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Abstract: With the right number of identical hard drives, motherboards that support RAID can choose from RAID 0, RAID 1, and sometimes even RAID 0+1 for improved performance, data redundancy and backups. It's an unfortunate fact that hard disk drives are rather slow at storing and retrieving data. Please respect the time and effort that went into creating each PCSTATS Beginners Guide, do not illegally copy. Before I made the switch to SSD drives, I was a big fan of Seagate’s Momentus XT Hybrid drives.
Once installed, I setup up the raid controller for a 128k raid 0 configuration and ran a quick test with HDtune. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Pegasus R6 is the First 6-bay High Performance Hardware RAID Solutions designed to unleash the raw power of Thunderbolt™ technology. The multi-protocol support of Thunderbolt Technology enables Pegasus to deliver amazing flexibility. Digital Media consumption is growing at an astonishing rate, and is part of everyone's life. Pegasus is RoHS compliant; in simple terms Pegasus is eco-friendly, keeping harmful lead out of the environment and our delicate ecosystems. This describes a configuration for multiple hard drives which provide fault tolerance and improved data access times.
Final Cut professionals can ingest, edit, and playback, multiple streams of uncompressed HD (8-bit and 10-bit) video, while protecting valuable workflows, audio sessions, and other creative media content, with PROMISE's award winning, enterprise level, RAID6 engine (features mature error handling schemes for the ultimate in data protection). Daisy-chain more than one Pegasus enclosures to a single Thunderbolt technology port or connect a display to Pegasus for the ultimate in convenience and interface connectivity.
Consuming a mere 78 watts under full load with six hard drives installed, Pegasus uses roughly 26% of the power consumed by the average 300 watt power supply in standard computers.
The end result is that the high speed buffer provides a very nice speed boost to the drives performance.
Compare that to the on sale price of the OCZ Agility 4 ($299) and this starts to look like a good low price alternative. Graphic artists utilizing Photoshop and Maya 3D animation can both manipulate and archive high resolution graphics on Pegasus, with relative ease and lightning fast responsiveness.
Pegasus provides massive storage, and fast performance for popular applications, including Final Cut Pro, Garageband, iTunes, iPhoto, and Photoshop.
Management of Pegasus is made possible through an easy to use, all new, made-for-Mac OS X GUI utility.
Sporting a new enclosure design, an 80Plus power supply and a smart cooling fan, system noise is never an issue making Pegasus ideal for desktop, small office environments and or any room in the home. Large file constant reads are what video editing tends to use the most and both SSD’s and Raid 0 configurations excel at these types of operations.
Pegasus can be used, in conjunction with Apple's Time Machine utility (in Mac OS X), to store backups of invaluable digital media, documents, or an entire computer (or workstation).
The typical power draw for a 3.5 inch drive at ideal is around 7 watts and fully loaded can run upwards of 9 watts.

If you’re trying to save money for a graphics card or other parts this mini Momentus XT raid 0 configuration is definitely something to consider. Perhaps you’re the DIY type and simply prefer doing the work yourself and saving money. If you have the skill to build anything recognizable from Legos and enough patience to make it through the second paragraph of this article (look, you did it!), you can build a computer.
A smokin’ fast computer will get your work done faster, but a good monitor will help it get done BETTER. To learn more about monitors for photography, please read my article on the Best Monitors for Photo Editing. The latest Mac Pros are fitted with dual 6-core Intel Xeon CPUs, for a whopping total of 12 cores!The Mac CompetitionMac sets the bar very high. Their latest and greatest Mac Pro is a 12-Core intel Xeon processor monster, with 6 Gigs of RAM and a 1TB hard drive. If you upgrade the RAM and video display cards (and you should), it will cost even more.The aim of this article, then, will be putting together a the list of components that will meet or exceed the speed, power, and storage of the Mac Pro for under $4770.
You might be able to find individual components for a few dollars less elsewhere, but Amazon is a good place to start. Since we’re talking about building a PC, the obvious choice is Windows, though there are some builds of Linux that are great too, such as the user-friendly Ubuntu, which has the advantage of being free, too. The primary reason for using a 64-bit OS is that 32-bit systems are limited to only 4 Gigs of usable RAM, and much of that is not available to your programs (it’s set aside by the OS for other things, like hardware). It’s not only the current version of Windows, but it has some new features that should be important to photographers, such as color profile management and speedy (and improved over Vista) file search indexing. Windows 7 Professional allows for full systems backups over a network, so if you’re planning on using Windows to do your backups, then you might opt for the Pro version. These CPUs were actually designed as server processors, and they are extremely good at multi-tasking. There aren’t significant differences in performance between brands, so any good brand name RAM should suffice.
When you work on an image in Photoshop from a DSLR, your file might only be 30Mb or so to begin with.
But each additional rastered layer may add an additional 30Mbs to the amount of data PS is using… and many of us work with files with quite a few layers. Each time you make a change in the image, it adds a history state, which would then add another 300Mb to the amount of working data. With RAID 0, the two hard drives are essentially treated by the computer as a single drive, so that a single data file would be spread between them and read from both of them. This means that if you have, for example, a 100mb file, 50megs of it might be on drive one, and the other 50 on drive two. This means that you not only double your storage capacity, but you double the performance!The drawback to using a RAID 0 array is that it also doubles the risk of failure. Since the data is spread between two drives, if either drive fails, all of the data is lost, just as if you were using a single drive that failed.
Since there are two drives, though, and twice the number of moving parts, the system is twice as likely to fail.

Solid state drives use technology similar to USB jump drives or RAM, but they retain their memory when they lose power (unlike RAM). When a hard-drive wants to access a file, it spins its magnetic plates and its read-arm adjusts out to the proper position, like the stylus on a record player turn-table.
You can buy a 1TB hard-drive for $90, whereas a good 60G SSD will cost about $125, making them well over 20x more expensive per Gigabyte. Cost, $340.Graphics CardThe Mac Pro uses an ATI Radeon HD 5770, which is a decent card with a display-port output, which is important with some monitors. The only real requirements are that your motherboard will fit inside, and that they have good ventilation. The Coolermaster Cosmos series are stylistically similar to the Mac Pro, so I’ll go with it, but there are probably dozens of better choices for less money. Cost: $198Powering the dual processors and hard drives will not be an easy task, but a 1000W Silverstone should do the trick!
If you’re not over-clocking them though, and the case has good circulation (it does), then standard CPU coolers (for the model) will be just fine .
A standard Logitech keyboard will cost about $15, and a Microsoft Comfort Mouse, about $13. After all, with an awesome computer, your work will be done faster, but with an top-notch monitor, your work may be done BETTER. As I mentioned before, though, all of those cores don’t really translate into better performance. When you’re doing photography work, it is not very important to have a dozen data-threads going. Additional tests have shown that (largely due to GPU issues) with Adobe Premier, the new 12-Core is slower than virtually every 8-Core processor tested (On Adobe Forums). You can certainly get by with 4-6G for casual usage, but for a speed machine, you’ll really want as much as you can afford. With only 4 Gigs of system RAM only about 5 history states would be stored before the scratch-disk would start coming into play.Fast storage is also important.
Unlike many programs which open from the hard-drive and then run from RAM, Photoshop and Lightroom access the hard-drive very frequently. Photoshop makes use of its scratch disks with large files, Lightroom reads and writes thumbnails, metadata, and database information, and both programs need to open large files from and save files to the hard drives. Overclocked to 4GHz, it beats the 12-core hands down in all but the most specialized multi-threading tests… and certainly with Photoshop, Lightroom, and Adobe Premier.
As explained previously, this is common during Photoshop use, particularly with large files.
If you want to use the TB for storage, then I’d recommend setting them up as mirrored RAID drives so that you always have a backup of your work.

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