitable apps you have on your device are listed here. I have a 7&8yr old and I dont have time to edit pics during the day when they are awake. Next once this is completed you can create a video postcard of the same and publish it on the Internet websites like Youtube sharing your holiday experience with everyone.
It would be perfect app if you could use gallery images… Or mayb im not doing something right. Esse ci permettono di aggiungere effetti originali alle immagini, di applicare filtri di ogni genere e di colorare le fotografie, per realizzare delle vere e proprie opere d'arte. Not only this you can use this at home functions, small business meetings, quick presentations or even use the same to record unboxing videos at home at High Definition quality. I was, however, disappointed to note there are no advanced editing features such as red-eye removal or cropping.

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