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Far from a simple matter of definition, the role of editor is a subject of debate and opinion.
This workshop looks at the nuts and bolts of what editors do and suggests ways you can apply basic editing techniques. You will edit sample texts, to gain the tangible professional experience of working with words using an editor's eye. Here, you will delve into the assessment of the whole text and, where necessary, the rearrangement that is involved in structural work.
The fifth section gives you a run-down of the way the industry operates and looks at developments in the field—accreditation, trends in education and training, changing demands for skills. The final section includes further reading, endnotes and model answers to the exercises that are provided throughout the course. For example, one of the most extensive and popular UML environments is Rational Rose from IBM. In our 6 Week course there will be three fieldwork classes where I will guide you in all aspects of taking photographs including composition, lighting, framing and creating an interesting photo.

In the three studio classes you will learn about editing and photofinishing and how to turn your photos into works of art. You can use any digital camera (including compact digital camera or smart phone) as long as it has greater than 5 megapixel resolution. After the completion of the course you can continue to work on your images under my guidance, at no cost to you. The degree of subjectivity and the nature of the skills required of editors depend on whether the genre is fiction, non-fiction, commercial or government work, scientific or technical writing. You will use sample texts that illustrate some of the fundamental elements of copyediting, concentrating on aspects such as clarity, consistency and style.
This part shows you how to analyse the contents and the headings in sample texts, both fiction and non-fiction.
Then you return to the editor’s working day, wrapping up the day in the life of a professional editor. You will be provided with full details of times and locations and any equipment you need to bring.

With authentic voices from professional editors and research on the profession, you will find out about the nature of the job. This includes an introduction to proofreading marks and a discussion of electronic and hard copy editing. You can pace yourself, choosing to complete the exercises as they appear in the course, or read through and come back to each exercise. Also there may be opportunities for your photos to be displayed online, which will be discussed with you at the end of the course.
This part also includes a summary of the relevance of the course to Australian Standards for Editing Practice.

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