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Together with the flexibility of schedule comes the freedom of customizing your work area the way it works for you. Those who have the luxury to work from home should design their stations this way- a wide space beside the window to swing around in. A lamp on your desk is not only a great accessory but also a helpful tool to keep you alert and awake. Placing two monitors side by side is a wonderful idea for those who are tech-savvy and do a lot of video editing.  Keep all your gadgets close to your workstation like your tablet, phone, and speakers since they are essentials in the kind of work you are doing.
A wireless keyboard and track pad may be the trend today but this workstation is more than that. Talking to clients on video call will never be the same thanks to a wall with acoustic foams on it. They say that work should keep a safe distance from the bedroom but this pretty ensemble is a different story.
A splendid view of the city is what you need to keep busy and explore the outskirts after work. You should learn to deal with a small space the right way when you have multiple monitors like these.
Books don’t only look good as desk accessories but provide a balance between technology and the old-school.
Place your laptop on a slightly-elevated plane to level it with the larger computer monitor. In addition to Mac Pro video editing workstations with Final Cut Studio, CMBC will be purchasing video equipment for community use. Are you in need of a video editing workstation for your documentary and don't know where to start?If you're a techy or computer geek and love spending hours upon hours researching and analyzing all the technical specs, this article is not for you! This kit comes with the iMac 27-inch computer, Final Cut Pro X video editing software and an extra 4TB hard drive to hold all that footage you'll be shooting.
Knowing that most documentary filmmakers are on a budget, I chose the least expensive iMac over the more expensive Mac Pro simply because of price.

I am a professional filmmaker, and I applaud this site for detailing the ABC's of documentary filmmaking.
No matter where you are in the world, we'll help you find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style. This item cannot be shipped to your country because it exceeds the weight or size limit for international shipments. Unfortunately, when I stand up and stretch, I have a little difficulty reaching that top shelf (damn my short person genes!). My away from home set up is just a MBA and a 23in monitor but when I get to my next base I am building one that is like Chiplote!
Not all employees are free to do this so if you’re one of the privileged few, you must make the most out of it.
You can check Analytics on the right while simultaneously updating your social media accounts on the left. Check out the elegance of black that radiates in this modern office nook, perfect for mixing work with play. What makes it an effective station is its location–in front of a window overlooking a splendid view of the outdoors.
Transform your workstation to an agent-inspired one with multiple screens for all your needs. Use a brown, curvy desk to downplay the intimidating nature of too many monitors on your desk. Do not forget to turn on the air conditioning unit to maintain the cool in your awesome modern workstation. Get energized to check e-mails the moment you wake up thanks to a sleek and chic white station. Keep memo pads and post-its within reach and hang a few photos of what and who inspires you to strive harder. This setup allows more work to be done and more free space for your hands to swing from one keyboard to another. She also has a background in entrepreneur, marketing and loves to create things related to interior designing.

It also comes with an extra 8GB RAM (4GB X 2) to enable your computer to better process of that video information. The Mac Pro is definitely more powerful and by all means, if you have the money, please buy a Mac Pro.Most documentaries are pretty straightforward without a lot of fancy graphics or millions of layers of video or audio. I am a beginner with an idea, and the info and articles on your website are easy to understand and answer many questions I have.
The presence of all your gadgets in a dim-lit corner completes a more relaxed work environment.
Though you can do many SEO activities on the Web now, there are still times when you totally need to use a really powerful machine to make things work for you.
So the iMac is more than capable of handling a basic documentary project.The other reason I chose this kit is because it's a Mac. The Force 36 gives you plenty of leg room between the bottom cabinets for those long recording sessions. Got a little nervous when I saw all the screws when I opened the first box!But the instructions were great and I put it together easily. I personally own an iMac and believe it's a great system, especially for the beginner documentary filmmaker who wants to focus more on storytelling than getting caught up in all the technical details.If you have the budget and want to take it up a notch, replace the i5 iMac with the i7.
I own a recording business and this desk will make your clients feel like they are somewhere special.
The curve in the design is just enough to put monitor stands behind the desk on a flat wall, if you wanted a 2nd or 3rd set of monitors.
Simply put Love itIts huge, will store all your stuff, but still fits nicely into my 12 x 10 room. Its top tier holds 2 large visual monitors and 2 large audio montiors turned on their side with room to spare. It has holes for the chords and it rolls even on carpet making it easy to access the back.Built like a monster.

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