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PepBlast blends your photos with music and amazing styles, making awesome slideshows and movies in few minutes.
Choose an exciting PepBlast movie template, select photos, and watch an instant movie preview with music.
Your unique PepBlast movie is created online by the PepBlast Cloud so that it can be shared through social networks easily.
Photozig is also researching and developing innovative applications of digital photography in new areas, such as Healthcare Applications, such as 3D game about hearing health and online educational telenovela.
In this web site you can download photo software, more powerful that traditional slide show programs. Your free photo editing software can assist you to create screen savers, which can contain your own photographs, more personalized than free screensaver downloads and screensavers online. Transfer pictures from your digital camera, scanner, or memory reader: Photozig Albums knows which photos were already transferred and will not transfer them again, building a new digital photo album automatically with the new photos. View photos: your photo organizer software allows you to view photo thumbnails in different sizes, including full screen display.
Free online photo albums: Photozig Albums includes an integrate online photo sharing system to share your pictures online with family and friends easily.

Edit: enhance your photos in seconds with photo cropping, red-eye reduction, quick fix, and brightness and contrast adjustments. Print: different sizes, optimize photos to fit a single photo paper sheet, print thumbnails, etc. Share even more: you can burn CD's with photos and short movies, export photos to a memory card, and create photo wallpaper. Protect your digital photos: backup photos, restore photos, and other tools to organize digital photos. Smart Update: instead of the traditional method to download photo software (complete set-up program for updating), Photozig Albums includes a smart update feature to download only the new modules of a product update automatically. You can also send free online photo albums to the internet and email your digital photos to your family and friends easily. It is really a free slideshow software bundled in a complete package to leverage the pictures of the best digital camera and digital camera technology. You can rename all picture files of the new album with a more meaningful name than the original file name of your camera.
Unlike other slide show programs, Photozig Albums plays movies and music in addition to digital pictures.

Instead of pictures of other people of free screensavers online or free screensaver downloads, you can have a photo slideshow with your own pictures.
Even the best digital camera with the latest digital camera technology will create file names that are really not useful.
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