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Shopping Cart Systems - Shopping carts are web interfaces for your customer to access your e-Commerce options that allow them to buy products online.

GM&C will host your web site (web pages) on our top of the line servers for one FULL year. PortraitPro actually gives you control of the light, for more natural and dramatic face enhancement. PortraitPro contains unique, patent applied for technology to enable you to actually improve the lighting in your portraits after the event, simply by moving sliders .
Instead of just airbrushing away faults, you can now quite literally actually show your subject in their best light, to achieve more natural or more dramatic effects. PortraitPro’s re-lighting can be used to bring out the beauty in a face or to create drama in your portrait.
Simple to use, attractive and cost-effective, shopping carts are becoming one of the primary ways that your customers can buy your goods & services online!

Our re-lighting quite literally enables you ‘ to show your subject in their best light ’ for more natural, less contrived effects. Simply move the virtual light, and the intuitively named sliders, to get the lighting effects you want. There are places in a city - streets, large and small squares, parks and gardens - especially those outside the center and having no real historical, artistic, or monumental attractions, that are well-loved by the inhabitants but in the main ignored by administrators and visitors passing through the city.

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