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Photoscape is a simple yet very versatile photo editor with which you’ll be able to work with your image files.
The highlight of this application is the great number of possibilities that will put at your disposal. You’ll also find that Photoscape another set of tools for composing new files out of the ones of your collection. Although its interface might seem confusing to some, Photoscape is the ideal alternative for people looking for a photo editor between the most basic and the most advanced ones. This program is designed for the average user who does not have advanced knowledge of graphic editing. Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo Express is one of the most used image editing programs in the world.
Kurst Gallery Editor is an application for creating 3D image galleries ready to share on the Web.
Adobe Illustrator is an image editing program developed, published and distributed by Adobe Systems. Adobe Illustrator is used to create digital images and commonly used to make logos and other business designs.

Operating on a vector graphics system, the images are created and can be expanded without the typical distortion that can occur during editing.
Adobe Illustrator CS2 brought the first of many enhancements including many mobile tools, graphics and design options and some of the most basic tools that are found in the software. Please remember that using others' images on the web without their permission is not very nice. Adding effects, adjusting colors, merging pictures and adapting formats are but a few of this software’s options.
Therefore, you’ll select several images to merge them to form a larger picture, combine them in a colorful collage or apply the inverse process and split up a photo in small pieces. Among its tools you’ll find a screenshot capturer, a file renamer, a RAW converter, a batch editor and a face search engine to explore the Internet looking for similar people. With this program you can do anything from a minimal retouching to creating complete compositions. While it is probably a little bit too elementary for my middle school students, I knew I had to find a way to incorporate it into a larger Art unit. The following video tutorial explains how to utilize some of the Illustrator features and create a logo.

This version includes features such as improved text and graphics design for mobile viewing. Each and every one of such features will have a set of options of their own, which will give you the possibility to control up to the smallest detail.
Each feature provides the user with ways to select color, text style and other aspects of the design. Illustrator projects can be easily transfered to Photoshop in order to make use of the Raster graphics used with the program and retain the ability to edit the image or design. It also includes enhanced tools such as perspective drawing, bristle brush and beautiful strokes.
I want the students to have a basic understanding of the process, and I want them to be excited to work on larger-scale (and thereby more frustrating) projects. I’m in the process of getting administrative approval to load Gimp onto a whole lab of computers.

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