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Please go to each page to see my dogs, the history of my involvement with this breed and some of my horses.
Please download questionare by  clicking icon above and submit by my email if interested in making one of these pups a family member. I would love for you sign my guest book and leave a comment, tell me your favorite dog or picture.
No fillers or artificial non-nutritional additives.The higher the quality, the less you have to feed for a healthy dog, inside and out.

This site is dedicated to Jon, for his love of all animals, especially the Russell Terriers. I am a 1977 Vet Tech graduate and have an interest in not only the welfare of the animals but a keen interest in helping to eradicate genetic problems from the lines by testing all breeding dogs and promoting the breed by registering all pups and showing.
Please go to the "About Us" or "nutrition and care" page to find out more about this soy-free, no grain, multiple meat protein source, wholistic food.
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