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The FXE-120 is a VTR controller which controls the basic VTR functions, a special effect generator which cuts, mixes, wipes the video sources and an audio mixer which cross-fades the audio sources are all integrated in single compact body. The VAIOVGC-RM1 HD video editing system is a Blu-ray Disc enabled high definition video authoring PC with a unique twin-unit form factor and USB Jog Dial device for precise control while shuttling video.
Designed for HD video editors who demand flexibility and crave a cool, quiet working environment, the VAIO RM HD (high definition) video editing system consists of two separate units. To burn a truly exceptional HD video, you need the highest possible media capacity to deliver the highest definition picture and sound quality. The VAIO VGC-RM1 editing system features an Intel Core 2 Duo processor for exceptional performance while undertaking CPU-intensive tasks such as high definition video editing, sound mixing and audio dubbing.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. With 4 X 250GB4 SATA hard drives configured in 2 RAID 0 volumes, you can store a colossal amount of high definition camcorder video, music and photos without fear of space becoming an issue.
With the Blu-ray Disc-enabled VAIO RM PC, you can record an outstanding 50GB of high-definition video on a single Blu-ray Disc. All this can be done with outstanding energy efficiency, which is great for multi-tasking videophiles who want to edit an HD movie while 50GB of video burns to a single BD-R Dual Layer Recordable Disc in the background.
How will that approach translate to this lower-cost echelon, the market where HDV editing holds court?
The desktop unit provides easy access to your essential everyday computing needs while the deskside unit is home to less frequently accessed components, such as the motherboard and hard drives.

The larger deskside unit also features a brushed aluminum panel as well as an air-vent design for improved airflow.
Matrox sent us a turnkey system with which to test its latest affordable high-definition editing hardware along with the included Adobe Premiere 2.0, and we were impressed. But the hardware is quirky about its platform, and Matrox is quite specific about which chipset, processors, graphics cards, motherboards and PCs will work with it. There was also 3GB of RAM, and the machine included an ATI Radeon 1900 graphics card with 512MB of memory. Capturing HDV footage was identical to the routine within Adobe Premiere Pro when using it without the Matrox hardware. Capturing is done via FireWire, or the included breakout box also lets you capture in the old analog way via component inputs or S-Video. Audio is limited to RCA inputs, where Matrox has deemed XLR audio inputs and outputs to be in the realm of its higher-end products. When you use the Adobe Premiere Pro capture tool, it behaves just as it normally does, where you can capture individual shots, have it detect scenes and capture each clip automatically, or you can log your shots and batch capture them later, which is my preferred method. At the bottom is the RT.X2 card, with the breakout box plugged into the right port and a 1920x1200 LCD monitor attached to the left DVI port, giving pixel-for-pixel monitoring for less than $800.
The hardware solves a major problem when you're making the leap to high definition television, and that is the expense of buying new HD monitors.
One of my favorite features of the RT.X2 is its ability to use a relatively inexpensive computer monitor to view the editing festivities pixel-for-pixel.

For our testing, I simply connected our Dell 24-inch monitor's DVI port with the RT.X2's card installed in the PC (see graphic at right), and then when I booted up Adobe Premiere Pro, my program material appeared in glorious high definition on that 1920x1200 monitor. This alone could save thousands of dollars in monitor costs, because it's just a regular old Dell monitor which you can buy retail online for $799. If you don't have a 1920x1200 resolution monitor and don't want to buy one, this hardware can also downconvert to a lower resolution.
You can also monitor your footage via component-out from the breakout box, too, even using a standard-def TV set with component inputs  (see graphic below). Once you have the system set up the way you like it, it's time to get down to some serious editing. I found the system to be sprightly and responsive, and starting off with my favorite effect on all of video, a cross dissolve, it played back the simple effect perfectly in real time.
I added a text effect on top of that, and the combined effect still played back in real time. I added a little color correction, and it still all played back in high-definition real time.

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