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Developed in partnership with VASST, the Vegas Pro Production Assistant plug-in enhances the functionality of Vegas Pro software with a set of batch processing and workflow automation tools. We are pleased to inform you that your question is under editorial review and once approved, will be published.
Our price history service tracks the prices of thousands of products from thousands of US stores.
As you edit with StyleWriter, you'll discover that StyleWriter shortens sentences and improves word choice. Even professional editors with Ph.Ds have a tough time catching every incorrect nook and nuance in a document. Click image to enlarge!Use StyleWriter's summary of writing issues to identify your writing habits.
StyleWriter's right-hand side of the Style Categories screen helps you proofread your document.
The Production Assistant plug-in automates many frequent tasks and processes to save hours of tedious editing work. Conventional readability formulas are simplistic, counting characters or syllables and sentence length.

If you have a high sentence average, look for ways to cut out unnecessary words and phrases or split the long sentences into shorter sentences. The Passive Index shows if you have used too many passive verbs and helps you decide how many you need to change into active verbs.
Anything that annoys you - perhaps because it has a different industry-specific meaning — you can easily remove. It highlights the wrong spelling of the 2,000 most frequently misspelled words and displays information to help correct your mistake. The left-hand side of StyleWriter's Style Categories screen shows the style problems in the document you're checking. StyleWriter does not know whether you have used these words correctly, but considers them worth highlighting. This price alert service alerts you by e-mail when this product reaches your preferred price. StyleWriter's Bog Index is the first readability formula to work on a graded wordlist making it more accurate. As you move through your document in the Main StyleWriter window, you'll see your long sentences highlighted so you can edit them.

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