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The introduction of non-linear editing with computers in the early 1990s was nothing short of revolutionary.
Linear editing means that a project is edited and assembled in a linear fashion -- from start to finish. In non-linear editing, however, the editor has the ability to edit any segment of the project in any order he wants. Avid has long been considered the industry standard for professional digital video editing. From science to culture to tech and beyond, get essential stories and videos straight to your inbox. To understand why non-linear editing with a system like Avid is so powerful and efficient, first we need to understand the differences between non-linear and linear editing. In linear editing, the editor decides which source material he wants to use first, second and third.

He can cut, copy and paste clips from one part of the project to another just like you can cut, copy and paste text with word processing software. A filmmaker could cut his film up into pieces and splice it together in any order he liked. Video or film source material is digitized into media files that can be stored on a hard drive.
The director can change his mind a hundred times and the editor has the power to make those changes in real time without having to start all over again. Read on to learn more about the different components of an Avid system and how they work together to make the editing process not only faster, but also more creative.
Videotape, unlike film, can't be physically cut into pieces and spliced together in a new order.
However, this cut-and-splice process was painstakingly slow, greatly limited in transitions and effects and left a lot of room for error.

Using video editing software like the Avid Media Composer -- or similar products like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere -- the source files can be organized into clips that are pasted onto a timeline. In linear editing, if you decided to replace a clip with a new one, you'd have to overdub onto the existing clip and hope both clips are the same exact length. Using the timeline, an editor can trim clips down to single frames, add transitions, add and edit audio, add effects, and then export the movie back to tape, DVD, film or the Web.

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