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I tried to have this encode some DV video (13GB each) to DVD, no editing, no authoring, just import and burn.
Particularly good in Video Capturing (with time marks and Audio) when comparing with DVD Factory 1.0.
But the SVCD made with this program could not be viewed smoothly with my DVD player (AIWA) while the one made with DVD Factory could (even SVCDs were made with the same parameters). If anyone has actually made this thing work well enough to recommend it, please let me know your secret. But PowerDirector has a long-standing reputation for crashing and there’s lot’s of negative angst in the user community around CyberLink’s commonly crappy customer service.
At launch, the product gives you three tiers: a simple Slideshow Creator, a fast Easy Editor and its Full Feature Editor. Stepping into the adult (non-magic) Full Editor, you get an appealing timeline that’s easy to get around. You’ll be keen on being able to drop multiple Ins and Outs on each source clip; very cool for documentarians laboring to stitch-up a narrative from fly-on-the-wall footage or extended interviews. Audio is handled by a price-tiered structure of companion routines and supplementary programs: Audio Room, Voice-Over Room, WaveEditor and (for a significant extra spend) the “round-trip-able” but standalone-priced digital audio workstation package AudioDirector.
There’s a decent dojo of online ninja training at CyberLink, and more in the wild on YouTube. It would help if you link to the other two articles in the series so we don't have to rummage through the site to see if we can find them. In the interest of potential longterm planning, wouldn't it be prudent to familiaize oneself with Premiere from the get-go? Fast, feature-rich and easy to use, the powerful set of integrated tools lets you create brilliant movies like a pro. With round-trip-editing support, the 4 applications in Director Suite work seamlessly with each other, providing the smoothest postproduction environment for pro users.
Don't be rude (permban), use only English, don't go offtopic and read FAQ before asking a question.

If you like—and I know you will—you can ask PowerDirector to default to the Full Feature set. I dislike the word in this context; it’s a little insulting to those of us who deal in evidence and engineering and science. In most editors, the scaling and scrolling of your workspace, to show what you’re actually working on, is frequently a bit dicey. Likewise, you can ask PowerDirector to Analyze Content for bits of action you may want to exclude (camera bumps and lighting blips) or specifically include (expressive people and dramatic pans or zooms). A lot of these lack a professional level of subtlety and are missing some desirable control handles (although a few auto-calculate how much footage lap is need to make them work well). Among other uses, this lets you use SD and HD footage at full resolution within a 4K project (important in this time of format transition).
But if you still need answers, CyberLink supports you with the Director Zone, template sharing service and a user forum. Users can customize and control realistic non-linear motion for PiP objects and titles, and add new opening and ending effects.Premium 3rd Party Pro Effects -Video editing plug-ins can stimulate and save time. Whether you're practically a pro or a novice, PowerDirector is packed with intuitive and exciting features and is designed for superb handling to create brilliant high definition that will amaze your friends and family.
It’s not artificially intelligent editing, but in this you can grab a glimpse of that future.
You can see stabilization in close to actual time, so you can fuss with the cropping (to ensure you include all of your clip’s goodness). PowerDirector has some pic-in-pic game with a positioning coordinate system and the ability to animate PiP objects—you can even add motion blur. PowerDirector provides the easiest and most flexible way to turn your most precious moments into amazing movies - in just seconds!
With PowerDirector Ultimate Suite, you can quickly and easily achieve the results you want, with superior color, sound, and video effects. Then instantly started to spin up the drive for burning, while it tried to encode the dvd ON-THE-FLY WHILE BURNING.

Some were apparently written outside CyberLink and ported in, though there’s not (yet) an open plug-in architecture in PowerDirector.
There’s still a long way to go towards practicability and artistic subtlety in the 3D genre. TrueVelocity is optimized for modern CPU and GPGPU hardware platforms from Intel, AMD and NVIDIA to maximize memory allocation and usage.Extreme Toolkit for Sports Video -The all new Action Camera Center brings together the ultra-powered features action enthusiasts need to create high impact videos. After 10 min of having the drive (philips) spin at full speed and without the progress indicator moving a slightest bit, i clicked cancel because the drive was about to overheat. The trouble is, it’s only thumbnails, butt-cut (where the end of one clip abuts the start of the next) together. You can also use the more old-school approach of timecode synch, or even time-of-day if your cams are set-up accurately.
Use it to stabilize shaky action video, correct fish-eye distortion, and fix color problems. CyberLink marketing claims “the world fastest video editing engine” and, hardware equality assumed, I don’t doubt it.
Then again, the war stories I hear come from folks who are running it native in 64-bit on newer hardware with oodles of RAM.
But if you insist on poking people in the eye with sharp pointed sticks, please remember: working in 3D implies you need to more than double your drive capacity, and rendering generally slows down by at least half.
You can also apply slow motion effects, or freeze & zoom to footage highlights.Capture, Create, Produce -PowerDirector Ultimate offers a combination of high-end performance and features found in pro-level software, wrapped in an easy-to-use interface.
PowerDirector's customizable design tools and premium plug-ins are running on the world's fastest video rendering engine, while the new Action Camera center provides all the tools needed by action sports enthusiasts. Vista after that was not able to restart (first time ever!) and i had to push reset (first time ever) (drive was still spinning at max.

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