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Adobe Photoshop is a world renowned photo editing application for desktop computers and Mac, however for a number of years, the company have also had a mobile version to their software available to download for free on iPhone and iPad. The Photoshop Express app from Adobe is a reliable photo editing solution for quick fixes and playing around. Snapseed has wonderful reviews on iTunes and because it’s free, it is simply a must download for any aspiring photographer. Aviary is one of those apps that when downloaded you wonder how you ever got by without it. The app is constantly updated by its developers and they actively implement user suggestions, making it a hot favourite on iTunes.
This app has more filters and settings than many of its photo editing competitors, and is a must download for the photographer in you.
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If you guys want to try some really good editors that do almost anything then try Leonardo, and Photoshop Touch.
Tactus Ltd, registered in England and Wales, registered address of Tactopia, Building 1, Olympic Way, Olympic Park, Warrington, WA2 0YL. You know those crazy magazine-cover retouch jobs, where a good-looking celebrity lady gets transformed into an unblemished, cartoonishly proportioned, supermarket-checkout-ready goddess with perfect skin, through the magic of Photoshop and unreasonable expectations? There are tons of apps to help give mobile photos more contrast or sharper focus or a sepia tone. Released last week by a small bootstrapped Jerusalem company called Lightricks, the app is currently the No.
Other apps in this category include Philips Zoom (whitening teeth) and moreBeaute2 (smoothing skin tone). Just as the atom bomb was the weapon that was supposed to render war obsolete, the Internet seems like capitalism’s ultimate feat of self-destructive genius, an economic doomsday device rendering it impossible for anyone to ever make a profit off anything again. There are many free photo editing apps on the market but we decided that we would show you the best 5 free photo editing apps that we think are the best.
9:48 am September 12, 2013 By Julian Horsey Tweet Share +1After purchasing the awesome Snapseed application Google launched new features on to its Google+ stoical networking using the newly acquired technology back in March 2013. Now Google has rolled out a new Snapseed powered Chrome Desktop application which brings with it a number of great photo editing tools and features for users to enjoy. Fotor also features a new pixel brush where you can pixelate your photos, giving them more of a digitized blury look. We’ve just got back from a week’s holiday in Wales, which I’ll be writing about shortly and I’m already thinking about our next trip away. I’ve been thinking back to our past travels, both before and since we had our baby girl and am having a serious case of wanderlust!
If you’re mad like us (!), then you may find that you take your little one on a ski holiday fairly early in their lives. So when I heard about Vapiano at the Corn Exchange, Manchester, and saw that they make their pasta fresh, from scratch every day, I knew I had to go and sample their delights. Our little lady is quite the jet-setter already, having been on 4 flights in her short 7 months on this planet.

Now the indulgences of Easter Weekend are over, you’re probably looking for somewhere to have a lighter, yet equally indulgent lunch this week?
I’ve been to Australasia a few times now, usually for birthdays or date nights and it never disappoints. The lunch menu is served Monday to Fridays before 5pm, so perfect for those leisurely business lunches (or those leisurely non-business lunches) and is in the same tapas-inspired format, where you choose three to four dishes from a list and they are served as soon as they’re ready.
As you may know by reading this blog, I am into interior design and we’ve enjoyed doing-up our Victorian terraced house over the last two years. Our terraced house is limited on space though and there’s no room to extend in any way. Ok so **spoiler alert**, this post is going to contain some major cheese for Mother’s Day. I was bought a Pandora bracelet years ago and have slowly collected a few charms, all of which mean a great deal to me and signify a special moment in my life, from our engagement to leaving an old job.
It allows you to reduce red eye on photographs, reduce noise, distort images and its most recent version also has a number of filters to choose from. The Instagram app available to download for all iOS devices is not so much a photo editing app but more of a photo filter app and social network combined, as is the Instagram service.
This creates Polaroid type photo’s which whilst no good for landscapes are perfect for products and quick snaps.
It is a very clever app that will automatically adjust your photo to create the very best final image.
Aviary is a wonderful photo filter and editing app that merges the best of Photoshop Express and Snapseed. Its appeal comes from its combination of Instagram and Flickr features, allowing users to easily share their photographs and apply filters. There are some others like Handy Photo, Photogene and Picsart that have some cool powerful tools. Also you can change the brightness, fade, shadows, blurr things, take out any blemishes, draw, choose what you want to stay colored, cut it, crop it, whiten something, and you can of course collage everything.
Its tools can whiten teeth, smooth wrinkles, cover blemished skin, remove red-eye, apply makeup, add or remove hair, blur background objects and change the shape of a face.
I did appreciate that within the app there are explanations for every tool, as well as an ever-present option to compare what you’re working on to the original photo.
Nokia also developed an app called Glam Me, specifically for enhancing self-portraits taken with its Lumia devices. This app has many of the features of pixlr-o-matic but on top of those, has many many more. You need to register with the company for a free account so you can access certain filters and that is one aspect we do not like about this app. Check out the video below to see a range of features that will be available in the full Chrome Desktop application. Fotor editing app allows users to produce quality photos, while giving a wide range of options and settings to enhance your photos. The app also allows users to add text, captions, change font style, adjust colors and alignment, resize any image, rotate and change the opacity of your pictures. Users can also strengthen the depth of their pictures with tilt-shift to add more of a sharper, dynamic look.

I know, I know, we’ve only just been to the slopes too, but I feel like we’ve been so busy recently with lots of big changes in our lives and I just want to make the most of the precious time we have as a family.
I love eating like this, as it gets rid of the food envy sometimes experienced when you’re forced to choose one dish and you secretly want at least a bite of what your friend ordered! We completely re-vamped the kitchen and the bathroom, making them more modern but still with nods to victorian design.
So sometimes, I do find myself day-dreaming about a bigger house and the one thing that always comes to the forefront of these day-dreams, is a big family kitchen. So Mother’s Day is an exciting day and what better excuse than to treat yourself to some new maternity wear. It features pinch to zoom effects and framing, and also allows you to create light leaks, as well as change saturation and brightness. It is a fusion of different media styles, different topics, different formats and different sources.
This app was mentioned in our previous article of the top 7 apps that you must have so it is being mentioned again for our best photo editing apps. Navigation through the app is easy and there are 11 filters that you can use with your pictures. Each effect that you can choose from has a slider so you are able to play with the intensity of each one.
You can also add cool stickers, frames, collages and pre-set magazine templates to any photo. Fotor also features a 3D touch quick action, a tag system, a sharing option, as well as sixteen long-term photo events, which allows users to engage with others.
I'm a twenty-something (just!) Londoner living in Manchester and love all things food, home, travel, weddings and babies. This got us thinking, what are the best photo editing apps to create truly stunning – and also fun – photographs on the iPhone?
The buttons to undo and redo changes are extremely useful if you have big fingers like I do.
And guess what, it actually wasn’t that bad and flight number 4 was even, dare I say it, quite relaxed.
We also added a basement conversion, which was the biggest (and most stressful) project of them all, but makes the world of difference as we now have a self-contained ensuite spare bedroom (which doubles as an office when it’s just us).
The clothes are fab quality, stylish and super comfortable and don’t make you feel frumpy.
Filters are also not letting us down, but there are not too many of them because Adobe wanted Photoshop Express to be extremely fast. This app also allows you to sync up with other Adobe products such as the client on your desktop or the cloud service.

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