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If you want to create a new project from multiple video files it is best to upload each file and set each to private so only you can view them. The editor enables you to search for Creative Commons videos which can also be included in your project.
Fully secure: all connections are encrypted, and no browsing history or cache is ever stored on your device (its securely stored in your virtual browsing account). It is available to any user with a YouTube account and allows for simple timeline based video editing from within your web browser.

Please note- the video below shows us accessing the video editor through the Video Manager page. I’m currently rethinking tools for a video production task for pre-service teachers and this would be a really good option for them.
The editor has a similar feel to Windows Movie Maker and lets users create movies from existing clips uploaded to a YouTube account. Any edited video projects which are then published to YouTube also include an attribution of any music or videos used.

You can add different music tracks, add titles, notes and annotations, change coloring and tint, and lots more.
However, these features all require the Adobe Flash Player, and do not work on iPad Safari browser.

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